Completely free markets are unstable: Harper

Stephen Harper says the G-20 has become the steering committee for the global economy, and that such global governance is required to prevent instability created by the free market.

A completely unregulated, ungoverned market, a market without governance, is unstable. And to the extent we now have a truly globalized economy, we need some semblance of a global governance …

We’re not talking about world government.  I don’t think anybody is going to come in and say we’re prepared to surrender our sovereignty to the G-20 or some other body.  But what they are going to say, in practice, is that we have to coordinate our policies to create stability for all of us.

– Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Harper sets priorities for G20 summit in Toronto

Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered an anti-protectionist message to top officials representing the leaders of the G20 as he presented five priorities for their upcoming meeting in Toronto.

Stephen Harper’s ‘enlightened sovereignty’ and humanitarian agenda

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper urged nations to practice “enlightened sovereignty” in his keynote speech to the 2010 Wold Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Notions rooted in a narrow view of sovereignty and national self interest must be reconsidered. We cannot do business as though for one to have more, another must have less.  That is not true, it is not just, and it cannot be the path we take.

Our ambition … must be a shared belief that the rising tide of recovery must lift all boats, not just some. This is the exercise of soverignty at its most enlightened.

– Stephen Harper

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