Prime Minister Harper on Sky News London

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is interviewed on Sky News while at the G-20 meeting in London, England.

Harper rejects a global financial regulator, saying soverign countries will never accept international regulation of their monetary policies.

6 thoughts on “Prime Minister Harper on Sky News London

  1. Harper is so well spoken .Its esy to see why hes respected on the world stage.Its time we,as a nation,get behind him show a united front.Hes the man to take us into this new decade..

  2. Well, Harper just got bad information at the G-8 …

    If Ignatieff had actually said what Harper was told, his response would have been right on the mark. His communications director made a stupid mistake, though.

  3. the entire stimulus package is a scam to prop up markets and to support the american dollar that most of the world wants off of.Our govt is in the pocket of the illuminatti and there central bank fiat money system, and there is no need to call me names as you dont know anything about me.You have only served to show the level of your own spiritual development.i would concider some inner work if i were you.also the evedence about 911 is staggering and conclussive , you are a sleepwalker! wake up

  4. What i liar, he is so good at seeming nice, but by now we know he is nothing but a puppet.And id love to know what he realy knows about 911 .He was a Bush stooge and still is a banker stooge.

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