The G20 saved the global economy: Harper

Stephen Harper says cooperation among the G20 economies was instrumental in averting an economic disaster as the worst of the global financial crisis seems to have passed.

If these measures are enacted and we continue to move forward with the G20 process, we will have the kind of global governance that is necessary to ensure the stability and transparency of markets, in a way that gives us the benefits of a globalized market economy without the enormous risks that we have experienced the last few years.

– Stephen Harper

11 thoughts on “The G20 saved the global economy: Harper

  1. How anybody can deny the New World Order when everyone from George Bush, Bill Clinton. Pope John Paul & Benedict, Obama, Gordan Brown, Rudd (australia) Sarkozy, Putin, Glenn Beck, Anderson Cooper, John King, Kissinger, Rockefeller, etc etc have all called for the New World Order that is what Harper is talking about the need for a NWO without saying those exact words.

  2. “They look at our policies as a solution to the crisis” ” we are the one country everyone in the room would like to be”
    If you really believe that Mr. Harper why are you harmonizing and integrating all of our standards and policies with the United States and now your talking global integration.. Why would we want to change the formula if what you are saying is true? I remember your plan for a new federation.. not going to happen bud!

  3. im definitely a liberal, but after watching american politics due to its sheer abundance, im so so glad to hear that at least our politicians, whether right or wrong, aren’t totally retarded. i would rather have a STRONG liberal party in power, but still thankful were nt the uS

  4. In reference to the global recession it is impossible to notice discuss the G-20 collectively. Recovery of global markets is predicated on countries’ cooperating and not retreating to protectionism.

    There you go Trevor, you ignorant fuck.

  5. Ill agree.

    I never Harper till last year.. he had ideas that put us forth and his stance on Afghanistan is perfect.

    “when we return in 2011, we won’t be going back until a withdrawl plan is completed”

  6. Um fact, Harper is the only party leader who is a trained economist, and furthermore he actually put his degree to work and has used it successfully in his life.

    Are you seriously going to attempt to contend that anyone else is in a better position to steer our country considering he has already restrained our recession? We’re far ahead of where the Americans are now and he’s already taking a look for ahead.

    We still have vital issues outside of this recession but I you only know mediaslogans

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