Harper dares Dion to face voters

Stephen Harper fights for the survival of his government in a heated session of Question Period.

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202 thoughts on “Harper dares Dion to face voters

  1. No need to check…

    a.) He is unappealing to both male and female voters.

    b.) “This isn’t fair!!”. A eunuch’s rebuttal, if ever there was one.

    c.) He is unable to lead effectively.

    d.) He exhibits the feracity and political acumen of a neutered tree-sloth, ie: he’s unable to find his political ‘fangs’.

    e.) He manages to hit the high note several times while expressing his indignant outrage.

    Tiny, weenie, under-developed testicles, if any at all.

  2. Ignatieff in the end chose not to. But things were looking grim at one point, because Harper was getting abuse. Desperate times call for desperate measure. Harper is evil is needs to be kept in check.

  3. that’s disgusting.

    Those who voted NDP which is social in political policy did not vote for a Liberal Government.

    No one outside of Quebec voted for a Bloc Prime Minister but almost half of all seats went to one party and you think it’s logical for 3 parties of completely opposing views to team up to overthrow government.

    Thats the definition of undemocratic

  4. The conservatives show who has the seats in the house, you can’t even hear Dion when they cheer.

    And who put them in those seats. the Canadian people.

  5. Yeah I know Mark Foley. The Congressman that used to contact childen. Creepy guy. Although Canadians politics is less then inspiring, one good thing is it rarely has drama. Everyone is pretty clean, but boring!

  6. I think their parlimentary pages. They transfer papers and documents from one MP to another. MP’s are too lazy (by tradition) to get their ass up and walk to each other so they use child labour to do it!
    A proud part of our westminister heritage!

  7. Somebody, remove the party leaders.
    Michael Ignatieff can stay, since that nerd Dion is out,
    Jack Layton is behaving riduculously, and should be replaced,
    Harper should stand aside, cause with him the Conservative are never going to get a majority,
    and I guess Duceppe can stay, I guess being in Parliament for a long time civilizes such great statesmen.

  8. This coalition is undemocratic. The Conservatives won 143 seats. The Liberals and the NDP won a combined total of 114. They require the support of separatists in order to govern, but they emphasise the fact that they are not part of the coalition because they know many Canadian will not want too much of their influence. There is no 62% majority. I am so tired of these power struggles. I think we need a new election process so people with new and intelligent ideas can make important changes.

  9. Well, the Libs got rid off Dion.They did not like him either.Ignatieff the new leader is another Prof. if he can do better remains to be seen. In either event he is smart enough not cause another election immediately. He has to raise lots of mula first. Until at least March we are safe. After that who knows.
    Possible another election.

  10. My god can any Canadian tell me whats happening over there? my goodness i have a odd feeling of a revolution or something in those lines in a not so distant future.

  11. Brother I glad I am out Germany. King Putim is again cutting your gasline. The greens have sold you out. They prohibited the constraction of Nuclear Power Plants not to mentioned ” clean Coal” Now you have to jump when Putin whistles. Good Luck. gt

  12. But the “losing” parties didn’t “lose” in the sense that they “lost” in a way that they don’t get to play or that they get disqualified. It’s not a finish line contest. You get a number of seats. Each seat is voted for.
    It’s not like seats are changing.
    People didn’t specifically “choose” for a “minority government”. Each party achieved a number of votes, and it resulted in a minority government.
    Again, a coalition is not undemocratic.
    This only happens when the min gov acts irresponsibly.

  13. Why should the losing parties be able to join forces after an election? Canadians didnt vote for a NDP/Liberal/Serperatist coalition government. They voted the Conservatives in as a minority government and that is what things should be.

  14. Get a kick out of closing hospitals, privatizing essential services and watching prices skyrocket, destroying support for minorities, screwing women’s rights, letting people fall through the cracks…?

  15. And that now changed. Ignatieff is a very worthy respectable capable strong individual. I think we’ll all *greatly* benefit from him. We should be so lucky to have him.

  16. The votes belongs to the parties.
    More people voted for parties other than the Conservatives, than the Conservative party.
    If these other parties add their power up together, then the have the most votes.
    Valid democracy.

    But things didn’t have to get this way, if Harper wasn’t so darn arrogant and unreasonable.

  17. I laugh when I hear that people think that they voted specifically for Harper… Fact is you voted for a single MP, and the largest group of MP’s willing to work together get declared the governing party. That’s just how it works here. If a coalition can truly work together, then there’s nothing un-democratic about it. The majority rules again, and that’s what our government is based on.

    I also laugh when Harper says he’d never work with “The seperatists”, when he did so himself in 2003… haha

  18. “…mandate from the Canadian people”.
    The majority of Canadians did NOT vote for the Conservatives.
    The Cons get the most they could get with Dion, who isn’t very strong and isn’t liked very much.
    Now with Ignatieff on board it’s a whole different issue. Let’s see Harper take him on. Iggy will mob the floor with him.

  19. That place is a ZOO! looool thats just amazing how our leaders are at each other’s throats. I do believe though that Harper pulled a cheap shot and should pay dearly for his actions.
    Im out.

  20. How can the house have confidence in the coalition led by Dion, when his own party doesn’t have confidence in him. Just maybe, they should rethink the coalition when the Liberals elect a new leader. If Dion is P.M. nothing will get done for the economy. Also I believe the NDP needs a new face. I am conservative and once long ago I was actually liking the NDP, until I started learning about Jack Layton. All confidence in the Federal NDP failed, that man is a pretty face with no substance.

  21. It’s rather amusing when Liberals try to put words in other peoples mouths in order to make a supposed diametric rebuttal. Dion has only proven himself as a weak leader. If he were such a Federalist, he would NEVER think about setting up a coalition with the separatist party holding the balance of power in Canada.

  22. But how do you measure weakness? Dion has been a champion of the federalist cause and environmental policy. Just because he speaks with a francaphone accent and wears glasses that makes him weak does it?

  23. If Harper were to go against either of those two, he’d just squeal and ask Bush what he should do.

    If Layton were to do it, he would offer to take them on a hiking trip in an effort to build rapport.

    If Duceppe were to do it, he’d just say, “Do whatever you want, so long as it doesn’t bother Quebec.”

    If Elizabeth May were to do it, she’d say, “Do whatever you want, so long as it doesn’t bother trees and baby seals.”

    Conclusion: Every available option for prime minister is FAIL.

  24. Dion’s antics are so pathetic. If Dion was to go against ruthless dictators like Hitler or Stalin, he would tuck his tail and run and encourage an invasion. That’s how weak he is and that’s how I measure the credibility of a Prime Minister.

  25. sorry i didn’t mean no offense,its just seeing whats happening-i guess its not advisable right now. Billy you live in Canada? if so do you think you guys might have a Canadian Revolution? your thoughts plz.

  26. WOW.
    I dont know if i should move to Canada,i mean with all of this mess,i think i’ll wait another 44 years from now to move up there….oh wait that’ll put me at a ripe ole age of 75..take it back hehe

  27. Bloc supporters want it both ways.

    They vote for parties which continue to threaten the stability of the country, while at the same time expressing indignation when anyone calls them ‘separatists’.

    Sir/madam: whether you vote for the Bloc to blackmail the country, or whether you do so to advance the cause of separation – in either case you are a separatist, and an enemy of this country.

  28. Separatist are not a plague. I support actively the member of the bloc on this topic. We are a part of the Canada and by that fact we want it survival and prosperity. In that topic we are totally united with the rest of the Canada. Separatists and not separatists,Quebec support the coalition !

  29. the conservative is so right wing that it cannot collaborate with the left oppositions. The problem is that the right wing conservative only achieved a minority government so collaboration with the left like NDP is unavoidable. The coalition is formed as a protest to conservative’s failure to work together with the opposition. The coalition however is wrong without nationwide mandate for Canadians elected a conservative PM.

  30. yeah it’s canada, you know a bi-lingual & multi-cultural country one which should be more sophisticated than to look down on people for having accents.

    how is your french by the way?

  31. stephen harper is a joke. the majority of canadians did not vote for him, or his style of politics. the coalition is the best option for a functional parliament… he should bow out gracefully instead of wasting our time.

  32. People who voted Liberal did not wish to also end up voting for the NDP and the Bloc (who want to break up Canada as we know it today). What was Dion thinking? Idiocy at it’s grandest. Dion will end his political career doing down as the leader who put the final nails in the coffin for the Liberal Party of Canada.

  33. western canada should split and leave the rest of canada to rot in there own stink how long do you think they would last without western resourses all the coalition wants is to stong arm there way in because they couldnt get voted in they lost now suck it up and grow up

  34. We can ill-afford to take a conservative victory for granted, though. Harper has to get the message not to pull a Brian Mulroney on us by capitulating to the left-wing cabal’s call for inflationary irresponsibility labeled “stimulus.” Tell Harper not to enter into a foolish, immoral bidding war of inflationary boondoggle goodies, which crush the backs of working stiffs who are trying hard to achieve financial freedom. Appeasement of the leftist cabal is a lose lose proposition for Canada.

  35. Main issue is Dion CAN NOT become PM the way he is trying now. Canadians already clearly rejected him 2 months ago. If the Liberal Party wants to govern win through an election.

    If Liberal wins in an election, good for them. But NOT the way they are doing now!! Through the backdoor, it is wrong!! Lib and NDP combined still don’t have enough seats compare to Conservative so they NEED Bloc..NO tat is WRONG

    Liberal want to govern, WIN IN AN ELECTION!! Face people of CANADA or Accept DEFEAT!!

  36. I see a Tory majority eh? Thanks Dion we needed that! Read the papers and see the latest polls!

    How dare he suggest taking over the conservatives with this ill fated plan eh?


  37. hahahahaha, you must have voted liberal. i have no intention whatsoever of paying those scumy liberal fucks anything so they can take thier tropical vacations when the country cant afford it. EVERYTHING that the liberal’s and NDP’s promised in the last election (if they had one) would have to be cut anyways. which would you prefer??? cut on spending and programs to save money…or an increase in taxes to take our money??? i would call anyone a full blown idiot if they chose the second answer.

  38. I am a stake holder and let me tell you this…we have lobbyists that were sent to Ottawa to meet with the opposition (conservatives) to relax the banking regulations. We were so convinced that foreign ownership would become reality but few of us were told exactly how bad the exposures were. We were SUCKERED.

  39. Furthermore…re our banking system. It is absolutely a world class bank and the Americans can learn much from it. The 10 years of Chretien rule ensured that all the oversights and regulations were put into place to limit exposure to American write-offs. Be honest and fair…you have to know that Chretien created all this through Martin. This had NOTHING to do with the Conservatives’ and their “less gov’t” mantra…that less gov’t thingy means less prying eye’s and “cops” on the beat.

  40. I think you have tin-ears. What the Governments OFFICIAL accounting firm stated in the Globe & Mail is this: Flaherty’s projections is based on fantasy…that the Accounting firm NEVER provided him with any information supporting the projections nor did they support the contention that the GST helped in anyway. They only said it to be put on record. When the official accounting firm goes on record to the media in that fashion they are worried they’d be blamed.

  41. The voters are going to punish you liberals and NDP ers by voting with the Tories!

    But we need a Majority Government anyways so maybe Dion making a fool out of himself on public TV is best for all of us!

    Lets be a strong Canada united so the world can see us eh! And Harper is cool!

  42. This is beautiful!

    The last thing the Liberals want right now is another election.

    The result would be a majority for the Conservatives, and a crushing defeat for the Liberals.

    Dion has sowed the wind – let him now reap the whirlwind…

  43. The children in the background need to pipe down in the House. I love how the biggest debate in Canadian politics right now is about forming a new government 7 weeks after an election. If this coalition wants to help Canada, they should collaborate and come up with a better economic proposal; not put all their energy into trying to seize power.

  44. The Liberals and NDP were just complaining the the Conservatives may be forced to produce a deficit. Yet they turn around and promise a stimulus package!! Were do they feel this money is going to come from?? The last thing this country needs is a coalition with A Socialist…A Seperatist…and lead by an IDIOT. Faced with this choice I would promise a Conservative majority! We need to emerge from this and pull the Canadian political spectrum away from socialism and slighty further to the right.

  45. Majortiy of Canadians voted for the Conservative party not a Coalition party. If the opposition wanted to unite they should have announced and made it their platform during the elections. Remember this coalition was brewing before the elections. This is nothing but an orpotunity to take over the Conservative government.

  46. This is about a grasp for power by the leftist government when. How dare this angry Dion say that Harper is to balme for the economic problem when it is know though the world that Canada has the best banking system!

  47. I only hope that Harper continues to kick and scream all the way to election night. And when he loses, that deafening silence would bring focus on just how little dignity that man had. Shit, if you’re gonna face execution, go like Saddam…don’t cry like a bitch begging for your life. Be a man. Let’s see those veins…mmmm…juicy!!

  48. If an awkward, uptight, emotionless, boring, unoriginal, Bush-wannabe can be denied majority gov’t by a stuttering french dude, I think it says a lot.

    May will be the liberal convention night and we’ll bring out our boy. We certainly pray to god that you keep Harper…well, we are gonna keep him on a short leash (minority) until then. We’ll have our fun, and then knock him out. If Dion can deny Harper majority twice then we can knock his facisit ass to the ground.

  49. Dion’s voice cracks and he studders when he’s speaking in the house, how the fuck is he going to command respect on a world stage.

    The Liberals better select someone who speaks English if they want to have a chance in hell next time around.

  50. So you think Canada should have its fourth election in the space of four and a half years? Surely there has to come a time when you stop having elections and just accept that whichever party is the largest should be the government, even if they don’t have an overall majority.

  51. This was interesting. It’s based on the British House of Commons but they do things that don’t usually happen in the British chamber, such as standing up and clapping after each contribution. Clapping is not allowed in the British House of Commons.

  52. Jack is so right..

    He signed the last coalition government, what a fucking hypocrite..

    I hate this Conservative government.. Wants to wait till late January, like wow…

    Now Parliament shut down till January, SIGGGH..


  53. Calling Quebec separatists is like bombing Iraq and than telling them not to be terrorists.Brilliant Harper what a smooth operator you are.Oh yes and attack those poor drug addicts take away their treatment for political points.You oaf.

  54. Dion is great and a Canadian hero he was smeared by US style fear advertisements.He stood up to the bully anti democracy Harper.Harper is about division and anti-democracy.Boy isn’t that Stockwell Day a genius.Thanks for dividing Canada Harper.

  55. Your analogy is flawed because Canadians and Americans have very different electoral systems. They elect a President directly and in our Parliamentary Democracy we elect MPS. The party with the most forms the government, but they require the support of the majority to govern. So while a good try to explain it to Americans, your analogy isn’t the best.

  56. Harper is repulsive. Harper needs the support of the House of Commons. He DOES NOT HAVE IT. This means his government should fall. I cannot believe the idiots who cannot fathom this simple principle of the Canadian democratic process.

  57. Harper has lost. The same parliamentary system that has allowed him to become prime minister despite not earning even close to the popular vote, nor a majority, is now working against him and he’s crying for an election. Canada does not demand a majority and Harper is running away from what the people have chosen. We cannot go to the polls so soon again. So, Mr. Harper, face the truth and the facts.

  58. (PART 2) > Then lets say that 2 weeks after Obama becomes president, The Republicans, Ralph Nader and this other party decided that Obama has failed to do anything and vowed to form a coalition to take over the country and John Mcain would be President, Ralph Nader Vice President and the leader of the party that did not want to be part of the USA would hold a balance of power over matters in the USA. That is what is happening here in Canada.

  59. (PART 1) > To our American friends, this is the situation in Canada as it would relate to you guys. Say there was a political party made up of people who did not want to be a part of the USA that was in your guys congress and senate……

  60. I will fully agree that Harper is being somewhat of a hyporcrite considering he “threatened” in a sense to being able to take down the Liberals in 2004.

    That being said. Simply as a Canadian, as a citizen concerned for my job, my fiance’s job, and the security of the girl we have adopted, I refuse to see this coalition in power. I’ll consider moving to the States. The economy will be devistating here.

  61. What is Dion talking about a mandate from the people – this crisis is from the mismanagement of government for decades, and we are paying the price now (the market is correcting itself)

    This coalition wants to spend more money to solve this crisis, and if you have any knowledge of monetary policy, you know this fails.

    What do I think the government can do to solve this crisis – NOTHING (the economy is going to get worse no matter what the government does) Save your money, its gonna get worse.

  62. To hell with the coalition – I did not vote for them – and to hell with the Bloc. (and yes, Harper is under the Bilderburg thumb)

    So what I am saying the government is NO LONGER FOR THE PEOPLE. Tired of governments looking out for their best interests.

    Dion talks about being fed up – HELL YES WE ARE FED UP OF A GOVERNMENT THAT NO LONGER WORKS!!

  63. If have never put much thought into our government. It’s always been so boring. But if a party is in power, with the NDP and Bloq having majority power of that party, I will consider moving to the United States.

    In good economic times, the NDP can put a province into serious debt. Consider what they can do in an economic crisis. Consider how poor Quebec’s tax and economic system is.

  64. I agree with Harper on the vote because as much as I dont like the idea of the block having power I really dont like Jack Layton being in anyway apart of the governing party.

    Im tired of hearing ‘this is what canadians want’ because nobody voted for all three of them!

  65. The Bloc Québécois would never work as a separatist party in the context of such a coalition; the people who elect them don’t expect separation from them, they just want to know their interest, as a people, is represented in Ottawa and english Canada. That’s fair. Anyway, nationalism is declining, but to see how the Conservatives are disgusted by the Bloc and would never work with them, “separatists”… it saddens me, this gap… again, right-wing ideology. Assholes.

  66. OMFG, it’s pretty entertaining to watch whole bunch of deuch bags fighting each other……in parlimant……just it’s perfect on a talk show. don’t let ANY OF THESE GUYS out and form a gov’t. and you gotta be pretty good clapping hands to keep your job in politics……LOL, i believe this country is doomed……it’s like Canadian Idol…….this Canadian episode of political drama will never surpass its US counterparts either…….

  67. He needs more than that one argument, since it’s a stupid argument. He has no right to call this move “undemocratic” when he tried to do the same thing back in 2004, or did you miss that bulletin? Thanks for hoping I lose my home; that is really kind and compassionate of you, idiot.

  68. This is like watching children on a playground! Harper is the big bully guy with his people back him up and screaming everytime he makes a hit and then you have Dion, the geeky kid with his people doing the same. It’s unbelievable. I am all for a colition government, but more so, I’m for a mature government.

  69. Some of you people are amazingly ignorant about how PARLIAMENTARY democracy works! Harper tried to engineer the exact same thing back in 2005 and failed. All of it is legal and democratic. I was no fan of Dion but I am impressed with his performance here. And he’s absolutely right when he says that EVERY MP was voted in! For Harper to say it’s “undemocractic” makes him a total hypocrite. It was certainly fun to watch this video! One man with nothing to lose and one man with everything to lose.

  70. Why are they even debating this?

    A coalition is perfectly legal in Canadian politics.

    They talk about the Bloc as if they were not voted in by Canadians the same way as Mr Harper was.

    I’d suggest they either ban the Bloc party from federal politics or give their voice and vote the respect it deserves.

    No wonder they want to leave Canada. Look at the tone and respect the Prime Minister gives their political party.

    Why on earth would the Bloc want to leave Federal politics behind them?

  71. harper didn’t make due w/ his promises and dion promised to quit??
    I support the General Governors right to arrest all. Please take control of the military and police & no confidence em.
    I’d offer my help, but the public is only allowed to have peaceful protests in des. areas of no consequence.
    I vote for whoever says “fuck the bailout”, put that money in wind/solar & jobs or rebates.

  72. This is how Canadian democracy works in a MINORITY gov’ment!! It was bound to happen when the conservatives are doing shitty job handling our unstable economy.

  73. Im sorry its a minority gov’ment. Its not like in the USA where a president is elected. I personally did not vote for Harper, I voted for my local representative gov’ment I think there needs to be reform when there is poor representation for a party (eg the conservatives) in the large scale of things when someone is running for our prime minister. Our system for election is f’d up. Enough said. The Coalition DOES represent how a majority of Canadians voted, including myself.

  74. Harper had a mandate that included building a consensus with at least one other opposition party. He FAILED to do that. He has lost the confidence of the House. This is a Prime Minister who is getting his comeuppance. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

  75. Our soldiers who died for freedom must be rolling over in their graves. You have Taleban Jack who thinks that the Taleban who throw acid into girls faces are just misunderstood good people, Dion, a half Canadian citizen and half French citizen, and a wacky anti-Canadian Bloc (head) Quebecois, actually being supported by some Canadians as a viable group to run this country – go figure.

  76. There is a democratically elected government inplace now. Do we want our country run by separatists, socialists and lead by a person who’s own party does not want leading it!! This is a democratic country, let the people choose its government. If this goes through we should never vote for these anti-Canadian parties again!

  77. You’re all so ignorant, you don’t understand our parliamentary democracy if you agree with Harper, hell even he calls democracy undemocratic. What a tool.

  78. Harper blew it. He deserves to loose. Coalition means ppl working together versus being bullied. THat is what is good about Canadian politics…versus a bi-partisan one south of the border. Harper failed at getting a majority when he called the election at a timing of his choice. Harper roll over…

  79. Harper’s separatist argument is self-serving. He attempted to secure power in a way that would undermine the democracy of this country and now he is positioning himself as Canada’s savior. Nobody wants a coalition government, but Harper is not saving anybody from anything in launching this disgraceful narrative. Repent and move on. The coalition government will be a reminder of how Harper let Canadians down when the country needed saving, but this is not about Harper, this is about Canada.

  80. you are a full blown fool. he only has one argument cuz its all he needs to say to make a point. this is the most undemocratic bull shit i have ever seen take place in canada. i hope you understand why Harper is doing what he is doing which in turn is pissing the opposition off. maybe during this reccession you lose your home. if that happened to me, i would sure hope the government had some money saved up to offset the reccession. Opposition is pissed cuz they wont have money now to take trips.

  81. It was he who goofed on arts funding and allowed the Bloc to get more votes. He is the one who works with the Bloc , I say replace Harper with Tony Clement who will get us a majority.

  82. Omega:
    NO ONE voted for a coalition of Liberals, NDP, and the Block. If that was how they wanted to run the house, they should have formed before the election, then we’d all have known what we were voting for.

    This had nothing to do with the budget or anything Harper did. It was planned before that, it only took them 4 hours to form this coalition? BS. This is a political game and it’s irresponsible at this time.

  83. we don’t vote for the Prime Minister we vote for the party’s , the job of the Prime Minister is just a consequence of the ideals that we vote for. With a minority government it’s the majority of house votes that rule, and Harper just does not seem to have any friends because he is rude, greedy, flaunts his Bush-ism, and can’t access democracy at it’s finest moment in history.

  84. How many people voted for Chretien during his “majorities” in the 90s? He had just over 30% of the popular vote. I’m sorry but that’s how our democracy works. There are so many parties in Canada that not one is going to get a clear majority. Bottom line is it goes to a vote Prime Ministers are ELECTED. NOT APPOINTED!

  85. 5,205,334 voted for Harper of the 23,401,064 registered voters. Thats about 23% of Canadians behind Harper. 32.5% voted for the the liberals, NDP and the Block. 40.9% of Canadians did not vote. For once we could use a few lessons form the United States of America. We need a leader who is honest, and has the best interest of the people at heart, and not big business, Bush and Neo-conservative politics.

  86. You don’t understand Canadian Parliamentary democracy. According to you, every time the Bloc Quebecois changes their mind in our 140 year history, we need a new government. Every single minority government is worthless and at the mercy of a separatist scumbag party who don’t represent or care about 90% of Canada.

  87. The fact that Stephen harper Just keep attaking everyone whos not from his side when he dont have teh majority is suicidal, and then he said he have the canadian trust, ITS FALSE, he do have the canadian trust, but he have to work with the others to pass his bill becose canadian gave him limited power, and hes forgetting that last fact…

  88. I call your bluff. If Dion was no egomaniac why is he so desperate for power before his OWN PARTY rejects him in May? It is not due to this weak reason of not BIG ENOUGH of a stimulus package… how ridiculous!

    Party funding dependant on a stupid rule giving them taxpayer money who by and large didnt vote for them (instead of direct donations), is what this challenge is all about. Put it to the vote Dion, rather than back-alleying it all. Ask the people of Canada. We will tell you!

  89. The only thing that matters in this situation is what Canadians want. We need an election… then if any party gets another minority we should all be happy about it.

  90. Saculanna I agree with you totally. This video shows the un-democratic evil underhanded deals by the Liberals, NDP, and the separatists (BQ). There will be riots in the street if this get out of hand, but I know that this absurd coalition will nevr come to fruition. It would be led by a separatist/carbon-tax/tax hiker leader. It would be a disasater for Canada and for democracy!

  91. Dion looks like a deer in the headlights and most of the time I’m straining to understand what he’s saying. As for Layton, his own party starts applauding long before he’s done speaking…no doubt to help mask the nonsense spilling from his lips.
    I have to agree; Harper won this battle. But then he had no real competition.

  92. It is so simple to me, I dont know how Harper can get away with staying on as PM with the majority of elected MP’s against him. Everything else is mere smoke and mirrors.

  93. I feel this issue is very basic, and clinging to power by his fingernails will only allow Harper to harm the economy even more.

    Canadians elect Members of Parliament at the ballot box, not the Prime Minister, and so when the Majority of MP’s have confidence in a Prime Minister, he gets to be Prime Minister. When they do not, he can not be Prime Minister.

  94. The PC party and the Reform party joined together so I don’t understand why some people are so upset. Granted, there may be another election but so what. Get off your butt and go vote – it doesn’t take that long.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the ghander (however you spell that..lol).

    But seriously, the PC and Reform did it so what’s the big deal with the other 3 doing it.

    And this crap about the Bloc Quebecois being handed power… please, that’s a public relations brainwashing.

  95. lol, separatism has like 30-40% support in Quebec right now. the only reason we vote Bloc is because, like other provinces do, we have a malaise with other options. no one cares about seperatism anymore, not even the Parti Quebecois, yet here it is again, the center of canadian politics. wtf!?

  96. This is what you get when you pretend your minority gov’t can arrogantly rule like kings and completely ignore the economic crisis, while standing behind the idea that corporations should fund political campaigns and that the public sector shouldn’t be allowed to strike.

    Harper has lost the confidence of Parliament, plain and simple. I actually look forward to Dion as PM because he’s not an egomaniac, but a just a regular intelligent person who wants to do a good job for people.

  97. Actually, I’ve had a change of heart…
    I won’t be marching or protesting..I FULLY support this coalition.

    Did you see the Bloq stand up and cheer in Parliment today?….Soviernty is here!

    They’re excuberant!!…excited!

    Of course I’m excited as well.

    Viva Quebec!
    ..all the best!

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