Harper urges Obama for ‘Buy American’ exemption

September 16 and 17, 2009 – Stephen Harper delivers an anti-protectionist message at meetings with President Obama in Washington and business leaders in New York.

We know that a dynamic market economy does require governance. Now we’re not going to create a world government, but we do have to have the countries of the world come together and look at global problems together, and look at the global economy as a system.

We have to start to look at things … from a more enlightened view of our national interest that understands that if we don’t think globally, and think about global solutions, if we all simply work on national solutions, we are going to continue to have these kinds of problems.

– Stephen Harper

2 thoughts on “Harper urges Obama for ‘Buy American’ exemption

  1. “We’re not talking about a world government”… yeah right Steve…All you do is say what we aren’t doing, and dodge explaining what we are doing in redirection and hack economic terms.

  2. How many times did Harper contradict himself?
    “Buy America affects our integrated economy” , “This destroys jobs in both countries” – How could it destroy jobs on the US side, if their domestic sales would go up?
    He also insults our parliamentary system before a bunch of Americans and yucks it up at our government’s expense. What a proud Canadian.
    A vote for Harper is a voteagainst Canadian values

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