Social democrats unite to topple government

The leaders of the Liberal Party, NDP, and the Bloc Québécois signed a power sharing agreement and announced their plan to defeat the Conservative government in a confidence vote December 8.

The coalition says they must seize power from Stephen Harper in order to implement a larger economic stimulus package than the Conservative plan.

The political parties have written to Governor General Michaëlle Jean asking her to install Stéphane Dion as Prime Minister instead of calling an election.

30 thoughts on “Social democrats unite to topple government

  1. Show me a Canadian Politician who thinks it’s OK to use a chequebook to resolve anything , and I will show you a criminal who needs to be put in jail for 10 years and have all of their posessions taken away on top of the payments.

  2. While we are being led down this road of Coalition corruption and hatred , let us not forget that this could happen as a direct result of foreign investment at any time , to any Canadian Government in power , if we don’t express our concerns within an agreement that is respected by both sides. Clearly , the Liberal Party & their ensigns are trying to pull out their “trump” cards , in what they view as a game , with their stockpile of finances , provided by Canadians , but supporting few again.

  3. This is viewed as the time for the Separatists (Bloc) to finally do a nice powergrab. And the Liberals and NDP are blind to the aspirations of the Bloc! Perfect for Quebec, yet bad for the rest of Canada. Just when separatism was on its way down in Quebec, Dion stokes the flames once more giving the separation movement new life. Unbelievable bungling.

  4. what pisses me off so bad is where the canadian flag is. them clowns layton and dion kept it away from that other penis to make him happy. just what we want to lead our country, a bounch of clowns that dont want our flag behind them

  5. snegit, the people didn’t vote in a coalition to form next Gov. Cdn voters have rights to be heard in this matter. & snegit, some of my friends & family died for those rights at the hands of terrorists regimes bent to overthrow with power. This scenarios no different: a coalition made to overthrow a Gov voted in by the people. & reality check: its propped up by separatists & majority Cdn’s don’t want that in Ottawa.

  6. but the government are working closely with US government on that. Also, the TSX has been falling these days. Government instability can cause stocks to fall too and the three of them are worrying abut the economic crisis when they are contributing to it. They should really consider more factors before jumping to conclusion.

  7. The coalition doesn’t seem to have a plan to solve the economic crisis anyway. They formed because they are upset that Harper didn’t do much about the crisis. Canada isn’t in an economic crisis like the US. Our banks are not failing. We are just like everyone else in this world experiencing a global recession. Many economists have projected that the crisis will be over around mid or late next year. I know there is the worried of loss of many jobs due to the Ford problem

  8. Shame on you. Choose your words very carefully, they reveal too much about how little you’ve thought this through. Egads! Harper used the Bloc to bring down the Martin Government! Get over the idea of Dion as the PM as if the PM equals a President. The coalition will HAVE to work with each other rather than have a Leader like Harper who throws people out of the caucus who don’t agree with him.

  9. Barb, do yourself a favor and put together a little study group with the other CNNites and learn a little bit about the Government of Canada. goggle the Westminster Parliamentary system. “Coup-Terrorist” You insult all those who have died at the hands of terrorists.

  10. If governor general allows this coup to happen, the balance of Canadian political power could be with separatists whose leader said in this last election campaign he [quote] does not care about Canada. This debacle is constitutional treason, don’t these fools liberals and ndp’s know that? Have they gone mad? People are calling these coalition participants: “terrorist coup perpetrators,” and I agree with them.

  11. Oh yeah? Well we had a particular system for the leaders debates, but the people spoke and public pressure forced the media coalition to let her in.

    Canadians don’t want Prime Minister DION – we said so in the last election.

    Sooner or later the coalition will have to listen to Canadians, and that will be a bad day for the jackals behind this power play.

  12. Actually this is democratic according to Parliamentary practice. Sounds like you’ve been swept up in the belief that What’s good for the US is good for Canada. Once upon a time before the age of my way or the highway Harper style politics, party back benchers voted according to the will of the riding not being ridden on by the PM. This is CANADIAN democracy at it’s best. Since when was it Harper Vs Dion? Please read a book about Canadian Constitutional law and Parliamentary practice.

  13. By all means, if Harper want another Federal Election, I will support because it is undemocratic for the three parties to make such a coalition. Also, since when did Harper lost the confidence of the people. Harper hasn’t even release his Annual Budget for the up coming year. If the people of Canada did not vote for you to be the Prime Minister of Canada then so be it. Using dirty tactic is undemocratic.

  14. This is stupid! A coalition of the minority parties to go against the Prime Minister. Dude, forming a new government that will be working for the interest of the people… but the people of Canada voted for Harper to be their Prime Minister NOT DION who said he will resign after his defeat who is now still here trying to be the next prime minister.

  15. Why on earth would any sane Canadian that voted in the last election accept this sly back-room tactic. I hope that the GG will act in the best interests of the people of this country and call for another election even however distasteful that may be to some.

  16. I am actually impressed to see some liberal supporters are dis-agreeing with this! and many comments are right, I will be in complete discust if this coalition gets any power, We voted for harper, even if he made mistakes, shit happens, that has been the liberals approach to everything in the past, and now its as if the conservatives are the only normal party, who here is actualy willing to vote for a seperatist(Bloc)/liberalist(Dion..ugh)/communist party(NDP)? They dont care about our freedom

  17. I think the problem right now is that Harper doesn’t want to protect those in need in this country and protect families in these times of crisis. I will not support a government that wants to concentrate the power and resources in the hands of a happy few. I think we are facing a East – West conflict in this country as well.

  18. Yeah there could be SOLDIERS IN THE STREETS!

    Give me a fucking break. Harper wants an election to deal with the issue so voters can decide.

    If the social democrats are on the right side of the economic issue they should welcome an election. They’re not, which is why they are so afraid of an election.

  19. You are delusionally out of touch, no Canadians on the right are united with the pathetic Bloc Separatist party that this abominable Separatist Coalition is pandering to. An extra 1 billion dollars in equalization payments to Quebec, 6 senate seats to Bloc Separatist trash. Sorry, no right-winger would agree with that. I voted Liberal and I’m embarassed that my party, the party of Laurier, would ally with Separatists and steal the government away. I voted for them, but this is not right.

  20. Why didn’t these jokers defeat the government before now? Why not last year, or after the Tory budget next month?

    The reason is because now is the only time they have a chance to seize power WITHOUT AN ELECTION. These lefties have no democratic instincts whatsoever, just a false sense of entitlement. They can’t be allowed to get away with this!

    Harper’s plan to destroy the Liberal Party is starting to look like the best move for Canada. I hope this whole affair wipes them out for good.

  21. This is about Stephen Harper. Last week he tried to destroy the opposition parties, an act unprecedented in Canadian history. He called this action undemocratic. But he tried to do exactly the same thing to bring down the Martin minority gov’t 4 years ago.He is like George Bush. Look what that man did in 8 years. We can’t have that.

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