Mulroney celebrates 1984 Conservative majority

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney celebrates the 25th anniversary of his 1984 majority government, at a gala honouring him in Montreal.

We had a vision of Canada as a country united at home and admired abroad for our values as much as our prosperity. A land of opportunity, a beacon of hope for the world.

–  Brian Mulroney

In his speech, Mulroney saluted leaders from other political parties such as John Turner and Ed Broadbent for their commitment to national unity, as well as Tommy Douglas and Leaster Pearson as the founding fathers of Medicare.

Mulroney also praised Barack Obama for his long-term vision and political leadership on the issue of healthcare reform in the United States.

50 years from today, Americans will revere the name Obama.  Because like his Canadian predecessors, he chose the tough responsibilities of national political leadership over the meaningless nostrums of sterile partisanship that we see too much of in Canada and around the world today.

–  Brian Mulroney

11 thoughts on “Mulroney celebrates 1984 Conservative majority

  1. The USA is about to follow suit again, the Republicans are going to have smashing victory in November that reclaims the entire congress and isolates Barack Obama as a lame duck.

    Free trade and economically sensible policy will be the victor.

  2. simple put if a american citizen doesnt want the govs insurance then they should have that right to not have it if they dont want it my body my rules not the goverments, no one should be punished especially media organizations for having different views than mainstream media orgs thats what a free press society is about,and you have heard about joseph mishe right? the guy that dissapeared from the face of the earth for trying to warn us of the pneumonic plague now hitting the ukraine?

  3. where do u get your facts. i’m not saying ur an idiot or anything, i’ve never heard that people could be thrown in jail if they can’t pay their bills.

    side note: i’m pretty sure no one likes opposition.

  4. liberty4canada, had it wrong in the sense that NAFTA was officially passed in ’94, but it wasn’t Mulroney it was Chretien that passed it.

    You were also right in saying that NAFTA and globalisation have tremendously put ‘ma and pa’ stores under considerable pressure. How could ‘jimmy’s grocery store’ and ‘tony’s tool shop’ can not compete with Loblaws and WAL-MART…PERIOD!

  5. actually NAFTA was passed in 1994 by Chretian and the Free Trade Agreement was passed in 1988 by Mulroney and Regan where it was just Can-US Free Trade, mexico was excluded from the ’88 agreement.

    Ma and Pa stores HAVE NOT benefited from these agreements. LARGE corporations within the psychological boarders of North America , on the other hand, have benefited.

  6. Obama is a fascist dictator whats he talking about! when this healthcare thing goes into effect people that do not own the health insurance will be put into prison and or fined 2000 dollars, and as for the “attacks” on obama that isnt completly accurate obama hates opposition to anything he says if you arent in 100% compliance with him then your his enemy, thats not how america is supposed to be run, obama is unfit for the presidency

  7. Um, your crazy left-wing conspiracy theory would be more credible if you demonstrated a better knowledge of history:

    Jean Chretien was PM in 1994, not Mulroney.

    NAFTA was passed in 1988 after Mulroney won his second majority in the 1988 “Free Trade election”. The people have spoken, what’s your beef?

    The Canadian economy has benefited enormously from NAFTA, including Ma and Pop businesses, and real prices have dropped considerably. On the other hand, protectionism would kill our economy.

  8. Mulroney signed us up for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994. There was great opposition and support on both sides of this argument.

    I believe that there were a lot more ma and pop owned businesses and farms before NAFTA.
    Suddenly the globalized chain stores and agribusiness were positioned as immediate competitors of Ma and Pop.

    Was this foreshadowing of a North American Union?

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