Harper calls for Conservative majority

Stephen Harper said Conservatives need to win a majority government  in the next election because the alternative Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition “would do long-term, real damage” to Canada.

Harper made the remarks in a private address to Conservative party supporters on September 2nd in Sault Ste. Marie.

If they get together and force us to the polls, we have to teach them a lesson and get back there with a majority, and make sure their little coalition never happens.

– Stephen Harper

A video taken by a local student and Liberal Party member attending the event was turned over to the Liberal Party. One week later parts of the video was broadcast by the CBC, and the full video was released to other media outlets the following day.

53 thoughts on “Harper calls for Conservative majority

  1. green lol what a waste of a vote, the only reason that cow of the green party along with her nonesence members want a seat is so she and they can retire and have a full pension she doesn’t give a damn about canada so she’s no different than the liberals and the ndp and the conservatives

  2. Ya thats why we still have gay marriage, a gun registry, free medical, stem cell research and multiculturalism. Wow look at that extreme right wing go, lol.
    You drama queens are pure decadance, the country is being run almost identically as if the Liberals were in power.

  3. YOU LIE!!! So visiting the artic twice and not inviting the native leaders to join you constitutes standing up for the north? you’re a hypocrite who’s in bed with the socialists NDP and separtists PQ.

  4. I love all the thumbing down the scared sheeple do.

    You notice that the rational crowd never thumbs down comments as it would simply remove the argument and create a dishonest presentation of the opinion.

    It only takes 6 frightened uneducated fools to remove a comment from the light of the forum.

    If you really truly believe your point of view, then let it stand against a competing idea to see if it truly can measure honestly.

    Otherwise you are no better than those who would burn books.

  5. just because something isn’t consolidated into a centralized power figure, doesn’t mean its going to break up. Oh wait, I forgot that the European Union broke up and so did the united nations… damn, well that proves me wrong. Canada will one day be a memory regardless of how either of us feel about it. I don’t think I need symbols to prove who I am, if you do, fly at it. Obviously what I think doesn’t honestly effect you does it?

  6. I guess the next one should be LOL @ you? Since if noone voted we wouldn’t have a government, would we? Whereever you stand you should understand that you have a choice between a turd sandwich and a douche. Those are the choices, if you don’t vote you can’t complain because you didn’t make a choice. Also Kanye West will find you, ‘Vote or DIE” .

  7. “the party line” IS to get rid of bill-C-68.
    This is not a trick. The NDP is NOT in favor of redundant laws such as the gun registry. If the cities don’t like it, too bad.
    Harper won’t table this legislation in a minority parliament because he knows full well IT WILL PASS with the NDP votes, thereby destroying another lie perpetuated by the Tories, about the NDP.
    Typical Conservative Stratagy. Politics before People.

  8. Very witty. I’m sure it took awhile to come up with that gem.

    The answer to your question is… You get the govt. of Canada, and the keys to 24 Sussex.

    Hope you enjoy that result, cause it’s going to remain that way for a while yet.

  9. This is what my MP, Chalie Angus, always seems to say during elections.

    But it seems he lies, and votes his party line instead.

    The NDP cares more about Toronto votes, then rural Ontarians.

  10. Every goddamn party here seems to be looking out for themselves. Even Mr Harper.

    Didn’t we have a fricken election last year? and the year before?

    What the hell is going on now? Do the Liberals, NDP, and Conservatives actually want “change” (we’ve all heard this before..) and “better life” for us Canadians?

    Or could this all be for their own special interests.

    I am sick of the corruption in these parties. Now astonishingly resembling the States.

    I probably wont vote, but if I do, then Green

  11. I don’t pretend to know the politics thoroughly enough to argue most of those points, but you cant be blinded enough by ignorance to ignore the weak military forces protecting the worlds 2nd largest country. Something has to be done, and it will be with a majority conservative government.

  12. Stephen Harper may not always have the best policies, but atleast he reaches out TO ALL CANADIANS!! I’m sick of the liberals, NDP, and Block that only care about trying to get votes in Ontario and Quebec and as such design their policies around that idea…. Such as a carbon tax.. If your trying to go green please don’t destroy my economy, give western Canada ridiculous money if a carbon tax is going to be used so we could effectively shift.. Liberals wont though, they don’t care about the west.

  13. Harper is a douche!

    Militarizing Canada?
    Money Hand-outs and not doing anything real?
    Cashing in on the prison system?
    Selling Canada’s national resources to foreign powers?
    Promoting guns?
    Ignoring homelessness?
    Bullshitting on the monetary facts?
    Respecting our military by forcing them into unjust wars?
    The SPP?

    Harper is a criminal and should be seen as one.

    Life is not black and white, it is not liberal and conservative. This man is a war-monger who seeds anger between groups.

  14. There is no perfect answer here really. I don’t believe that anything is free of advantages or disadvantages…. If I had to make a suggestion, I’d say lets scrap the one higher leader thing. Lets make provincial governments higher than federal ones. It’s annoying that humans are still so fearful that the only reason we don’t dilute the power system is cause we’re scared of “what if”.

  15. Alternatives don’t exist because no one gets taught a damn thing even remotely philosophical during school time OR by their parents. “Here’s some TV/sports/video games, I’ll give you anything you want, just don’t ask for books.. I’d have to actually read in order see if its appropriate for you and I’d rather just wait for the movie version.” I’m not that smart, but I’m smart enough to know it, unlike everyone who bends over screaming “lead me”.

  16. Wow Harper can’t see a deficit or someone standing infront of him with a camcorder.

    What a crock of Conservative crap, he likely leaked this tape as he hasn’t the balls to do ipt in the real public – that 66% of canadians who didn’t vote for him.

  17. thats right harper you tell em eh! harper says “we can not have a government that represents the majority of the people. we can not waste our time with the middle class. our wallets have stayed too big for too long! its time we make them even bigger!

  18. What the big deal about this? Of course he wants a majority government.What do you think Iggy wants? Just goes to show that the media will do everything they can to try to destroy the conservatives.

  19. I don’t like humans who look to others to decide for them whats right and wrong. Laws have no bearing on what I decide to do. Governments are all the same. Most people don’t vote. That too is a vote, they voted for no one. Oh alpha male worship, how many more mellenia must we endure this throwback to primal nature. Does it make you feel safe knowing that someone manipulated you into thinking they care about you? Safety is an illusion.

  20. Why do people hate Harper so much? I think he has done a great job, even with a minority government. Lowered taxes, tough on violent crime, cutting wasteful spending, give this guy a chance to govern with a majority and see how much more he can do.

  21. Michael Ignatieff said today he would never agree to a coalition. Of course he has already, but if we are to believe him he will never again agree to a coalition in the future.

    But Liberals will have a tough time getting a minority in the next election, and a Liberal majority is a nearly impossible.

    So the question is: do we want a Conservative majority under Harper, or a Liberal minority under Ignatieff? Ignatieff has removed all other options in the next election.

    Way to go, Igiot.

  22. With Liberals in power, you can get 115 convictions, including 18 drunk driving charges, and still drive the streets as a free man. With Conservatives in power, after killing an innocent bystander driving drunk you get thrown in jail with a life sentence. Seems like a no brainier to me.

  23. He’s already been a tyrant with a minority.

    You heard his speech — he hates the courts, he wants revenge on Parliament, and if you aren’t a straight, natural-born, right-wing Christian male, you’re sub-human.

  24. Google 4 things. All even let you wiki the first two.
    -Brian Mulroney
    -Stephan Harper
    -Charlottetown Accord (OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT)
    Spend a few minutes skimmin’ over those and THEN, get back to me.
    Really. I’m not being a dick. Just curious.
    I’m sure you have something brilliant to say.

  25. We are a global disgrace when it comes to Kyoto. Perhaps average citizens would have more expendable income to help the economy if you weren’t giving out American style bailout packages to corporations.

  26. The man is right.

    Give him a chance at a majority…if you don’t like it, four years from now, vote for someone else.

    Nothing gets done in a Minority…and he’s the closest one to possibly have a Majority.

  27. Harper is a tight assed douchebag. Why is that so hard to understand? He peddles absolute drivel, and has to focus on the few plausibly progressive things he has done. When ‘we’ were running surpluses? Fuck off. Given the forces the respect they deserve? How? When? Damage from a carbon tax? how about refusing to acknowledge a recession when we were already in the middle of it? What a sack of useless horseshit with a suit on….

  28. Wait he said we had the choice between tough on crime or soft on crime.
    The last I checked this is Canada and we let out all our horrible murderers and the perpetrators of the worst imaginable crimes before they even serve half a lifetime sentence.
    Our justice system is shit, and I haven’t noticed it being any less sickening under the Conservatives than it was under the Liberals.

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