Government faces defeat over cuts to political subsidies

Canada’s opposition parties are threatening to defeat the Conservative government over cuts to political party subsidies included in Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s economic update.

Flaherty says the federal budget will go into deficit after accounting for the planned economic stimulus spending agreed by the G-20 nations.

We cannot ask Canadians to tighten their belts during tougher times without looking in the mirror. Canadians have a right to look to government as an example. We have a responsibility to show restraint and respect for their money. Canadian tax dollars are precious … Today, our Government is eliminating the $1.75-per-vote taxpayer subsidy for politicians and their parties, effective April 1, 2009.

– Finance Minister Jim Flaherty

11 thoughts on “Government faces defeat over cuts to political subsidies

  1. The opposition doesn’t really have a problem with Harper. It’s not him the opposition hate, but rather it’s Harper’s guts. Harper is the worst type of viper in a democracy. He hates governing but loves to be in charge. He cares not for any Canadians; it’s all about himself and getting a majority. Harper’s legislative focus is about consolidating his position and Canadians be damned. Harper is George Bush’s mini-me of the north. Both have only contempt for their constituents.

  2. I’ll make this really simple for you: taxpayers should NOT fund political parties EXCEPT as individuals. Placing limits on corporate donations, & donations from lobby groups, w/ an emphasis on individual donations – that would be a positive next step, but placing more dollars at the trough on behalf of taxpayers. Nope, sorry.

    That 30 million could go to support problems of homelessness, or be reinvested in education or healthcare. Elections shouldn’t be glossy celebrity affairs anyway – cut!

  3. I’m tired of my tax dollars going to prop up Liberal jackals and spineless separatists.

    Raise your own goddamn money! What? You can’t find any donors? Then change your ways, examine your policies, your hypocrisy. Get your shit together and maybe more people will give you their hard-earned cash.

    But GET YOUR HAND OUT OF MY POCKET. It should be my CHOICE to support your leftie fuzzy-headed policies … you know if pigs ever fly or something.

  4. That 5.3 billion spent cost 25% more than 2004 while the job still pays less than 2 million in 4 years.

    To keep this from happening we have caps on contributions and in return we give public funding to the parties.

    So in 2012 when the USA election cost around 7 billion ours will remain less than half a billion.

    30 million spent to protect elections from costing billions seams reasonable to me.

    If we spend billions on elections we will lose more money giving 5.3 bil of tax free credits away.

  5. “not interest group lobbyists”

    If that is your problem than you want taxpayer funded elections.

    When politicians have to raise the majority of the 5.3 billion dollars spent on the 2008 USA elections to win that’s where interest group lobbyists donate then receive.

    Billions of dollars is hard to raise without making a few promises here and there to special interest groups.

    When you already spent half a billion it’s hard not to take that cash lobbyists hand you to get to the finish.

  6. Taxpayer dollars should not go to fund political parties. I don’t care how many socialist NDP, liberal and bloc members rail about it as if it were a grave injustice. Taxpayer dollars should go to fund essential services, not interest group lobbyists and politicians.

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