Ignatieff opposes an elected Senate

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff says he does not support Senate reform that includes an elected Senate.

I think an unelected Senate strikes many people as an anomaly in a modern age. But think about it a different way … A system where we are able to appoint really great people who might not be able to win an election.  I mean there is a case to be made … a theoretical case, for an unelected Senate.

– Michael Ignatieff

3 thoughts on “Ignatieff opposes an elected Senate

  1. In Canada, we don’t decide our vote on the basis of our local candidate; studies show when we vote we consider the leader first and the policies second. So Iggy’s suggestion that the Senate might be for good, ineluctable people is weak. There is no such thing as an ineluctable candidate.

    … Patrick Brazeau has a job until he is 75, not 65.

    I rather would like to see it abolished myself, but otherwise I agree with Iggy.

  2. @Steeper33 I agree, Steeper33. It seems like most Canadians believe Canada has a two-party system, while there are other third parties that exist. I am an NDP supporter and I will always be an NDP supporter.

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