Ignatieff defends taxes and activist government

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff defended taxes and promoted an activist roll for government in a luncheon speech at the Toronto Board of Trade.


9 thoughts on “Ignatieff defends taxes and activist government

  1. A platform is something that is generally given by the actual government or from parties during an election campaign. Neither of which applies to the Liberal party.

    Not sure I would vote for Ignatieff, but I don’t spend my time complaining about someone who at least has a better understanding of government then I or other regular people have.

  2. His politics are definitely not my own.
    I notice he always criticizes Harper,
    “near recovery isn’t good enough,”
    “we need to get the economy growing again.”

    – how?
    – what is your platform.

    You have yet to present alternatives bud, see I know you been away from Canada for 35 years, but here you can’t just front rhetoric you need policies.

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