Harper prorogues Parliament, makes appeal to federalists

Prime Minister Harper has asked the Governor General to prorogue Parliament until January 26 when the government will present an early budget.

The move delays the government’s likely defeat until it faces a confidence vote on their new Throne Speech.

Harper invited input on the budget from the NDP and Liberals, saying only Canada’s three federalist parties can be trusted to act in Canada’s interests.

The Bloc has every legitimate right to be here, but their game is not about working on the economy to serve the greater interests of the country.

The do have a fundamentally different agenda, and that’s not the agenda of the other three of us … I think that’s a more fundamental difference than whether you are a little more for the market, or a little more interventionist.

– Stephen Harper

The coalition leaders Gilles Duceppe, Jack Layton and Stéphane Dion said they will not support the government, saying its Harper who cannot be trusted.

McKay Political Cartoons: Cracks in coalition starting to show

51 thoughts on “Harper prorogues Parliament, makes appeal to federalists

  1. i agree and disagree.. if you look at jack laton back in they day he was pretty cool, but now i can just see myself going for a beer with him, rather than having him run, lol

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  3. Mothers get our children out of the phony banksters war. Its created to kill our children. Come on we are as strong as we need to be. We must stop the lies. I am begging please get our children home.

  4. a great leader? ever hear of the “in-out-scheme”? or his movements to counter womens rights? or him allowing the big industries to rewrite the immigration policy “Immigration and Refugee Protection Act buried in Bill c-50″… the list goes on…

  5. You guys are fucking idiots. Harper’s a fuckin’ awesome leader. Everyone’s bitchy that political parites don’t get taxpayer money now. That includes the conservatives. Grow up.

    44% for the conservatives now any how🙂

  6. people need to make some noise. They need to realize that they dont have to stand for this and understand that it is the PEOPLE who are sovereign, NOT the government. The Government consists of the elected public servants of the people and is elected to carry out the will of the people and act in the best interests of the people and if they do not the people can MANDATE they do. Any elected govt that fails to comply with a peoples mandate has, by law, abdicated its right to govern.

  7. Think deeper folks! Canadians must stand against those who want to strip Canada and the U.S. of their rights and place us all in a one world government. watch alex jones “End Game” on Google Video

  8. Are you seriously comparing Harper to Hitler? Give me a break. Ron Paul is a populist – what do you make of that? Anyway fascism is a left-wing ideology, Harper is a progressive libertarian.

  9. Prescott Bush and Stephen Harper’s relatives helped fund the Nazi Party. They were bought in by the New World Order,and it has been flourishing ever since. This is about creating a sense of ‘chaos’ in the public,so we think we can only look to our elite with their bottomless pockets for help. This is exactly what they want. The job of the people is not to give it to them. We would be prosperous flourishing countries if it wasn’t for our political elite.

  10. Populist movements can be precursors for, and building blocks of, fascist movements. […] Populism also played a role in mobilizing middle class support for the Nazi Party in Weimar Germany.[37]. In this case, distressed middleclass populists during the pre-Nazi Weimar period mobilized their anger at government and big business.

  11. The only real solution to this impasse is for all three national parties in the House to form a coalition government. That’s right have the PC’s, Liberals, and NDP form a coalition government. After all that is really what the People of Canada said with our ballots on Oct. 14th, 2008. We also stated that we wanted the PC’s to take the leadership role in this coalition, as we clearly elected the most PC members.

  12. The new world order is coming to a city near you, arm up(If you live in the U.S. you can), prepare to band together, and fight with your heart and soul for freedom! GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!

  13. ‘create order out of chaos’. Where is the chaos except that which they speak of and that which they confounded themselves? Like one says,Canada has been very secure,like most of the rest of the Western countries but,because it doesn’t suit them to say this,and they use the docile uninquisitive Governmentally controlled media,the mind controlled robots dish out more chanelling talk of a ‘New World Order.’ Say no.

  14. Hey all you conspiracy theorists:

    Has it occurred to you the coalition is doing the bidding of the military industrial complex by demanding the Canadian government bail out GM?

    You forget the Liberals represent the established ruling class while Harper and the Conservatives have genuinely populist grassroots. The Liberal Party has always been the problem, just look how they are trying to pull a fast one while lending legitimacy to the separatist party. I hope Harper destroys them both.

  15. It’s much worse than a shame it’s going to be a nightmare if you as humans don’t start waking each other up.This Stephen Harper is an elite member,following the agenda to a new world order. All current governments have been hijacked by Reptilian hybrids. Only using human common sense and sensibility can we steer our way around this.

  16. If Jack Layton thinks he is so right then call a re-election and see what the people vote this time if he loses then it should be manditory that he quit his job

  17. Thank you. Canadian and American Patriots need to come together to fight the New World Order, take back control of our countries, kick out the bankers and create a proper banking system, restore our universal health care in Canada, and many more things to return us to prosperity and good health. Don’t let the Globalists destroy both countries.

  18. Watch this on Canada


    Security roadblocks are cleared as well?? Check out the dates between the U.S orchestrated crises and Canada’s parliment coming back again (one takes place after the other)

  19. No matter what side you’re on, the governor general made the right choice. If the coalition is needed and right, being born in cooler weather with cooler heads will be better for everybody.

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