Harper and Ignatieff denounce ‘the new antisemitism’

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff delivered similar messages denouncing “the new antisemitism” in speeches at the second annual Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism.

Demonization, double-standards, delegitimisation: the three “D”‘s.  It is a responsibility of us all to stand up to them … and as long as I am Prime Minister … Canada will take that stand, whatever the cost.

– Stephen Harper

Not every criticizm of the government of Israel is antisemetic. But there is a form of criticizm of the state of Israel which passes into active delegitimization of a recognized democratic state.

I refer of course, in my own country, to Israeli Apartheid Week.  Israel is Israel; Apartaid in South Africa was a crime against humanity.  To conflate the two is to deligimize a democratic state and Canadians must stand against it.

– Michael Ignatieff

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