Ignatieff denies hidden agenda to seize power from a Harper minority

One thought on “Ignatieff denies hidden agenda to seize power from a Harper minority

  1. It’s funny that you call your website canuck politics. Let’s recap. First of all we have an ex-prime minister with a hidden agenda who was fired for non-confidence running an election he called during hockey playoffs so you know we don’t give a rat’s tail about politics while the puck is no the ice. An he is running against another candidate with a hidden agenda that tracks him to the states, the colors here are blue and red bi-partisan just hockey or like the parties in the states. This is like a final between the habs and the hab-mores! Politics is like hockey. There are two teams battling it out for the puck, and I mean competitively, while the rest of Canada, including parties who care about people and human rights sit in the bleachers watching. The thing you forget Mr. Harper and Mr. Ignatieff and your “financial backers” “coaches” and “team mates” is that the puck belongs to all Canadian citizens and the game belongs to us. So, you’re both “offside!” – 2 elections for fighting. Do you think that there is anyone in this world that can learn to work together? This political sport, if you want to call it that, is making me sick. I hope this goes into overtime and they have to form a coalition. It would do them good to try to get along. And don’t ask me the score. I couldn’t tell you.

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