Coalition dies as Liberals support Conservative budget

The Liberal Party will support the 2009/10 Federal Budget against the wishes of their coalition partners in the Bloc and NDP.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff says he is putting the government “on probation” with a budget amendment requiring the government to report back to Parliament in March, June and December.

Ignatieff refused to consult with the government on the creation of the budget, and the Liberals did not include any specific policy proposals in their budget amendment.

I did not consult him in advance, I see no obligation to … I told the Prime Minister very clearly: I’m the leader of the oppostion, he’s the Prime Minister. Its his budget, not mine.
– Michael Ignatieff

NDP leader Jack Layton and Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe say the move effectively kills the Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition.

Stephen Harper is going to remain in office because Michael Ignatieff has decided to to keep him there.

– Jack Layton

The coalition is dead, its finished, its over.

– Gilles Duceppe

8 thoughts on “Coalition dies as Liberals support Conservative budget

  1. I dislike Layton more and more.

    It’s so obvious that even if Harper poo’d gold and donated it to the poor his platform would remain, “let’s get Harper out of office! he’s a conservative!”

    I’m all ears if he has something intelligent to say but it’s annoying to be told to hate your leader without reasons.

    In this video Layton wants to get rid of Harper because the Liberals are working with him.

  2. I guess Harper was right when he said the country was turning more conservative.

    Look at this guy…he makes Harper look like a Liberal.

    Did he just come out of the FBI or something?

  3. This was 4 months ago and now we know that he backed Harper all the way.

    Did anybody see any “real” new investments that would create long term jobs for Canadians?

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