The Ignatieff Ultimatum

Michael Ignatieff says the Liberal Party will vote to defeat the government in an upcoming confidence vote unless the Prime Minister addresses four key issues.

Ignatieff says an election can be avoided if Stephen Harper agrees to consult with Liberals on planned changes to Employment Insurance, marking a dramatic departure from Ignatieff’s previous refusals to offer specific public policy suggestions to the Harper government.

ul·ti·ma·tum (uhl-tuh-mey-tuhm) : a final proposition, condition, or demand ; especially one whose rejection will end negotiations and cause a resort to force or other direct action

– Meriam Webster dictionary

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9 thoughts on “The Ignatieff Ultimatum

  1. Watching this video of Ignatieff and Harper, it’s no surprise Canadians are disengaged. 500,000 people have lost their jobs since last year.

    Harper has been very reluctant to help more people to qualify for Employment Insurance. Ignatieff says the current EI threshold isn’t good enough, but can’t even propose something better.

    Canada, is this the best we can do?

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