Bell Media removes two CTV News videos used in fair dealing copyright debate

Bell Media has removed two videos of CTV News footage from YouTube, citing supposed copyright violations:

We have received copyright complaint(s) regarding material you posted, as follows:

  • from Bell Media about Harper is “flirting with fascism” with “nefarious scheme”: CTV Don Martin
    Video ID: 2PbZh8CUNk8
  • from Bell Media about CTV rails against government plan to enforce ‘fair dealing’ copyright exception
    Video ID: q0DImpG_ve8

The YouTube copyright takedown notice was made by Sherry Sinclaire, claiming to be from Bell Media.

The videos were uploaded by Canuck Politics as part of the current copyright debate involving fair dealing exceptions for political advertising.  As with the use of news footage in political ads, the Copyright Act indicates the use of such news footage “for the purpose of criticism or review does not infringe copyright”.

Bell Media has joined a secret consortium of Canadian broadcasters organized by the CBC for the purpose of denying political parties their free speech right to use news footage in political advertising.  This attack on free speech by broadcasters comes despite the fair dealing exceptions codified in section 29.1 of the Copyright Act, and despite ample case law upholding freedom of expression over copyright concerns.

The removal of videos by CTV Bell Media appears to be part of a larger scheme to deny fair dealing copyright exceptions to individual Canadians, in addition to political parties.

Clearly the removed videos are an embarrassment to CTV, but this does not justify their abuse of copyright law to stifle political debate in Canada.

Links to removed videos:


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