Ignatieff vows no coalition with NDP, Bloc

September 10 and 11, 2009 – Liberal leader Micheal Ignatieff says the Liberal Party will never enter into a governing coalition with the NDP and Bloc because “it would not be in the national interest”.

Ignatieff has previously said he is prepared to lead a coalition government, but later broke with the other opposition parties to pass the Conservative budget in January.

I could be standing here as the Prime Minister of Canada.  I turned it down; we turned it down in January.  I don’t think I need to give further proof of my feeling that that’s not what Canadians want.  I agree with Canadians.

– Michael Ignatieff


14 thoughts on “Ignatieff vows no coalition with NDP, Bloc

  1. You trying to rewrite history!

    Ignatieff said he was prepared to defeat Harper and lead a governing coalition on December 10. That was 5 days after Harper prorogued Parliament, and Canadians’ opposition to the coalition was already crystal clear.

    Ignateiff did listen to public opinion, but it came too late. Ignatieff made a massive error in judgement by supporting the coalition in the first place, then another errror when he continued to supported it.

    I don’t trust him not to do it again.

  2. He supported it in December before the full scope of Canadian’s views were known. Coalitions are a tool in parliamentary democracy which Canada uses to run it’s government. It’s not as if they illegally tried to usurp the Harper government. They tried a legal tactic which, when t became Canadians were not interested, Ignatieff dropped it.

    Either way, what’s wrong with presenting a plan and backing away from it when people aren’t interested?

  3. No coalition today or tomorrow – check

    After an election… The jury is still out.

    He “turned down” the PMs job because of overwhelmingly bad poll numbers, not some great self-sacrafice.

  4. Ignatieff did more than support idea, he said he was ready to defeat Harper and lead a governing coalition, even after prorogation and after the public’s disgust for the coalition was clear to everyone.

    If the coalition is so obviously against the national interst now, then why support it in December?

    The coalition gave Ignatieff the Liberal leadership, making him the only person who benefited from that mess. That’s no coincidence, and I expect it would happen again if he had the chance.

  5. Just because Ignatieff supported the coalition idea in the past does not mean he is going to support it now. He saw the overwhelming reactions from Canadians who had no desire for a coalition and then decided that if Canadians did not want to go down that road, he would not lead them down it.

  6. Ok you’re right, all MPs swear the oath to the Queen. But I recall there was controversy over this and the Bloc members began swearing a second oath, and some would cross their fingers and say “and also to the King of France” or “Vive la République”, etc.

    Despite their oath, Bloc MPs simply aren’t in Ottawa to represent the greater interests of Canada, quite the contrary. And that’s one reason people objected to a coalition that can’t survive without its support. There are other reasons …

  7. During the election all parties promised no coalition. They lied, then tried to seize power with a governing coalition 3 weeks later.

    Iggy signed the coalition agreement, then became Liberal leader due to the resulting shitstorm. Even then, he STILL said he would defeat Harper and lead a coalition government. 4 weeks later, he says the coalition is “not in the national interest” and never was.

    How can we believe Ignatieff would refuse another coalition if it would make him Prime Minister?

  8. The problem with the coalition is that the Bloc are given a veto on the federal budget, which is the root of federal power. Its a problem because the Bloc doesn’t have Canada’s interests at heart, their goal is to break up Canada.

    Coalition supporters will say “not all people who voted for the Bloc are separatists”, and that’s true. But 100% of Bloc MPs are separatists, and they literally swear allegiance to Quebec, not Canada. They don’t even consider themselves to be Canadian citizens.

  9. What was wrong is that the 3 parties don’t share platforms and were not joining together to help Canadians.
    If I vote Liberal, that doesnt mean I want a bunch of separatist shits in my national parliament.
    It was absolutely disgusting and I will not vote for the Liberals this time because of what Dion did with my vote. The idea that my vote should be used against my interests by propping up an unwanted government with the NDP and separatist scum showed me why I cant trust the Liberals.

  10. I’ve never understood the huge backlash against the earlier proposal of a coalition government. What is so wrong about political parties working together to help govern the country?

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