Ignatieff rejects Harper’s budget consultation offers

January 9 to 19, 2009 – Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff says he will not consult with the Harper government on the upcoming federal budget.

The Conservative government invited opposition parties to make specific policy proposals.

Ignatieff refused, saying he will wait and evaluate the budget but not take part in the government’s consultation process.

I’m not writing the budget. I’m not in consultultation with Mr. Harper about the budget … it’s the Prime Minister’s responsibility to write that budget, not mine.

– Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff

9 thoughts on “Ignatieff rejects Harper’s budget consultation offers

  1. Ignatieff shouldn’t do anything, this is not part of his job, why do you think Harper wants other parties suggestions? Cause he’s a fu**ing dumbass. Harper doesn’t know anything, he just puts on that retarded face and make ppl feel sorry for him. Everytime
    A confidence vote or coalition is coming Harper progue government.

  2. Ignatieff is playing a weak economy to his own advantage. Instead of working with Harper to fix things, he wants the faltering economy to be “Harper’s fault”.
    My liberal friends, I hope you see that the welfare of this nation means less to Ignatieff than his own political ambitions do. Ignatieff reminds me of Dion, not a leader.

  3. Typical political bullcrap….”oh it’s his budget, not mine”…If you’re gonna want a wack at being Prime minister, then act like a leader and give specific examples of what budget issues are going to be required before you give your support.
    It’s NOT rocket science, stop spewing “pie in the sky” bullcrap and lead with some examples of what exactly it is we Canadians need, to help us through the next 10yrs. Our auto/steel trade is about to be hammered…what’s the plan…BE SPECIFIC Ignatieff.

  4. Ignatieff is such a hypocrite!

    He says he’s all about a spirit of cooperation, but then he refuses to contribute anything substantial to the budget.

    Fact is NONE of the opposition parties are willing to work the the government. How do they get away with painting Harper as the bad guy?

  5. i’m looking forward to stephan harper emigrating to the land of his ideolgical forebears, texas. what that guy is doing at the helm of our incredible nation Canada, is one of the biggest mysteries/blunders of our nations history.

    what a fucking tool-bag ass-wipe. I wish Canadians had a little patriotic spirit.

  6. Iggys tap-dancing here. He cant put any numbers forward, as that would be politically dumb.

    I’m looking forward to these two going at it over the next year or so. It will be quite a game-raiser compared to what we had with the last opposition leader.

    (Dion was total weak-sauce)

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