“The Conservative Party is Canada’s Party”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper gave his first major address since the federal election at the Conservative Party Policy Convention in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Harper highlighted the party’s recent successes, and told supporters the ‘Conservative Party is Canada’s Party’.

12 thoughts on ““The Conservative Party is Canada’s Party”



    SHAME ON JIM PRENTICE, prime minister of environment, who does absolutely NOTHING right now in Copenhague, except being laughed at.


  2. booo you conservative evangelical christian creeps, what about embryonic stem cells, pro choice, minority rights, decriminalizing drugs, etc.
    This country is great because of the Liberal party, we don’t need northern bush for another second.

  3. Judging by the number of views ( 620), and comments (9), it appears nobody gives a $hit about this losing lying pig. “steve harper has done more for this country that any liberal PM”. You mean you`re not questioning my assertion that he lied about Income Trusts and Senate reform, and oh yes fixed election dates?

  4. Maybe Harper should add to the list of accomplishments (or tried and tested) the C Party’s push to overturn gay marriage and its previous opposition to it (not that the SC of Canada would have stood for it). Until that stance is cleared up he has no real right to imply that the C party is progressive towards minorities.

  5. Sounds like election talk. I wonder what promises he`s going to make and break this time.( Income Trusts, Senate appointments). Oh well at least he knows how to save and create jobs….. his own and senate …… hey Steve why don`t you just appoint us all to senate positions. Yes Steve, Inuit, Muslim, Hindu, women, Maritans…. problem is those attributes aren`t qualifications. To be a true follower of Harper, you`ve gotta be able to lie conceal and fabricate.

  6. What I am pointing out has nothing to do with any political party. The fact is only less than 38% of the Canadians support the conservative ideology and the majority of Canadians politically lean towards center left and leftNOT THE CONSERVATIVES
    Now please reply but I ask you try to be relevant and demonstrate that the numbers are wrong

  7. We no longer live in a democratic nation when Conservatives and Liberals hold the nations business in secret. It does not broader on fascism, it is fascism. This Government most go, or it will be the end of democracy in Canada.

  8. The so called united conservative movement has less than 38 percent support of the Canadians.

    Too funnyis he for real???????????? I guess he watched the US republican convention for speed tips

    And now the finance minister is considering selling crown corporations to stay out of deficit. Auction the house to pay the bills shame on you

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