Ignatieff launches scathing attack on Harper

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff launches a scathing attack on Stephen Harper during his first keynote speech at a luncheon hosted by the Canadian Club of Toronto and the Empire Club of Canada.

98 thoughts on “Ignatieff launches scathing attack on Harper

  1. Yes, I certainly do ‘get it’.

    I don’t see conservatives trying to seize personal property, expand social welfare, create a national ‘re-education’ network for toddlers, force people to register their firearms, advocate more government nanny-state involvement, or tell me what to think instead of how to think.

    These are all well-illustrated ambitions of the Canadian left, many of which echo Germany in the mid 1930’s.

    Just sayin’

  2. My Iggy impression:

    Stephen Harper’s handling of the economy is like burning down the barn before the cow comes home. When you live and work outside of Canada, you get the feeling that you are not in Canada.

  3. The liberals have always hated the military and did their best to break it down to almost nothing. They cancelled the helicopters even though it cost about the same as taking them. They cancelled our heros in the Canadian airbourn and if they ever get into power, you will see our soldiers charged with war crimes because of afghanistan detainees.
    Liberals are dangerous and should be crushed and lumped into the same pile as the NDP. Liberalism is a mental disorder and iggy has it.

  4. “poor speaker.” what? “pompous asswhole.” what? these comments have absolutely no credentials whatsoever. nothing lays claim to his poilicies, which is what matters; not your ignorant personal hate towards him. i’m neither for him nor against him, but you should express more intellegence when it comes to judging him.

  5. Iggy has been groomed & paid for by the same international elitists that hand-picked the messiah Obama. The mass media will portray Iggy as Canada’s next saviour & king of change just as they did with Obama. How can Canadians expect Iggy to respect and promote democracy in this country when he side-stepped democratic nomination? He has confessed that our constitutional rights & freedoms should be ignored when it suits his or others agenda. Say hello to the corporate NAU & goodbye to Canada

  6. Oh yea, I saw that clip, where a radio announcer asks a couple questions on an unsolicited, unexpected phone call to Iggy’s ex wife. and a whole bunch of conjecture and wild speculation is fabricated to smear him. It’s a fraud and you know it.

  7. hahaha nicely said superninja13

    also, the ONLY mentions of iggy’s “poor” parenting history is that youtube video which sites no sources. no biographies have included such information, and nowhere is there a mention of any interview with iggy’s wife

    therefore, its likely they took the bill o’reilly approach: making it all up!!

  8. I remember CBC’s little makeover they did on Iggy(nibbling his toast/jam, real warm and fuzzy doncha know) where he gushes of his love for the liberal party and believes Canada couldn’t possibly last without a strong liberal party leading it.
    L O L!!! Canada is the PEOPLE, not the doggon liberal party(or any other party)!!! Who the heck do these elitists think they are???

  9. I see Jack doesn’t want an election. Shocking, must be low on funds.

    Oh the issues! Well now, funny how Iggy and co. won’t back the upcoming budget when they were initially bragging they had a big hand in it’s content. So that tells me even THEY won’t approve their own budget lol.
    So we’re all s’posed to coronate Iggy solely on the claim only he/libs are destined to rule? He gives no policy or reason….

  10. LOL!! Here we have someone who was defending communism on an Iggy clip. So I threw that at him to see his reaction. I got 2 marxists with one stone lol.
    As for his lack of parenting, do a little search around utube and you’ll see what I’m referring to.

  11. Tilbilly- Typical. Can’t debate the issues so you just make shit up. Iggy “abandoned” his wife and only called his kids with “rare phone calls” . Embelishing and twisting the story, Never denied his a communist so he is a communist! Nice logic. Have you ever denied you were a Tyrannosaurs Rex? No? Therefore you must be a Tyrannosaurs Rex!

  12. Gee, can’t think of any genocide motivated by religion. I don’t really know or care if Igg’s an atheist; but it’s funny how you warp it; wanting health care/education = socialism = marxism = anti-jesus. Personally, I think the fabled Jesus would want to take care of sick, old and children. But it’s like there’s this pro-gun pro-jesus pro-oil anti-science wannabe Texan-Canadian running around screaming “the commies are comming!”. Throw in some stuffy geriatrics and you got the Cons base.

  13. It is unfortunate that you have such a jaundiced view of the world.

    If I had to guess your personality, I would have to say the following:
    1. Conservative.
    2. Christian.
    3. Average education.
    4. Opinionated.
    5. Close minded.
    6. Someone who is easily convinced of conspiracies.
    7. Some one who is afraid to look for the truth.

    I’m sure your a very nice person but, you don’t seem to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation.

    I am now sure that I definitely have wasted my time.


  14. LOL! A marxist with nothing to do and ignoorant to boot.

    China, Cuba, N.Korea, Stalin, oh heck even Putin if you look at him the wrong way.

    And Iggy sure got himself a protest from Ukrainian Canadians. They know what he’s about.

    And the Trudeau family aren’t strangers to communism. I imagine a lie here/there is all part of business for these for them.

    300 Mill to be spent for nothing!
    Just another elitist who won’t all home.

  15. When did you ask me if Iggy was a communist?

    Iggy is a Liberal, not a communist.

    Your statement, Neither will I answer yours, seems rather childish.

    I can see that this discussion will go no where.

    Can you provide proof that Iggy abandoned his wife and kids?
    Perhaps a link to a web site or something.

  16. 3.Political leaders, who use their religious beliefs as an excuse to commit mass murder are not really a problem because they are “phony”.
    Does this include such political leaders as Slobodan Milošević , Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir and Ariel Sharon, look up the Sabra and Shatila massacre?
    4. The “hate” commercial you got the Trudeau quote from is just a quote mining hatchet job.
    5. The liberal party allows it’s members to speak for themselves, unlike the Harper conservatives.
    Get back to work.

  17. SO you don’t deny Iggy is also a communist and you don’t answer the question. Neither will I answer yours.

    I wonder why he abandoned his wife and kids and only kept in contact with the kids by rare phone calls??

    I get a kick out of Justin Trudeau basically calling him a untrustworthy🙂

  18. Lets go in reverse order.
    1. Communists don’t respect life.
    How do you know, for sure, that communists don’t respect life?
    Are you a communist?
    Have you conducted a pole of all communists?
    Your statement is to generalized and has no support. Look up, dicto simpliciter.

    2. Somehow 9/11 gets a pass, I guess it was real.
    In what way was it real?
    Did the hijackers really believe they where doing gods work?
    Or did they just simply fly the planes into the buildings?
    Seen next post for more.

  19. Atheists have and continue to murder millions: Stalin, N.Korea, China, Cuba…..

    So Justin Trudeau doesn’t like Iggy either?
    That was/is such a divided party.
    Canadians are tired of their infighting and wrangling for power with each other.

  20. You have some work to do. Those are political leaders who’ve done evil in the NAME of religon. They were phony, with the exception of 911.
    Communists don’t respect life, they USE it for their purpose and dispose.

    So Iggy doesn’t like Ukrainians, eh???

    Of course, this is all to get the attention off Ignatieff. And Canadians made it clear they are content and DON’T want a $300 mill election and the same gov setup.

  21. And yet, the list of atheist leaders is still not as long as the list of religious leaders who have used the excuse of righteousness through god to murder millions.
    The slaughter of innocents in the name of god still continues today.
    Unfortunately we, as a society are unwilling to stop this genocide.
    Why is that I wonder.
    What ever the reason, making a bold statement that atheist leaders have, and continue to, murdered millions is highly prejudicial and ignorant.

  22. Anybody can read the long list of atheist leaders who murdered millions. And the number is still rising.

    And it takes a lefty to force a $300 mill election during an economic downturn.

  23. Canadians will see that Ignatieff is just in this for himself. Chretien picked him and pushed him into being leader, Dion slipped in by mistake. The grass roots didn’t even get a chance to vote, Chretien and his gang just crowned Iggy.
    I think most Canadian will see through this sham and swing their support to the conservatives. Iggy may be responisble for a conservative majority.

  24. I don’t think anyone is wimpy as Iggy can launch an attack on a wet noodle.
    He’s had his “time”, now it’s time to go back to school. He made it clear he relates to the US, and that’s where he’s been hiding ’til lately. He’s not a leader. Period.

  25. That is a ridiculous statement! Canadians are patriotic except the many Canadian of convience that come over to put up their flags of independence up. Its sick and only in Canada do we tolerate people who come over to use up our health care and education so they can move back or never integrate. This is why all Europe and Uk are moving to the right and so is Canada. All the Trudeau years have brought us are people who do not respect our country and find ways to expoite our tolerant ways.

  26. for one the general population of Canada is not patriotic, sure we love our country but compared to other countries we are not patriotic. I think most Canadians are patriotic by declaring their native heritage in Canada since this is one of the only countries where we can. Ignatieff is a proud Canadian who is not afraid to show who he is and where he has served Canada for the majority of his career.

  27. If you cannot see the altierior motives your slow, and obliviously do not think out side the box. He is a sleaze along with every other politician who is controlled by banks. NDP/PC/LIB/Green all the same party. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ignatieff is a Harper clone,he supports US policy rather than create Canadian Policy just like Harper does. Evidence by him standing up in support of the useless Bill C-15, full of polices even the Us is now pulling away from. He talks about saving money and helping people when bill C-15 will spend money on building prisons rather than treatment for the addicts. In Holland they are closing prisons, putting 1,200 guards out of work due to their crime rate dropping.We should be looking to Holland.

  29. Anyone who aligns themselves with a non-existant political system is marginalized as they deserve.

    Its easy to stand for nothing and throw stones. It is more difficult to try and determine which of the available options is best for Canada.

    You obviously dont care about that so enjoy commenting on a political thread saying how you dont believe in politics.

    It suits you.

  30. As a Red Tory, and an athiest I have to ask what influence you think the religious right has had on CPC policy?
    Any example which became law will do.

    I would not vote Conservative if I thought Abortion or SSM was on the agenda – Steve knows better.

    The leash has been on the social conservatives ever since the reformers gave up that agenda for the chance to govern.
    While they are an easy target they are not a threat in Canada

    Witness Harper allowing a free-vote on SSM when in opposition.

  31. Oh, sorry, I was referring to that idiotic ad that’s all over the tv about “he’s only in it for himself” crap. As if Harper has gives a damn about anyone but himself and his cronies.
    Anyone who aligns themselves with any existing political system is fooling themselves and get what they deserve.
    You ALL suck!

  32. Hey YHChickita you have a very sound mind, to bad more people aren’t like you.
    I didn’t like the conservative attack ads at first but you know what, they grow on you.
    Iggy waving and sending kisses is like the Queen of Canada, god he is elitist.
    I can’t believe anyone would fall for this plant of Jean’s. The liberals are so out of touch with the grass roots and they don’t have a clue about it. PM Harper may not be the best but he is certainly better than Iggy!

  33. Iggy is an Opportunist or a Canadian of Convience. There is a huge difference between being an Expat and denouncing your country. Iggy, said he was an American and a Brit, so he clearly is not a patriotic Canadian. Its sad that the Liberal are so dense that they think they can put a non Canadian elitist as our Leader.
    And Iggy argues about the economy. The ENTIRE world is in a recession and Canada is coming out of it better than anyone. So Iggy has no claim and he needs to go back to the US.

  34. Harper was forced into this situation. I am politically neutral as well; yet, because I point out the incredibly serious problems in the LIberal Party, I am deemed, “The Enemy”. If only the Lieberals loved Canada as much as they love power–they would still be in gov’t. Good lesson for them!

  35. halifaxcitadel if the conservatives had done that, the debt would now be over 100 billion. You know what the asshole Jack is like and Iggy is no better. Their answer to everything is spend more money. I don’t know about you but when I don’t have any money, I don’t spend any. We will have to pay the bill at the end and god help us.

  36. I think that Jean is behind all of this. It is really scary to think how little imput we really have in the whole process. I just don’t know how I will vote in the next election, I don’t like any of them.
    I didn’t want my tax dollars going into the black hole of GM and Chrysler. They should be allowed to go into bankruptcy quietly like any other company. Every company that government bailed out has failed in the end anyways. We will lose over 10 billion dollars for nothing. SAD.

  37. Agreed! My liberal friends in that Lakeshore Riding were outraged that Iggy was parachuted in with no vote. They even locked the riding door 3 hrs early on the due date of nominations. Even though candidates were banging on the door, the office staff refused to open the door. How disgusting!!!

  38. Yeah, ok. This coming from a conservative. Remember when Adolf Harper dropped his kid off at school and shook his hand? I have to wonder when, if ever, will Stephen take out the stick that’s been wedged in his ass for so long now.
    “…whether the media likes it or not”….grow up, you idiot. It’s all over the damn tv, and if I see that stupid thing again, I’ll go against my better judgement and vote again next election, just to hopefully see you maggots fall.

  39. The conservatives will never be able to wash the stink of the religious right off of their hands though, and that is worse than anything the fiscals can say about anyone.
    And all this ” his buddy Barack” stuff is funny. I’d bet all you loved the ol’ US of A when Bush was at the helm. Funny how political labels will put the blinders on as good as religion will. As usual, shortsighted maritimer.

  40. Sorry! I deleted my last comment by accident. Anyways, I said it is chump change what the Conservatives are spending next to Iggys buddy Barack. My god you would think by Iggy and The Stooges accounting that one can spend and not spend at the same time. The Conservatives should have let the government fall and let Dion fall on his own sword of tax and BS. At least the Conservatives would have spared themselves the pain of the recession.

  41. Ignatieff is a “Dead Beat Dad”! Just check out our video for the proof. Canadian media are just ignoring it; have you ever heard 1 word about his kids or what kind of a parent he has been? Nope, that’s not for the voters to know about. But we have it here on youtube, whether the media likes it or not.

  42. Socalists,
    Conservatives…these are all labels. Labels that act as shortcuts to thinking.
    And arguing against or for these labels (what we’ve been doing since it’s inception) is acomplishing nothing more than wasting time.

    When will we realize that not all liberals have the same opinions and ideas, same with any other labeled group? Same goes for religous beliefs.

    We need to quit seperating ourselves and come togeather ….

  43. Conservative fascists are warts on humanity. When the social conservatives realize they can’t legislate morality, and finally fuck off, then the fiscal conservatives may actually get people other than rednecks and religious retards to listen.

  44. If this is our savior we are in trouble. Global warming is real… and if you don’t believe in it you must believe in peak oil. We are running out of oil and natural gas… and should be making a switch to solar, wind and geothermal now. Germany and many European nations are decades ahead of us in this capacity. If clowns like this are really concerned about the economy they would realize that sustainable energy is the boom of the future. I look at his quotes about energy and it saddens me.

  45. I was at that speech. He was talking about how he met this Lady at Union station in Toronto on the subway in the week prior. But on that same day he was giving a speech in Montreal. He is correct about half the people supporting the Prime Minister, that’s a club full of fat cats.

  46. He critisizes Harper for deficit spending, yet demanded a stimulus package. He says that tax cuts won’t help, that is an extremely partisan understanding, Reagan used tax cuts to turn the American economy from double digit unemployment to the most prosperous period in American history. Pull back taxes and the markets strengthen, in the end the government gains MORE revenue because there is more business. He talks about Harper playing politics and maneuvering but what is he doing with every word?

  47. He still has no guts to take the Conservatives out of their non-demcratic control as the governor general proved. The liberals got concessions which means contracts or patronage. Trudue brought imigrants to be nannies in trade for citizenship and the wages were slave level. No difference,

  48. Total BS, he is afraid to close the gong show that is parliment. While Canada falls into a depression I hope all Canadians realize these Liberals are kisiing Harper and the foriegn banks butts! Canada is Canada not a North American Union minor policy “partner”. This is WWF don’t be fooled!

  49. Reptilian beings rule the world! Now that you’ve been notified about this do something to prepare for their insidious plans of enslaving humanity in work camps like FEMA has ready for us(most underground). They’ll do this through their elites like Queen Elizardbeth among other more powerful people who worship these demon-creatures. Resist by becoming more independent with storable foods etc. Also support people like Stewart Swerdlow, David Icke, Alex Collier, Alex Jones, and Jordan Maxwell!

  50. The Liberal party DOES have a great history of looking out for… all those who support the Liberal Party.

    Maybe you should go wikipedia “adscam”, and show me how that compares to airbus or any corruption in the present govt.

    $100 000 000! Much of that finding its way back to the Liberal coffers.
    Ya they looked out for each other alright.

    Take off the red-coloured glasses which only see the Cons shortcomings.

  51. Oh my god,,,we are doomed. This guy spent most of his life out of Canada, and now he’s trying to tell people what it is like and what it feels like, to be a Canadian. He’s a bad actor, spewing unconvincing “optimistic” political rhetoric, while trying to backpaddle his ass out of openly supporting the Harper budget. Now he’s telling us that he won’t allow the country to go into a deficit.We are in serious economic times here about to get a whole lot worse. Where’s the cash coming from to help.

  52. Liberals deserve some credit for getting rid of the deficit, but not as much as they claim.

    The fact is Mulroney cut Trudeau’s deficit in half during a period when interest rates rose from 7% to 19%. Then interest rates fell back to 6% in the first 2 years of the Chretien government, which made things alot easier for Liberals.

    But in the end the deficit was killed so quickly because the Liberals broke their promise to cut the GST while stealing from the EI fund. What a bunch of crooks.

  53. Wonderful to hear an educated and well spoken Michael Ignatieff speak about Canada and Canadians in this manner.

    We have a great history of looking out for each other. That is the country I remember, before lyin’ Brian, and the “reformed” neo-conservatives of Harper.and gang.

  54. Steven Harper is nothing but a banking stooge put in place to help the Bush plan of world control and total subjigation of the poor and less fortunate.He has used the goodness and peacfull nature of canadians against them ad its time for him to be unvieled for what he is.Baby Bush in a sheepsuit!

  55. 911 could not have been carried out without the complacency , or at worse the cooperation of this govt.Also the ex minister of defence,an honorable carreer military man wants the UFO secret released to the public.Its time Harper grows a heart!

  56. Harper’s already shown us what he can do. That’s why we’ll have a 13 billion dollar deficit even before the economic stimulus package. Something the Tories lied about 2 months ago. It’s time for a change of leadership, and soon.

  57. Ignatieff is a very good actor.😛

    Seriously though, I think he’s got what it takes to lead as Prime Minister. I’m against the coalition though. I think if he’s going to be PM it should be done through an election. In the meantime let Harper show what he can do.

  58. I can see that Iggy had some rose coloured glasses on when he was looking as the defict-slaying Libs, from the U.S. side of the border.

    Did he read the recent supreme court decision about illegal E.I collection?
    Did he not see any corruption in the Liberal party through all those years of sound fiscal management?

    I do like Iggy thou, I think that he is just as conservative (small c) as I am. I can see him as PM
    I’d even vote for him, if I thought his party had cleaned up their act enough.

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