Technological innovation required to meet Copenhagen targets: Harper

Prime Minister Harper says the world must recognise the economic impact of dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the short term, while driving technological innovations that will reduce emissions in the long term.

It has to be recognized that the current technological mix leads to a certain levels of emission, and that is what has to be changed. And that is going to take some time.

It has to be done, but it will not be done by simply trying to pretend economic imperatives don’t exist, because all that happens when that happens is people set targets, and then don’t meet them.

– Stephen Harper

Barack Obama visits Canada

President Obama and Prime Minister Harper answer questions from the media during Obama’s first foreign visit to Ottawa.


Climate Change

Free Trade  and Economic Integration

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Dion unveils Liberal "Green Shift" carbon tax

Liberal leader Stéphane Dion announced details of the Liberal Party’s Green Shift carbon tax at a party rally in Ottawa.

The plan includes a tax on carbon emissions against big polluters with tax cuts and rebates for individuals intended to offset increased energy prices caused by the tax.

Dion later challenged Harper to a public debate saying he wants a substantive discussion on the issue.

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Harper promotes Canada’s emission reduction plan in Europe

Prime Minister Harper promotes Canada’s plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce in London, England.