Canadian diplomat levels war crimes allegations

November 18 to 20, 2009 – Former Canadian diplomat Richard Colvin testified that Canadian Forces knowingly turned over detainees to Afghan authorities for torture.

In April 2007, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said publicly that Canadian military officials don’t send individuals off to be tortured.  That was indeed our policy.  But behind the military’s wall of secrecy, that unfortunately is exactly what we were doing.

As I learned more about our detainee practices, I came to the conclusion that they were contrary to Canada’s values, contrary to Canada’s interests,  contrary to Canada’s official policies, and also contrary to  international law.  That is, they were un-Canadian, counter-productive, and probably illegal.

– Richard Colvin

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3 thoughts on “Canadian diplomat levels war crimes allegations

  1. totally agree with you phoboskitty..this is the dirty washing hanging on the line..its obvious Richard Colvin is sincere and a stand up guy..just look what he’s going thru at the hands of these disgusting dishonest politicians who are always in bed with each other a blind eye to Afghanistan while we rape their country alongside the Americans…I gotta get outa here..its just too shameful..

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