Is Stéphane Dion cheering for a recession?

September 10 to 26, 2008 – Prime Minister Harper says Liberal leader Stéphane Dion is trying to undermine confidence in the Canadian economy while “sitting on the sidelines virtually cheering for there to be a recession”.

Our economy has hit a brick wall … the tough times are already here.

– Stéphane Dion

Our government will not preside over disastrous financial policies  …  I would rather lose an election and i would rather lose a vote in Parliament than do something that I know would put the Canadian economy into deep jeopardy.

– Stephen Harper


23 thoughts on “Is Stéphane Dion cheering for a recession?

  1. And for us (the government) spending money on the wars and Iraq some of it makes sence but still people are loosing lives, we are making little progress. But also helping many people..what should we do?

  2. I dont know what the government should do but the job losses need to stop. Even the oil company is having problems staying afloat….look at the gas prices….less cars beening bought…..we are all cutting down. The oil is the strenth that Alberta has. And BC with the logging indrusrty thats going in the same direction. Ontario with all the car plants going bankrupt.

  3. The Libs are just trying to capitalize on decades of investments in anti-conservative propaganda. The problem is they no longer have access to the treasury, so their main source of funds has dried up. If McDonalds’ stopped their advertising, we’d all forget what a Big Mac is, just like regular people are starting to wonder what’s wrong with good ol’ right-wing ideas like effective government, individual freedom and equality of opportunity.

  4. so now not only is dion and the liberals attacking harper but they think they are so smart if the attack brian mulroney. It’s funny because in canadian history the only party to get the two biggest majorities in parliament is the Progressive Conservative Party, once under Brian Mulroney

  5. Get your facts straight! The government is lowering ALL corporate taxes including small business taxes, which was my exact point. You’re right that cutting small business taxes creates jobs, which was Harper’s exact point when he started the cuts last fall. So we agree.

    I’ve never heard anyone argue that tax breaks = socialism, that’s a new one! Anyway the election just ended and Harper is already looking at monetary reform, but I think meant fiscal policy if you’re interested in tax breaks.

  6. liberty4canada, boy are you deluded! Do your homework…with all-time record high profits, the oil companies are getting tax breaks from Harper’s government….socialism for the rich.

    The point is the oil companies don’t need tax breaks, the little guy does, and it would have the effect of stimulating the economy, and providing more jobs.

    I’m not a lefty, I’m a libertarian…in favor of monetary policy reform, that lets the wage-earner keep his wages (and pay no income tax).

  7. You lefties are all the same, since when do tax breaks equal government spending? You think taxpayers money belongs to the government first and taxpayers second, that’s crazy.

    Layton keeps crying about “$50 billion in government hand-outs to oil companies”. Hey Jack, that’s OUR money to begin with and letting small businesses and corporations keep their profits isn’t government spending! What nonsense.

    Also “the rich” didn’t get any special tax cuts under Harper.

  8. Dion is a shame for Quebec people !!!!
    Anyway I vote for the bloc!!!
    Vive le Québec libre!!! on a pas besoin
    de plus de dédoublement de compétence de la part du fédéral….Harper est un sale crosseur à la George Bush !!!

  9. Unless Canada loosens it mortgage laws then join into the Iraq war the only effect on us will be a country that can no longer afford to buy as many things as they did before as a neighbor.

    Our economy would be much worse if we had a government that joined the Iraq war.

    I know the liberals stopped that from happening. What were the conservatives views on that war at the time?

  10. The Canadian economy will never be as bad as in the USA.

    The USA loosened their mortgage rates so that every single person would be able to afford a house. This made people with houses value rise the stocks in the mortgage giants went up and the government looked good.

    The problem was the war. Between printing money, borrowing money and shipping billions a day over seas inflation halved the dollar. Leaving houses worth half and nobody wants to pay 2x a houses value. Starting the downward turn.

  11. Are you listening to Harper?

    Dion is just playing politics… pointing out what’s bad about things and trying to evoke emotion but saying very little about how he intends to accomplish his obviously desirable goals. Trying to make people think he’ll solve the problem. Harper seems to be denying that there even is one. Harper sounds just like Bush from a few months ago saying the economy is fine and there’s no big problem.

    I’m not impressed with either one but I was talking about Harper.

  12. @jacobdjanze nobody says the financial crisis has no negative impact on Canada, the question is whether Dion is cheering for a recession.

    He’s definitely selling the idea hard and getting his supporters to cheer along.

  13. Whether this year or 20 years from now we are going to have to restructure our economy to take into account our environmental and resource values.Currently these assets are not accounted for because they can not be measured by GDP.Carbon tax if balanced by lowering income tax is the first step towards stimulating the green tech industry. Even if a loss is taken Canada will get a head start in developing these industries and gain a competitive advantage once other countries realize its importance

  14. Harper is dishonest for suggesting Dion is cheering for a recession. Same tactic Bush used to harass his critics. Paul Martin left tens of billions in surplus. In Harper’s short term in office, the surplus disappeared. Economist claim he put us close to deficit. His economic figure is not reliable since Flaherty has cooked the book in Ontario before. Deficit was discovered after they left office.

  15. It’s hilarious really. The Canadian economy is sound still, despite a virtual collapse in the States, because Canadians, by some fluke, elected the Conservatives. The economic downturns are a direct result of International Markets. To say that Canada’s economy has been destroyed by the Conservatives is incredibly dishonest; relating the Conservatives to Brian Mulroney and the Progressive Conservatives ( a different party, made up of red Tories) is likewise dishonest. Liar liar, pants on fire.

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