Canadian Generals refute war crimes allegations

Former Chief of Defence Staff Rick Hiller and former General Michel Gauthier responded to allegations made by Richard Colvin that Canadian Forces handed detainees over to Afghan authorities for torture.

We didn’t base our actions on people making statements like “all detainees were tortured”. How ludicrous a statement is that from any one single individual who really had no knowledge to say anything like that.

– General Hillier

Last week’s evidence states categorically that the very high risk of torture in Afghan prisons was first made known to senior members of the Canadain Forces in May of 2006, and repeatedly therafter.  In actual fact I, and others, received such warnings in a substantial manner more than a year later than that.
– General Gauthier

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6 thoughts on “Canadian Generals refute war crimes allegations

  1. I think the military is doing their very best, and I don’t believe they knowingly handed Afghans over for torture.

    I’m disgusted by the opposition parties who are intent on dragging everyone through the mud in order to score political points.

  2. @Billy982810

    The era of peacekeeping is over. Every western nation knows this. Peacekeeping was good but it tied both hands of the soldier behind their back. To be effective in keeping peace you must be able to engage enemy forces.

    Peacekeeping has failed in the past, look at Rwanda.


  3. This is a team response. We find the government has failed one way or another. Either they lied about not knowing or they should be more in the know. This seems to be common of our current government, failure to be in touch with it’s people and national affairs.

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