Harper vows to stop coalition, Dion falters

Prime Minister Harper vowed to use all legal means at his disposal in order to stop the Liberal-NDP-Bloc coalition from taking power.

Canada’s government cannot enter into a power sharing coalition with a separatist party.  At a time of global economic instability, Canada’s government must stand unequivocally for keeping the country together.  At a time like this, a coalition with separatists cannot help Canada.

And the Oppostiion does not have the democratic right to impose a coalition they promised voters would never happen.  The Opposition is attempting to impose this deal without your say, without your consent, and without your vote.

– Stephen Harper

There was controversy when the video response from coalition leader Stéphane Dion arrived late and out of focus.

We share the frustration Canadians have about the political crisis that has been allowed to take prominence over the more important economic challenges we face.  Elsewhere in the world, leaders are working to cope with the recession, to bring forward the kinds of investments that will help their people and their economies.  Politicians are working together elsewhere in the world, rivals are working together.  Why not in Canada?

Mr. Harper’s solution is to extend that crisis by avoiding a simple vote, by suspending Parliament and continuing the confussion. We offer a better way. We say settle it now, and lets get to work on the people’s business.

– Stéphane Dion

209 thoughts on “Harper vows to stop coalition, Dion falters

  1. Actually, the Conservatives never lost the confidence of the House as you claim. They have won each and every confidence vote held since coming into office 4 years ago. Also the PM doesn’t need the ‘permission’ of the Governor General, in fact she is bound to follow his advice unless he actually loses a vote of confidence in the House.

    On the other hand, Paul Martin DID in fact lose a confidence vote on May 10, 2005. Martin hung onto power for 9 months after that by bribing Belinda Stronach.

  2. If the PM with the permission of an unelected figurehead can stop the legislative process and save himself despite having lost the confidence of the house, there is definitely a problem with our constitution. On the other hand, when the House is not in session, the government is unable to do any harm to the nation for the time being.

  3. i dont hate quebec but i hate the way it is governed with seperatists who always complain… I think the proper way to run this country is work together rather than rely on these socialist and seperatst scumbags who do nothing but damage… The reason I endorse conservative is because i found it fits the best interests for this country and managing taxes… Could you imagine why it would cost so much for the taxpayers if the ndp got power? it would be devastating and even worse the seperatists

  4. French-Canadians have no respect for Canada,… but take all they can from the Federal Government, they take July 1 as a vacation day!!!

    Quebec=Haiti, a third world nation a shit hole

    Drag Down Canada

    Hating the Bloc Quebecois will not help Quebecers vote against separation if there is another referendum

    HA HA HA

    They won’t anyway they need our money
    Wake up they have no gut’s never achieved anything they are welfare collector

  5. Even without considering their culture, Quebec is one third of all paper made in Canada, and is 7 million people. Also, it has huge natural resources and provides most of New York’s power. In addition, most Quebecer’s have forgotten about separation, and just get angry when the Bloc is called separtists.

  6. They are a very unique culture and refuse to be overtaken by anyone, even English Canada. They are so unique they are almost their own nation. Now, they are officially their own country, within Canada. While I think that all payments to Quebec should be cut off, the Bloc Quebecois is a party that represents the interests of Quebecers, and should not be hated for that. Hating the Bloc Quebecois will not help Quebecers vote against separation if there is another referendum.

  7. Rata4You is just one of those anti-white bigots. He uses “you people”. The real problem is the New Liberal and NDP Nazi’s, and their grass root Islamofacsit supporters, like Rata4You. Rata just one of those white haters, his contemp for the frozen tundra of Alberta, shows not only his ignorance, but his mental issues.

  8. AztecaQc, harper doesn’t represent the majority of Canadians. Harpers hate mongering tactic are transparent to many of us outside of quecbec. We will not give him a majority! If I am wrong, I will agree with you, that these are indeed dark times.

  9. Mr. Harper doesnt believe coalitions are un-democratic. In 2005 while he was in opposition he spoke publicly about the conservatives the NDP and (Guess who?) the Bloc forming a coalition if the liberals, couldnt form a majority of their own in parliament. Also, there are signed documents that proposed the formation of a coalition with The Bloc, Progressive Conservatives and Canadian Alliance back in 2000. Harper is a destroying Canada in order to protect his career. We must get rid of him,

  10. why do they want to remain in Canada
    To continue to live on Canadian money

    Because without our help, they would be a third world nation

    If you want to stay in canada why you elect separatists

    All the money we give you, and what we get in return
    The Fuc***** Bloc.
    We must put an end to this ingratitude.

  11. Lorsque le «Premier ministre»
    d’un pays a besoin de faire un appel à la haine contre une nation (Québec une nation à l’intérieur du Canada ses propres mots)
    Cette nation qui a également contribué à bâtir ce pays.
    Dans le but de refaire sa majorité les heures sont sombres pour ce pays …

    Joyeux Noël O Canada

  12. When the ‘Premier ministre’
    of a country needs to make a call to hatred against a nation (Québec a nation within Canada his own words)
    A nation who also contributed to build up this country.
    In Order to redo his majority times are bleak for this country …

    Joyeux Noël O Canada

  13. Does anyone care!? Seriously harper is the most dull boring ass prime minister i just don’t want to go to polls again and say i’m voting for his ass. Its all sooo gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  14. Yeah Billy, the corporations have plenty of power and they have hijacked our democratic, “for the people” gov’t. If we don’t give them huge tax breaks then they will just leave taking jobs with them, but hey they are already doing that.
    Canandians have amazingly great ideas except we fail at marketing or breaking into the protectionist US market- they don’t like outsiders despite NAFTA. One thing Dion was right about is research into creating new energy industries. The tarsands are toxic.

  15. zenncars, made in Canada but we are not allowed to purchase one. If I were the PM i could make this country the richest Country in the world. It would be so Simple. I would seek out all of our Canadian inventors. and invests in what ever they have. Made in Canada means nothing, it has to be Canadian owned right down to the patent. Building cars for other world corps. is only enslaving ourselves to the system. they get rich from our labour. Canada sells out its most valuable resource every time.

  16. Well either we bail out the lousy American car makers or we pay billions in unemployment and welfare to the thousands who will be out of work or we spend billions on policing and prisons to curb the enevitable crime wave as cash strapped broke people try to eat and live. Why not bail out Nortel- the unions have bargained themselves out of work, since they can’t compete with better quality cars made by non unionized workers. GM and the lot have been making garbage compared to foreign cars.

  17. The “coo” he is refering to is a coup as in coup d’etat which is the illegal and unconstitutional overthrow of a gov’t.
    The coalition technically isn’t a coup, it is the Canadian Parliament functioning as it was designed to when a minority gov’t plays nasty- Harper planned to do the exact same thing with the Bloc against Paul Martin. It may not be a perfect gov’t but its one of the best systems in the world.
    Maybe you listen to too much Right wing radio-they do nothing but complain non-stop.

  18. Yes, I believe what he say’s to be true, So get out your name calling vocabulary and let me have it. a coo, I believe he called them. This is all make believe any way’s their all on the same teem at this point. I’ve watched my country turn into a fascist dictatorship over the past 44 years. I don’t see Any of them working for our interest. entrusted to them we are the people. Everything they do is the opposite of what should be done. Im going to become a free man on the land. no more SN on me.

  19. Harper the hypocrite who he himself was going to work a deal with the Bloc to topple the Martin gov’t.

    There were reports that Harper’s own advisers told him not to threaten to take away the oppositions funding- now the schoolyard bully has been knocked down by three weaklings.

  20. The failed system you whine about was installed by the fathers of Confederation and Sir John A. Mac Donald, a Conservative was the first Prime Minister. The federal system bailed out the Western provinces during the dustbowl depression when they couldn’t make ends meet- if we were like Harper we would have finished them off for good and let them starve during that time.

  21. Hey Billy I watched your video clip of the ignorant old coot who is completely ignorant of how the Canadian Parliamentary system of democracy works- is this to show me that you too are ignorant and believe the misinformation in that clip?
    We do not elect a Prime Minister- where on the ballot does the PM’s name occur? It doesn’t- if the Conservatives wanted to tomorrow they could change the PM to whoever in their party they wanted to. The coalition was a legal move that forced Harper to respond.

  22. Crap. This whole thing is crap thats for sure. No matter what we do or say here will not change a failed system long installed by the liberal government. I’m afraid that Steven Harper is to late. The crooks are gone with the money and left us here to die. And the drastic measures that Mr Harper would have to take to save Canada from its demise will only make him look bad. You have to look into the past scandals of the liberals and realize that this is a repercussion.

  23. Hey even Saddam Hussien, Robert Mugabe and Fidel Castro hold elections except they’re the only candidate and that is what Harper would have guaranteed if he took away their public funding at this time- the Conservatives would be the only candidate.
    PS the Canandian Conservative Reform Alliance Party was the initial name proposed for the Alliance party until they realized it was CCRAP.

  24. You will never convince me that authoritarianism is on the right. The political/economic left-right scale is about statism vs individualism with anarchy on the extreme right and totalitarianism on the extreme left. In North America the meaning of these words changed over the past few decades as progressives like the Democrats and LPC began calling themselves left-wing ‘social liberals’ while (mostly) embracing right-wing ‘liberal’ economics. But authoritarianism is always on the political left.

  25. The Tories lose more than any other party if they canceled the taxpayer subsidy of political parties because only the Tories they raise more money privately than they get through taxpayer subsidies. 65% of Canadians want these subsidies cut.

    The opposition parties did have a choice – Over the last 5 years they could have worked to attract donations from regular Canadians instead of mounting pathetic partisan attacks, kangaroo courts and witch hunts.

  26. CRAP lol thats funny. AN Elected Dictator, thats funny to. Where do you get your information? Just research the facts Thats all I ask. Watch this video.

  27. If the opposition didn’t form a coalition Harper would have been the Dictator of Canada since he was going to take away all public funding for the opposition which would’ve been their demise. Its too bad funding wasn’t removed when the Conservative Reform Alliance Party (CRAP) was trying to get off the ground. Harper basically left the opposition no choice.

  28. Both Dion and Harper are Bilderburg bitches! It doesn’t matter who the leader is, all the parties want total control because that is what is necessary to establish a fascist dictatorship in a pinko socialist country like Canada. Its the new world order agenda.

    These laws have already been established in the United Kingdom and the USA. We are just holding them up here in Canada. We have to keep a majority government from forming as long as possible because once it does than thats it for us!

  29. I know what ‘neo’ means. Please watch youtube video G0N0iqUiaTs to see what I am getting at regarding the neo-cons, I think you’ll find I’m not the first person to see them as leftists. Nor am I the first to say fascism is on the left – but more likely it doesn’t belong on the left-right scale at all. The dichotomy is a limited tool at best. Even so, those ideas belong where they belong, if anywhere. What exactly would you change?

  30. That’s a pretty slanted crib sheet you have there, liberty.

    To continue with verybigcanada’s reasonable language lesson, you’re implying “neo” means something akin to opposite when it actually means new (as in a new form).

    Neo-cons aren’t left-wing authoritarians any more than neo-marxists are eager capitalists.

    Besides, the left/right-wing scale (or dichotomy, as you’re using it) is outdated anyway.

    Very few people or governments are consistently either. It’s basically just shorthand.

  31. Are you saying authoritarianism isn’t left-wing? Here is a crib sheet for you:

    authoritarian – libertarian
    people need to be govorned – people are free
    group rights – individual rights
    big government – small government
    planned economy – free market
    elitism – populism
    entitlements – opportunities

    Neo-fascists are called that BECAUSE they are on the right, not the left. Just like neo-cons who are actually left-wing authoritarians not right-wing libertarians. Ask Ron Paul.

  32. Sorry liberty4canada you’re simply wrong. fascism is not a left wing ideology. Fascism is born out of reaction to the enlightenment and the birth of liberalism. The word is derived from a roman (latin) word that signifies power/authority. Fascist are concerned with power: might is right kind of thinking, similar to Realpolitik. I agree often people on the left unfairly call all conservatives fascist. However, neo-fascist overwhelmingly support conservatives not leftists. This is simply a fact!

  33. Wow, what are they teaching in schools these days!

    Fascism absolutely is definitely on the left, that doesn’t change because a bunch of progressives call conservatives ‘right-wing fascists’. You’ve been mislead.

    Capitalism and Communism ARE opposites! China is a hybrid moving toward the open market system.

  34. Stephen likely won’t be on the ballot. Too many Canadians hate him = bad for business. Steve dug his own hole attacking art and culture costing him his majority and then trying to bully his way into one the next election by undoing our democracy.

    Thankfully the opposition stepped up and is doing it’s job.

  35. The same rule that was put in place to protect us ( the Canadian people )is open to being abused by self-serving opportunists within the house.The rule has the capacity to HARM us ( the Canadian people )when it is applied in the wrong fashion by people within the house who are motivated by their political self interest and not the interest of the country.

  36. Our constitution provides the house with the ability to unite against a GOOD leader.The provision can also be used AGAINST us (the Canadian citizens) by power hungry parasites within the house who obviously couldn’t care less about the state of the country.
    The majority of Canadians can see the participants in the coalition exactly for what they are.Harper will be voted in with a MAJORITY in the next election and the NDP and the Liberals will be chiefly responsible.

  37. the majority of canadians did not vote for the removal of financial provisions that help parties grow, and make them less dependent on corporate influence. the majority of canadians voted for the party that did not take minority leadership. our constitution provides the house the ability to unite against a bad leader (that’s there for our protection). the majority of canadians are not wealthy and our interest is not served by a government controlled by corporate support.

  38. Harper closed parliament to give the coalition some time to fall apart.And guess what.The coalition IS falling apart.Dion just
    got dumped.Ignatieff is going through the Liberal caucus to get elected denying tens of thousands of card carrying Liberals any say in who gets to lead the Liberal Party.Bob Rae is challenging Iggy’s appointment.The NDP are
    coming off as power hungry opportunists who don’t give a damn about the country.
    Harper and the Conservatives are on track to win a MAJORITY.

  39. I’ll do you one better. The Bloc has just publically released signed documents that proposed the formation of a coalition with The Bloc, Progressive Conservatives and Canadian Alliance back in 2000 should Jean Cretien’s liberals not win a majority (which they did). The conservatives are NOT so opposed to forming governing coalitions as Mr. Harper purports to be! Even worse, back then they wanted to support Stockwell Day as Prime Minister!:S

  40. Mister Harper has just closed parliament in the middle of the greatest economic crisis of our time in order to save his job. Mr. Harper doesnt believe coalitions are un-democratic. In fact, in 2005 while he was in opposition he spoke publicly about the conservatives the NDP and Guess who?… The Block Quebecois forming a coalition if the liberals couldnt form a majority of their own in parliament. At best, Mr. Harper is disingenuous and power hungry. The conservatives must get rid of him.

  41. Mr kg988, you’re right Fascism and Communism are not opposites but nor is Fascism and Capitalism. For that matter capitalism and communism are not opposites (think china). But mr. kg988 fascism is NOT a “left wing” ideology. In fact when fascists come to power the fist people the kill are most often the commies! In the political world of today the few people that call themselves fascist are allied with ultra nationalist and ultra conservatives, Berlusconi & Le Pen, to mention a couple…

  42. Liberty4canada knows this mshacklady, why don’t you? Don’t you ever think for yourself instead of listening to every word the media says? Or maybe you’ve already succumbed to double speak and double think(that’s from the book 1984, in case you didn’t go to school). lol doodad.

  43. Fascism and Communism are not polar opposites, but are brother and sister on the left side of the political spectrum.

    And just to illustrate my point, the other name for the Nazi Party was the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, FASCISM, NAZISM are ALL left wing ideologies, and responsible for millions of deaths world wide.

    So next time you call a conservative a fascist, remember in the back of your mind, YOU’RE most likely the fascist.

  44. Mshacklady, Maybe YOU don’t know what fascism means. Fascism was defined by the Russian communists as ultra-right wing to make it seem different from communism. In reality, the Russians saw it as a competing, but quite similar ideology; which it IS. There is not much difference between communism and fascism, when you really look at it. Fascism is also the father/mother of what is now liberal progressiveness. Fascism is essentially a more nationalistic communism, hence the racist aspect.

  45. No, YOU don’t know what fascist means – it is a left-wing ideology, along with other authoritarian movements. Classic Liberalism is on the right, but don’t be fooled by the Liberal Party who have been moving steadily to the left into social democratic territory. Right now the most liberal party in Canada is the Conservative Party.

  46. You’re very right! And that’s the whole point. NOBODY VOTED FOR A COALITION. The opposition parties even promised they wouldn’t form one last election….

  47. YAY Harper! Best PM in a while!

    The liberals are a bunch of socialist/fascists now. I will never vote for them again! I’ve been realizing more and more that the Conservatives are more classically liberal than the Liberal Party. They actually believe in freedom, whereas the Liberals just want to take it away and tell you how to live and what to think. Kind of Orwellian….Comrade Dion, leave us alone!

  48. Yes,it was and is hypocritical.I was pointing out that the NDP and the Liberals are no better in that regard when it comes to ‘bully tactics’.
    If the Liberals had come to power with a minority government in the last election and the Conservatives and the NDP had aligned themselves with the Bloc to form a coalition to bring down the standing government I would vote Liberal. I will vote Conservative this time around because of what the leaders of the NDP and the Liberals are trying to do.

  49. You’re faulting Harper for his willingness to form a coalition with the Bloc 4 years ago to vote down a confidence motion from the Liberals but you don’t have a problem with the NDP and the Liberals climbing into bed with the Bloc today, Ian. You weren’t okay with Harper employing ‘bully tactics’ against them back then but you’re okay with them employing ‘bully tactics’ against him now.
    I’m non-partisan and I will be voting Conservative in the next election for the good of the country.

  50. BTW, Harper’s move to stop the attempted coup was every bit as legal as the formation of the coup.
    It’s a ‘legal course of action’ when your favored group uses a loophole against the standing government. But it’s ‘wasting our time’ when the standing government uses a loophole to stall off your group’s attempted coup.Your version of ‘our’ does not include the majority of Canadians,rachel.

  51. Nobody -not one person – voted for a coalition government.The people who voted NDP voted NDP,just as the people who voted Liberal voted LIBERAL.Noooooobody voted for a 3 against 1 arrangement in government.
    Ignatieff is making the move to take over as the leader of the coalition forcing Dion out and eliminating Bob Rae as a contender for the leadership.Iggy is set to pull off a coup within the coup. Making it a coup coup idea.
    Iggy is every bit as foolish and conniving as Dion,Rae and Layton.

  52. So many are looking at this wrong. Voters didn’t go to the ballots thinking “ok, I can either choose Harper or one of three of these other guys”. Everyone assumes that a liberal who voted in the last election, will most certainly vote liberal in a conservative-coalition vote, but that’s not necessarily the case at all – many who voted lib in the last election will likely vote conservative because they don’t like ndp and they certainly dont like the block! Why do you assume so much?

  53. Watch the youtube video “Stephane Dion rejects coalition with the NDP” where Dion says NDp economics are bad for the country. He said this just 22 days before the election and now this? Wake up?

  54. Canadians had a choice of 4 parties, all fundamentally different – liberals, socialists, separatists, conservatives. They voted conservative! They didn’t vote for a combination of parties! The house didn’t lose confidence, they are afraid because Harper’s economics are sound! If there is another vote, Harper versus the coalition, Harper will get in.

  55. the majority did not vote for harper. the house has lost confidence in his leadership. the legal course of action is the formation of a coalition government. what stephen is doing now is wasting our time. the majority do not support him. a coalition is what the majority want. the majority of the house members, and the majority of voters do not want harper.

  56. Watch utube video titled “Stephane Dion rejects coalition with the NDP” where he says ndp idealogy is bad for the economy! it’s clear he’s a complete idiot and this is a power grab out of fear conservatives will continue to gain the confidence they’ve earned under Harper, due to keeping promises, eliminating GST and doing the best that can be done in this GLOBAL economic crisis. (while the libs try to blame the crisis on Canada particularly the conservatives- The whole coalition is assinine!)

  57. Anyone who thinks liberals, socialists and separatists can come together to form ANYTHING united is out of touch with reality. This is a power grab because they don’t like that conservatives are gaining confidence, as evidenced by the last vote, because they do as promised – examples funding to families with kids under 6, funding art programs to school age kids and lowering gst, which Chretien promised in his first 2 terms and couldn’t manage to do in THREE!

  58. Yes Hyper I’m sorry. I will be the bigger person and stop. All I was trying to say was that a coalition is a common thing across the world. It is done not only with governments but with companies.

    I will repeat myself: A minority government is essentially a coalition, which means that a minority government must operate a country with their opponents. The majority of Canadians asked for that. But, it wasn’t done by Harper in the three years that he was PM.

    I simply don’t accept that.

  59. Wow. Now you’re attacking the gays, Lolly.
    You use the word ‘homosexual’ when you want to INSULT someone.How homophobic of you.
    Keep posting YOUR insults. They reveal a great deal about you.

  60. For crissakes, you two have gone way past the point of having any credibility by now.

    You’ve both had a couple of fair points, but now you sound like little brats.

    You have to see you aren’t going to convince the other of anything, and you’re not doing the rest of us any favours either.

    Chill the fuck out.

  61. West, go see your homosexual boyfriend…Uhh im sorry I think he dumped you???That’s why you are so frustrated? Anyway, Harper has no background in economics other than his diploma. He is an author and a hockey historian, in case you didn’t know.

    Where do you see the economic skills? You know, I think you’re in love with him. I bet you have a picture of him next to your single bed. Keep posting your insults West, bc I know that’s all you have to offer.

  62. There isn’t anywhere near 25%,jon. A heck of a lot of NDP voters and Liberal voters are so disgusted by the coalition that they will stay home during the next election.They won’t cast their vote for Harper because they’re
    anti-Conservative AND they won’t cast their vote for their own party because they’re sickened by their leaders’ attempt at a coup.
    Harper will end up with a majority in the next election and he will have the NDP and the Liberals to thank for it.

  63. There are certainly idiots going to University today,lolly.
    You’re living proof of that.
    Fortunately for society at large, most University graduates are actually quite bright.
    The fact is Harper did graduate from University with a degree in economics.
    You shrug it off as if it off as if it means nothing because YOU are nothing.
    To deal with this crisis, the leader of this country needs to ignore the empty-headed opinions of twits like you.

  64. He has been governing like that for three years, and it doesn’t seem to me that he has learned anything. In this economic crisis, being the Prime Minister of Canada can’t be an on the job training.

    He does not represent the majority of Canadians and he’s not even trying. So, he has to leave.

  65. I don’t trust that man anymore. And, I don’t even think he sees the situation clearly. He assumes that the people who voted for the Bloc are all separatists which isn’t true. Or is it simply an attempt to avoid consulting them when he has to make a decision?

    Do you really think Harper would use the same speach if he addressed French Quebecers? Of course he wouldn’t. With his attitude, I have to say that he is not even trying to bring us all together.

  66. You may receive 100 different reasons on why he should be fired, but I’ll give you my opinion. Harper was elected twice in a minority government. That means that he must govern Canada along with his opponents.

    He hasn’t done that. That is what the majority of Canadians want, but he hasn’t done it. In this economic crisis, it isn’t time to be arrogant and self-centered. There must be a certain level of trust with your opponents when you are forming a minority government.

  67. He lost the confidence of the majority of MPs, which is the requirement to be PM.

    In Canada, the MPs are the ones who choose the Prime Minister, which means they’re the ones who are supposed to be able to fire him.

    The Conservatives may want to fire Harper in an attempt to avoid losing government altogether.

    I don’t know that they will, or even that it’s a good idea. But that’s the answer to your question.

  68. À part pour l’argent, on a pratiquement aucune raison de rester dans la fédération canadienne. On ne fait DÉJÀ pas partie de la fédération canadienne (écoute Harper parler du Bloc)…
    C vraiment cave de sacrifier une partie de notre liberté, et de se faire cracher dessus, juste pour recevoir un peu de cash…

  69. Tu y crois encore toi en la fédération canadienne? Je voulais y croire avant, mais à avoir la réaction du canada anglais et les remarques ultra ”racistes” qu’on peut voir sur les forums comme ici, je pense que le Québec et le canada c comme de l’eau et de l’huile… On est déjà séparés… Tu sais poukoi ca sert à rien d’esseyer de les convraincre de te respecter? Parce que quand ya un malade qui dit qu’on devrait se faire déporter, y’en a pas un qui lève le petit doigt.

  70. Letter from Harper to the Governor General in which he states:

    “We respectfully point out that the opposition parties, who together constitute a majority in the House, have been in close consultation. We believe that, should a request for dissolution arise this should give you cause, as constitutional practice has determined, to consult the opposition leaders and consider all of your options before exercising your constitutional authority.”

  71. Ok lets look at it this way they cant get a video in on time or produce one that doesnt look like it was made on speakers corner but we are going to trust this doofus to steer us into the worst economic turmoil in almost 100 years and when we have troops deployed in Afghanistan. Yeah im sure they will only fuck up the small details.

  72. As for the “Alberta independence rumblings”, that will never happen. There is currently only 5% support for that idea in Alberta.I know because I was born in Calgary and I have been hearing about that since I was a child. Maybe I’m wrong but I have that aching feeling that Mulroney was the one who suggested to Harper to disregard the other parties even though he only had a minority government. If that is the case, it reinforces my opinion on Harper. Remember, they are good friends.

  73. The video you’re talking about was more about Dion “advertising” his opinion. So, the video wasn’t done very well. You’re absolutely right. But, I just hope your opinion isn’t based on that video. That is such a small detail. Besides, Dion won’t even be around next week, if what the media says is true. The bigger problem is that Harper is still around when he should be fired.

  74. We should be less concerned about Quebec entitlement and more about oil rich Alberta independence rumblings as this is the first government in decades that has a western base but Quebec and Ontario both havenots feel entitled once again to govern. Wake up this is serious!!!!

  75. You question Harpers competence??? Take a look at the Blair Witch video delivered an hour late by Dion and tell me hes fit to lead the nation in an economic Tsunami!!!. What Harper did was wreckless and it should not be forgotten but unfortunatly if your honest you have a choice between Harpers arogant bullying competence or a potential political and economic catastrophy.

  76. What do you call a minority government? Isn’t it somewhat like a coalition? A minority government is supposed to work with the opposition to govern the country, because that is what Canadians asked for.

    Did Harper do that? He didn’t so it in his first mandate and he didn’t seem to be willing to do it in his second mandate.

    He was arrogant and showed no respect towards the majority of Canadians. The majority that asked him to work with the other parties.

  77. In Canada we have a constitutional monarchy which is a form of constitutional government.

    Most constitutional monarchies have a parliamentary system and we share this system with Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, New Zealand, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

    And it is a good thing that we do otherwise we might have been overthrown by a fascist coalition which KNOWS that in a fair & democratic election, they would never be voted into power!

  78. coalition = great idea … but it’s just a cover for harper. when the economy breaks down, harper will come back in 2 years and say “look what the coalition did!” but really nobody could have stopped it.

  79. Who do you find creepier? Duceppe or Harper? Harper and his cabinet. Duceppe reminds me of the cop in the Terminator movies. Harper is just evil. The comments made by his cabinet he covers for are antihuman. For example the “death by a thousand slices of meat” remark when Canadians were poisoned by Maple Leaf Foods. People like you and me. Just wanted some cold cuts for a sandwich.

  80. Harper is accomplishing what the Bush administration did in the US. That is; dividing their fellow countrymen with a “for us or against us” mentality. If Harper loses his government, he has no won to blame but himself for picking this unnecessary fight. I can’t believe that I voted for him. Dion doesn’t seem as bad as some make him out to be.

  81. The Liberal party was so long in power and stole so much money which also gave them the ability to install their people into the justice system, educational system that they even were able to shape society to favour them, once in a while giving something to the people to get votes.

  82. The production quality of Dion’s response has more in common with Al Qaeda, cave based broadcasts than with the minimum production values expected from a coalition of Canadian federal parties. I am almost expecting for someone to reveal that a guest director was involved and then for that individual to be revealed as Chris Crocker.

  83. I’m absolutely delighted the Three Stooges have been put back in the box of Crackerjack they sprung from.

    One thing was very clear in the last election. Dion was voted most likely to nauseate. Ipso facto, he is better suited to life in a Liberal closet somewhere up-province entertaining moose, perhaps.

    Did he think he could pull off storming The Hill, with Jack&Gille tumbling after him?


  84. So, as I said before, as a result of this coalition, the house of commons will be more productive. Why? because the parties won’t be able to afford to act like school children in front of the public.

    But, put that all aside for a moment. Who created this chaos? Harper created this chaos. This has never happened in the history of Canada, but it has happeend with Harper.

    It says a lot of his leadership. That’s all I could say.

  85. Arrrggg.

    I’m glad people are in dialogue now at least.

    I hope more will get off their arse and participate; in voting/debates/expressing their opinions/views/ideas. Maybe now they’ll be listened to.

    Hopefully we can make enough of a ruckus that the government at least notices and considers their constituents.

    We’re not right all the time but should still speak up (and expect to be heard/considered prior to the flames)

    Silence and apathy do not work.

  86. Yes, it is true that the opposition was invited to discuss the budget, but under the strict warning that they would have to negotiate under their perspective.
    And, if they weren’t happy about that, well they could just go to hell. That is not what Canadians asked for. In fact, I, personally consider a minority government like a coalition.
    Canadians want the parties to work together to deal with this economic crisis.

  87. Raunchy? I am not sleeping. I have never said that it was the goal of the coalition. If you read what I wrote carefully, I used the term “as a result”.

    Also, it can’t be about losing funding because Harper has already backed off on that..weeks ago actually. But, when you have a minority government, you have to work with the opposition. That is what Canadians asked for. What did Harper do?

    He and Flaherty decided on the budget at 100%, without consulting the opposition.

  88. I have to agree with you on giving money to proven failures.
    I suggest we take that money and invest it in manufacturing that has proven that they can make a go of it and are actually opening plants in these tough economic times.
    Toyota just opened a plant in Ontario.
    Why flush it down the toilet when we can invest it.
    What ever happened to survival of the fittest.
    Propping the ones up who have shown they are inept breeds more mediocrity at the expense of those who are doing it right!

  89. If they get the coalition then they gain more power and if they do not get a coalition they gain even more power. Win Win.

    Plus the fact that Harper cannot and will not revise his position on why he doesn’t want this coalition to go through (Bloc support) makes this the best political move i’ve ever seen.

    Harper Campaigns for you and pays for it out of his own pocket and you gain more support either way Harper plays it.

    Make Duceppe Prime Minister he damn sure outplayed the rest of them.

  90. I think Duceppe is a genius.

    If he is the separatist Harper says he is then it seams like Duceppe is giving Harper just enough rope to hang himself with.

    After a million dollar ad campaign attacking the “separatists” of Quebec Duceppe is just going to turn to his people and say…

    “See why Quebec should seperate, See their opinions of us what happens when we try and vote in their government.”

    While Harper pays for the whole thing.

    That’s somebody who knows how to play the game. Well played.

  91. If you don’t think that western canada can’t survive on their own, then you are saddly mistaken. The sooner we are rid of the parasites from the eastern provinces, the better off we will be. Good luck to the rest of you.

  92. Any minoritary government that planed to refuse mediation for salarial equity, and refuse to act to protect our economy and our jobs when we face a brutal recession deserve nothing but to be overturn by the opposition!

    And any government who refuse to assume his actions in front of the Chamber of Commons, and denies Québec’s voice deserve nothing but to lose power. And to face the strong opposition of my nation against these vile and irresponsible attacks against the Peuple Québécois.

  93. Listen…. we best keep the peace right now and reamin quite and fun loveing country. Dion is a serious fool for doing what he is doing for a last attempt to grasp the power.

    Lets keep the peace in our country~

  94. The accounting firm in which the gov’t relies on for data to base forecasts and set policies has stated in the Global Mail that they can not be held responsible for what came out of Flaherty’s mouth…there’s NOTHING in Flaherty’s position that is linked to the forecasts that were projected by the accounting firm. They were so concerned that they wanted to put it on record.

    Tell us he’s doing fine…the reality is different.

  95. Enough said? The accounting firm that does the economic projections for the Canadian gov’t themselves stated on the Globe & Mail YESTERDAY that Flaherty’s and Harpers financial assessment/projections make absolutely no sense. Gov. Palin had a degree in commmunications yet she couldn’t talk…you couldn’t even get a straight answer from her. Think so?? Look at McCains strained face as she answers Couric’s questions. His eye’s were at 20,000 RPM’s!

    Nuff said.

  96. The end of the dominion, eh? You mean you people are gonna seperate and carve out your own homeland? Where? BC? We are as liberal as you can be here. Alberta? Good riddance, the federation doesn’t need a frozen tundra that is pumping soon to be obsolete oil. Ontario? Ahhh…the NAFTA epi-centre…Obama will cancel the free-trade accord.

    Neo-conservatism is all about control – UCLA & Berkley did a pathology study on the Cons – they are facists. Hitler was a neo-con and so was Bush.

  97. WOW< LIBEAL NDO Lefties FASCISM!!! Wow, we are blessed to be living in such times! If the Coalition goes forth, it is the END OF THE DOMINION! FU&K YA! Watch out for ISLMAMOFASCIT meddling as well. Could get really bad fighting the Leftiei Liberal nwew Green Nazi's! HA

  98. I’m indifferent to a coalition, but I wish the PM didn’t distort Canadians’ understanding of the system further.

    In a Parliamentary system, the government is who is able to command the confidence of the House.

    We vote for the MPs, and from among them the gov forms. It’s party discipline makes it appear as though Canadians vote for the ruling gov.

    If we want to directly vote for our head of state, gov, etc., we need to change our system.

    Fine by me, but let’s not fool ourselves further.

  99. Harper Won So leave him alone! They can wait for there turn in 4 years. This shows that all they want is power… Plus Layton is a big Hypocrite!! When He lost he said he will have harper’s back… look at what his doing now! What a big Hypocrite. Leave Harper alone his trying to do his job.

  100. The lefts have lost their minds… All but the most hardcore NDPers and Liberals have lost confidence in their parties… nice to see everyone’s true colors… If their willing to team up with the Seps just to gain power it shows that their willing to compromise anything just because they all hate Harper… You can’t build a platform on the fact that you all oppose one man for different reasons…

  101. This “Crisis” is all about ethics. This coalition was planned before the last election. The Conservative government was re-elected and introduced a budjet that would get rid off public funding to all political parties, in order to save money. Then you have the opposition parties go insane because of that. If the opposition parties want more money they should engage with citizens in order to get more donations. This current situation nothing more than an attept to grab power by the opposition.

  102. are you that naive lolita? This has nothing to do with making the house more productive. Its not about poverty, the economic crisis, health care, the enviroment or some other moral philosophical difference. Its simply about the scare of losing political funding and they are willing to gamble it all. Wake up

  103. I don’t think Stephen Harper has been a great Prime Minister. He hasn’t been a catastrophe, but he hasn’t been great.

    What I do like about the coalition is that Canada will not be governed in an arrogant kind of way like Harper and his friends have done for almost three years.

    And, perhaps the house of commons will finally not be occupied by adults acting like school children. In short, it will be more productive. As a result, Canada will be more productive.

  104. I think Harper must be held reponcible for much of this mess however in this economic global disaster it scares the bloody bejesus out of me that this bumbling light weight along with the antichrist Jack Layton and seperatists will run the country. May God have mercy on us. In a Potential seminal moment in the countrys history this video with poor framing, lighting and english is the best they can up with. A pox on all of your political houses. You all smell like shit.

  105. Stephen Harper has done great things for our country. He is honourable – an old fashioned qauality that today’s politians don’t have. The coalition is a bunch of whiners.

  106. The fact that Dion and his people can’t deliver a taped speech on-time is just a snapshot of the hijinks we could expect if he was elected as leader. The framing of the shot, the Hot Air book on the shelf and the picture quality are just too funny – does this guy have any handlers?????

  107. blah blah blah

    The coalition is a fucking joke. It’s an insult to our country and it’s just a shame that the education system in the country has failed to the point where people actually believe their bullshit.

  108. Harper is a Snake , That’s obvious.
    Dion is Hilarious ..but ultimately a Doofus , Layton is a dictator-elect with a strong agenda ,

    Ironically, from what I’ve seen,
    Gilles Duceppe seems the most sensible and reliable of the four and I’m not even from Quebec or Francophone in any way.

  109. why keep reviving and renewing federalism.. it doesn’t work. Should harper become a dictator the people would say they never saw it coming…

    This coalition is the more representative of the total vote… with no proportional elections democracy becomes a joke… ’cause a minority gov. can legitimate itself with out having the absolute majoritiy of the people behind it anyway.

    So Dion is a muppet… so what! he wont make all the decisions…
    Harper on the other hand, is dangerous!!!

  110. oh.. Coalitions work in other parts of the world. That;s great. There are also civilian uprisings and violent rebel groups. There are also panda bears in other parts of the world. How come we dont have any? It’s unfair!

  111. haha… Dion’s a joke..

    And by the way, anyone with basic knowledge knows that the policies of Canada’s Conservative Party is more LEFT wing than the Democrats in the US. Even with the Conservatives in power, the government has a much larger role in social spending and in the economy..

    If Harper is a neo-con, then Obama’s a Nazi.

  112. God bless you, Mr. Dion. You are a fine and decent man and a true Canadian patriot.

    To paraphrase Pierre Elliott Trudeau, another patriot and a REAL Canadian Prime Minister :

    “Stephen Harper and the Conservatives want to take democracy AWAY from our children and grandchildren ?

    NO ! That’s our answer ! “

  113. Harper is a whack job. He is clearly using his position against Canadians…Why would he cut funding for opposition parties? He already uses his neo-conservative ideals to run and justify position which are always pro-American (which is ridiculous). I dont care for this G-20 nonesense, all of these political spats which cost each of us our hard earned tax dollars for stupid recitivist style election threats. Canada has to see through Harper, somehow

  114. What a joke Canada’s politics are,

    We have Harper who wants to cut the wages of the public sector and deny the unions the right to vote, not to mention he planned to hurt his opponents by removing the majority of their financing — good luck running a campaing with no money. The only good thing that can come from this is that the coalition does not take place and Harper is shook up and a little more reasonable in future endevours.

  115. “Goodnight, thank you so much, goodnight”

    That was about all I grasped out of Dion’s garbled English… what a travesty of a leader he is.

    Oh well, the coalition will never see the light of day… you just watch!

  116. The deal is done – Harper’s on the run. Just suspended parliament via advice to the GG Michaelle Jean, who agreed. Nothing get’s done for the next 60 days – dodges a non-confidence vote, stalls the coalition. Stalls the economy, not even the thin Flaherty Economic Update gets implemented. Democracy at work … while the people are unemployed.

  117. Harper’s the one who just staged a bloodless coup. Today he advised the Governor General to SUSPEND parliament, she agreed. It’s a done deal. How’s that for dictatorial power with only 37% of the popular vote?

  118. Right or wrong, many people in Canada vote for a Prime Minister. The fact is that Conservatives received an increase level of support, and the liberals received less. However, Stephane Dion will end up being Prime Minister. This is a militaryless Coup d’etat!

  119. Why should the governments of the world be spending our money to stimulate the economy? Shouldnt the big corps. have this responsibility since they put us in this spot? I havent seen them reduce costs of goods so far in this recession to simulate. let them Cut costs of goods, take out a chunk of their profit margin that they have been herding from us. But no, lets bail them out and have them raise the cost of goods using the excuse of the falling dollar.

  120. lol “we tolerated them, that makes us fill complicit partners in this fiasco IMO.” point taken, but in our “free world” we have no power over companies, doing what they want, kind of a catch 22 thing, lol.

  121. but Ottawajames I do see it like you do, let the big companies and the wealthy CEO’s that refused to grow and change take the hard lesson, be accountable (which is what they are paid for) and go under if that is what it has to be.

  122. “We as a people did not bring on this recession; the corporations did, with chief executives making the wrong choices” <— we tolerated them, that makes us fill complicit partners in this fiasco IMO.

  123. “Its too easy to lump everyone together” <—I am truly ignorant that is true, but hey i thought I would shoot off at the mouth anyway. I hope you are correct. It is my experience that Canada is a pathetic mediocre country though. Sorry if that offends anyone. I can't stand this place. It is rich with freedoms and blessings and manners but it has remained such a junior partner in the world.

  124. We as a people did not bring on this recession; the corporations did, with chief executives making the wrong choices. These are the people that rule the econony,not the governing politics. Recessions do not get fixed over night and that seems to be what most of the world is trying to do. It sucks yes for sure. But I for one do not want to give the same people that put us in the exact same potion or worse if they are helped. It would only get worse. Stop feeding them money. And start rebuilding.

  125. “Trust me if they fall, there will be new better companys in the auto industry, waiting for their chance to take over.” <—agreed. This might be the only way to allow for new crops to spring up. But boy is this gonna pinch! Dayum!

  126. I can’t agree, there are lots of business leaders in Canada who stand head and shoulders above our politicians. Just visit your local Rotary Club or Chamber of Commerce – you’ll meet lots of business people who are active in the community in positive ways. Its too easy to lump everyone together, especially when the real problem is the CEOs you mention are in the US, not Canada. That’s where the problem started, and that’s where it will end.

  127. Well, you have a point, but the way I see it, inside the large corporations or in the current government options we have created, the presense of leadership to lead us all into a worthwhile future is missing.

  128. Coming from Quebec I can say I am terribly disappointed in that… why is Dion still the head of a National party when his English skills are terrible. The Bloc is currently not the solution – even if they claim otherwise – is it not obvious they hold Quebec back by isolating it into a lone entity within Canada? Quebec asks to be alone and considered special and well, they are isolated from the rest.

  129. so sad… dion is too much of an intellect to communicate with the common people properly… still, he is right in that a coalition government is a legitimate way of taking over the government…

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