General Natynczyk reveals Canadian Forces knew of Afghan detainee abuse

December 8 and 9, 2009 – Canada’s Chief of Defense Staff General Walt Natynczyk held a press conference to correct his previous statements that an Afghan detainee who was beaten by Afghan police in June of 2006 had never been in Canadian custody.

Natynczyk says he received a field report earlier in the day that indicates the detainee was indeed captured by Canadian Forces before being turned over to Afghan police.

The individual who was beaten by Afghan police was in fact in Canadian custody and then the ANP took control him …

– General Walt Natynczyk, Chief of Defense Staff

The field report also appears to show that Canadian Forces were aware that Afghan detainees were being abused by Afghan police.

We the photographed the individual, prior to handing him over to ensure that if the Afghan National Police did assault him, as had happened in the past, that we would have a visual record of his condition.

– Canadian Forces Section Commander

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