Election 2008 Federal Leaders’ Debate (Full Video)

The five federal party leaders debate the election issues in the English language debate.



3 thoughts on “Election 2008 Federal Leaders’ Debate (Full Video)

  1. It is tough to look through the crystal ball and into Canada’s protracted fate as what looks like is going to be a protracted fix. America is being forced to go green mainly because it is a cheaper way to live. If in two years the immediate need for oil is 10-15% less than today that may put the oil sands into a holding pattern. After all The states has made comments about it being the dirtiest oil on earth. If there is validity in that statement the Liberals may be the best bet because the country will be pricing out the old incentives to think of a better apple peeler because the Liberals want to create a new tax scape that would see polluters pay more taxes than non-polluters.
    Now if by some miracle this world financial problem fixes itself in a few months then back to biz as usual then the Conservatives have a better grasp fore they can keep this Country safe following the statuesque.
    In my view the right money is on the Liberals’. The smart money has already left the table and wrong money is trying to keep the Statusque.
    That is the waay I see it today.

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