Flaherty projects deficits until 2015 as economic recovery takes hold

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says Canada will run deficits until budget year 2014/15, two years longer than originally projected.

Opposition parties say Flaherty is incompetent and cannot be trusted.  Liberals promise their alternative plan will be unveiled during the next election.


3 thoughts on “Flaherty projects deficits until 2015 as economic recovery takes hold

  1. Wow, what Flaherty said at the end in less than 2 minutes basically annihilated every point Ignatieff and the speakers pursuant to him made.
    There is no way the Liberals or NDP can say they would have opposed all the last minute spending which was announced in face of the recession as problems developed.
    Without having a plan where they can show mistakes Harper has made they sound kind of silly. Since Harper is acting as liberal as any Liberal, it’s going to be hard to sell so little change.

  2. while i agree that many fiscal decisions can be difficult and this is not an easy problem to solve, debt interest payments serve no benefit to canadian citizens and this deficit is going to increase them, which will hurt us all in the long run.

    but there are some fiscal decisions that are complete no-brainers. ending the marijuana prohibition is one of them. there’s $2 billion right there.

  3. Bullshit propaganda! Bankruptcy is on the rise, and by no means will cease soon.

    Credit has been the downfall of a generation who thought they “could have it all”. When all along they should have taken the words of their grandparents and lived as they did, frugally.

    My grandmother told me “if you can’t afford to buy it, you can live without it”. She was right. Time to turn back the way we live, and teach our children/grandchildren credit is the wrong way to get what you want.

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