Parliament’s new spirit of cooperation?

November 18 to 24, 2008 – The 40th session of Parliament opens with all political parties promising a new spirit of cooperation.  Despite this, opposition members set a confrontational tone in Question Period.

6 thoughts on “Parliament’s new spirit of cooperation?

  1. Harper has kept his promises, like the GST, he has governed over the longest serving minority government in Canadian history. He has FINALLY made canada a world leader. He stood up to the US but instead of just yelling at them like Paul Martin did, he negotiated and got Canada its 5 billion dollars of softwood money back. The tories have representatives in every are of the country, only excluding 2/3 territories (who only have one seat each anyways) and Newfoundland).

  2. Round 1 – and Ignatieff goes to the corner, it looks like…yes it does…Michael Ignatieff throws in the towel and supports the budget. Big surprise. The new Liberal party have all the trappings of the old Liberal party.

    We now know the Conservatives were running a structural deficit during the last election. Harper lied to us. That is why he called an early election, that is clear now.

    If Liberals do not topple Harper & Conservatives now, we will end up like the US after 8 years of Bush.

  3. This kinda debunks the claim that Harper drew first blood in the economic update. We know Jack and Gilles were plotting the coalition already, and the Liberals obviously weren’t going to work with the government even before they knew about the political subsidy cuts. Not that it matters who drew first blood since the coalition was going make its power play in any case.

  4. If Paul Martin had gotten his child care and Kelona accord, would we be in a stronger fiscal position?

    While the 2% cut to the GST was inadvisable it was a promise kept. (unlike others who promised to eliminate it, won crushing majorities, and did nothing)

    It has all worked out pretty well as the Libs now have a competent leader, and Harper is weakened enough for some knives to come out (Cmon Prentice my man, stick the knife deep, right in the heart). All we need now is Jack and Gilles gone.

  5. Then, shortly after this session came the “fiscal update.” I can’t imagine a more provocative assertion than cutting funding for parties, removing public employees right to stike, and the cancellation of pay equity for women. WTF?

    Sadly, the best example of cooperation in parliament is the coalition. lol

    I, like most people, thought the Conservative Party would breathe fresh air into politics after the sponsorship scandal. Now, it seems that saying about the devil you don’t know is true.

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