Harper’s deficit flip-flop

October 7 to November 25, 2008 – During the federal election Stephen Harper promised to never run budgetary deficits, but has since backed away from his promise in the face of uncertain economic conditions.

We will not be running a deficit. We will be keeping spending within our means, it is that simple.

-Stephen Harper, October 7, 2008

Balancing the budget by raising taxes, by cutting essential government activity, or by refusing necessary intervention in the midst of a global economic crisis would be a cure worse than the disease.

– Stephen Harper, November 20, 2008

There are occasions when defitis are not necessarily bad, but essential.

– Stephen Harper, November 23, 2008

8 thoughts on “Harper’s deficit flip-flop

  1. Make no mistake, Harper has not taken his eye off majority government. He cares not for governing but loves to be in charge. This makes him the worst type of leader in a democratic system. Those that rejoice in power and control care not for the justice of legislative focus. Welcome any opportunity to rid ourselves of this viper, who would be king.

  2. Now that GW Bush is leaving office, his mini-me – Stephen Harper, will assume the role of chief North American asshole. This guy is a narrow minded control freak. Give things a year and the tune will change such as you would never believe, until it happens. Harper likes to be in charge but he hates governing.

  3. How do a government that had a 12 billion dollar surplus plus a balanced budget plus record oil revenues be close to a deficit?

    Even if they planned to spend the 12 billion surplus the record oil revenues that all Canadians were paying the last year should have carried us into another huge surplus unless the plan was to charge a record $1.50 a liter for gas in advance.

    We are not like the USA and import oil. We should be sitting on a pile of cash looking to the tough times ahead.

  4. Harper is absoutey correct. He spent the surplus on tax cuts across the board for Canadians. It was the right move, and a majority of Canadians are smart enough to recognize it.

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