Opposition parties move to seize power

The New Democrats, Bloc Québécois and Liberal Party are working to form a social democratic coalition that would topple the Conservatives and replace them as government.

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39 thoughts on “Opposition parties move to seize power

  1. What!? That’s exactly what Dion tried to do! The coalition’s position is that they should form government without an election! In fact it would have been constitutional, but not democratic.

    In theory the GG could appoint Dion (or for that matter Ignatieff) but she won’t. The GG has to take the least controversial action that offers the most stability – an election.

  2. Stephen Harper states: “Stephane Dion does not have the right to take power without an election.” Well, technically that was true. But M. Dion wouldn’t even try to do that, because constitutional rules wouldn’t allow it. However, he could be asked by GG to form a govt. He would have every right to accept power from her…

    So parts of this video are inappropriate. Reason: Spam, Misleading Text. But only those parts that feature the Prime Minister of Canada.

  3. “In the 1940’s, the main disciplinary problems as rated by teachers were: talking out of turn, chewing gum, making noise, running in the hall, cutting in line, dress code violations, & littering.

    The major issues facing classrooms in the 1990s: drug abuse, alcohol abuse, pregnancy, suicide, rape, robbery, & assault.”

    (Policy Study No. 234, January 1998, School Violence Prevention: Strategies to Keep Schools Safe (Unabridged), by Alexander Volokh w/ Lisa Snell, USA)

  4. Why is it that every time you have a discussion on feminism, you’ve suddenly got all these pregnant women running around bare foot? Here’s some data for you – kids as young as 11 and 12 were once given hunting rifles, brought them to school with them, and hung them up on the school gun rack before beginning class – you contrast that today and try to rectify it somehow with your liberalism. Kids need parents & without a doubt, radical feminism took that from them.

  5. I agree that the “family killing” thing is out of line. Here’s the problem with socialism: when you have a system where everyone gets the same doled out to them regardless of whether they work hard or not, it kills motivation. Why bust my ass when the lazy guy next to me gets the same? Jack Layton is set to dole our money to his lazy cronies in a failed business (autowork). In the long term, this just creates dependancy and financially weakens the productive people.

  6. So women should be barefoot and pregnant?
    You spew opinions and nonsense without any data. There are millions of children of single families, you are saying they should all be killers now. You say you “know” something from a theory…? You know things from data, not theories. Don’t quote outdated antiquated pop psychology claptrap as “evidence” of what turns out to be your crazy opinion.

  7. Years of radical feminism led to latchkey children, & children committing acts of murder has been an artifact of modern feminism without a doubt. We know via attachment theory, that children need parents in their lives – with single working moms, & broken families this is a rarity indeed. Boys need fathers, or turn overwhelmingly to violence. Keep funding feminism & knocking the father out of the picture & you’ll see what I mean. Socialism means the government owns the pie & leases you a slice.

  8. Huh? Can you prove there is any link between socialist governments and children who kill their own families? Don’t spew such nonsense without some data to back yourself up. You sound like Harper (“they didn’t sign it in front of a canadian flag”). Also, what is so bad about socialism? It means you own a piece of the pie, rather than having some king run everything.

  9. Harper is an idiot, but so are the socialist throngs who hate him for no other reason then he at times pretends to be conservative. All the world’s nations are moving towards socialism or as they like to disguise it, globalism. Has it been good for us so far? Nope. All this ‘progress’ has lead to latchkey children who kill their own families. Progress? Yes, I know full well what a coup means, and that is precisely what this is – a circumvention of democracy by a room full of collaborators.

  10. “your clearly not a real canadian and really should have no say in this. ”

    Oh now THAT is true democracy! Anyone who disagrees with you shouldn’t be allowed to talk. Harper loves your kind. Seig Heil!

  11. “coup”, “socialist”, “commie”…inflammatory Americanized words. Guess what: Canada IS mostly socialist. Socialized health care and welfare, to name two, are programs that are good things for Canadians. Oh, and look up the word “coup”.

  12. Now the stupid socialists i.e. the liberals, ndp, and bloc, along with the commie greens, suggest pouring billions of taxpayer money down a sinkhole in order to ‘stimulate’ the economy. First of all, when I saw the Americans doing this, I thought it was absolutely insane, but CANADA!? We’re going to throw away balanced budgets and the future of our young people for short term, short-sighted gain!? This is insanity. We need to run lean in order to come out of this recession ahead.

  13. Well, that’s an absolute lie. As the facts of the case have unfolded, it was learned that Jack Layton was planning this coup the day after the Conservatives had been elected, and that he, along with other members of the far left parties i.e. the liberals and bloc, had decided then that they would replace the conservatives. Things came to the fore when the conservatives suggested saving tax payer money, by denying it to political parties. That really got the piggies at the trough riled.

  14. Hmmm… so let’s see.
    1)The guy who just resigned as leader of the Liberal Party because he was soundly rejected by the Canadian public gets to become Prime Minister. Then we the people have to pay his Prime Ministerial Salary for the rest of his natural life (one of the perks of the office). Then, presumably someone else takes over as Leader of the Liberals and thus becomes Prime Minister without us even voicing our opinion.

    2)The NDP who have made such an issue of the Tax Breaks to Business as unacceptable are going to allow them to go ahead as part of the agreement with the other 2 parties.

    3)The 3 Opposition Parties have decided to spend 30 billion of our money on a stimulus package but last week they were criticizing the Conservatives for projecting a budget deficit. Where are we going to get this money?

    4)Does it make any sense that in order to pull this manoevre off the NDP and Liberals are getting into bed with the separatist Bloc Quebecois? Does anyone else think that this affront to democracy plays right into the hands of the separatists? Media Pundits are already coining the phrase Constitutional Crisis.

    5) If the Opposition Parties are making this move over a concern for the state of the economy how do they expect the market to re-act to this announcement. Investors just love political uncertainty.

    6) While it’s true that together the Opposition Parties garnered more votes than the Conservatives that is a reflection of our ineffective Electoral mechanism. If proportional representation was instituted the results might have been much different and more indicative of the public’s views.

    This seems more like some banana republic coup than Canadian Politics.

  15. Canada voted for a government. Since Harper can’t, the opposition has been forced to. It did not have to be this way. In less than 4 years Harper has managed to unite both the right AND left. Good job Steve!

  16. How exactly do you get off on telling someone they’re not a real Canadian for believing other than you do. You’re an idiot if you honestly think that, but I suspect you are just a reactionary to clear thinking.

  17. youre an absolute idiot if you think bankrupting political opposition is great policy for “tightening the belt in tough economic times”, or whatever other cliches you use to justify your corporate-run party. and im from quebec, so i definitely look forward to our increased level of control in the new coalition.

  18. no its tightening the belt in tough economic times and they dont need the public trough to feed out of… ndp has grassroots fundraising so thats a lame excuse asshole and your clearly not a real canadian and really should have no say in this. prick.

  19. anyone who dramatically calls this a “coup d’etat” or “the end of democracy” clearly doesn’t understand the parliamentary system. oh, and harper deserved this the minute he deicded to make the first act of his new minority government the bankrupting, of the opposition parties, threatening their survival, and thus the democratic process itself in canada.

  20. People in NDP or Liberal ridings: Call your MP and tell them you support the Coalition!

    People in Bloc ridings: Demand your MP support the Coalition!

    People in Conservative ridings: Call up your MP and tell him/her to cross the floor!

  21. harper is using his usual bullying tactics to try to push through his unpopular and frankly unethical (taking away the opportunity to challenge for pay equity before the human rights commission? is that really going to help the economy?) conservative agenda on confidence motions. and if the opposition wants to vote against it, they’re blamed for wasting money on another election? well that makes a coalition an excellent alternative.

  22. No matter what political party your support,it is the oppositions right to bring the govt down on a non confidence vote and send the electorate back to an election. But it shows a total disrespect for the Canadaian electorate and Democracy to form a coalition and take power without mandate. If they want to form a coalition, then go back to the people as a coalition and ask for the mandate in an election. That to me is the only fair and democratic way to handle the situation.

  23. Complete humiliation to our democracy. I didn’t vote for Harper last time but anybody who casts a vote for one of these 3 opposition parties next election has some serious issues to sort out. They’re a humiliation to all Canadians and our democracy.

  24. Well Ed Broadbent, leader of the communist NDP, which devastated the province of Ontario under Bob Rae (who will likely become the defacto prime minister after the coup); a party which ran ads forbidding white males from applying for certain jobs; not everyone wants to see the government lighting their currency up in a big bonfire orgy of bailouts and stimulus packages. The heads of state should have their heads hanging from poles in most nations about now, as far as the people are concerned.

  25. This is incredibly undemocratic. THEY WERE JUST ELECTED!!! I’m not even a fan of the conservatives, given that they’ve sold out on important issues – like implementation of the Kyoto Accord, when they declared that they wouldn’t. They doubled the funding for feminists, when they said they opposed interest group funding. BUT, the reason that the 3 hard left socialist parties, are fighting against the centrist ‘c’onservatives, is that they suggested cutting taxpayer funding for political parties.

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