Bob Rae saves the day

Liberal candidate Bob Rae introduces former leadership rival Stéphane Dion in a rousing speech at a campaign rally in Halifax.

We look at Mr. Harper and we say instinctively, ‘Grandma, what big teeth you have!’, and there’s no way we’re going to let that wolf stay at Sussex Drive.

13 thoughts on “Bob Rae saves the day

  1. You get all your facts jumbled and make incorrect assumptions. I said that YOU will continue to be surprised if you stay un-informed, NOT that I find Bob Rae surprising.
    Also, Bob Rae was not even part of the Liberal government when IT INSTITUTED A COMMISSION TO GET AT THE TRUTH OF THE SCANDAL.
    It should get the credit for finding the individual culprits who were guilty and punishing them, not be blamed for wholesale corruption. Would Harper have even called for a Commission to look into it?

  2. This is a quote from the globe and mail “Mr. Rae will always be the man who suffered one of the greatest political humiliations in Canadian history, kicked out of office after one term by Ontario voters who had had more than their fill of his scandal-plagued government.” And as for the money being taken. I was referring to the liberal party and all the money they were caught stealing. Now if your still as un-informed as you appear, I would understand why you still find Bob Rae surprising.

  3. Well its not as if he was caught stealing a whole lot of money and stuffed it into his pocket like someone we know did. I still cant fathom how Bob Rae is still in politics. Didnt we in Ontario demand that he be removed cause he sucked ass?

  4. Well MGman800, you’re giving the impression that you don’t seem to care that Harper was caught LYING, and that you expect others to lie to try to win votes. I set my choices for politicians to higher standards.

  5. I am NOT bored. I was pointing out the fact that this is what Bob Rae says all the time so he can get his votes, satrting with Dion, then onto Harper, then onto Layton, where most of his speech is made of.
    Where am I embarassing myself?

  6. You’re embarassing yourself, MGman800. I guess you’re bored (“blah blah”) with the truth and the idea that Stephen Harper needs to be criticized when he lies. Perhaps you think that he should be left to LIE freely to the Canadian electorate when it’s convenient for him to do so…

  7. You watched the National and logged on to youtube and typed in Bob Rae didn’t you? Cause that’s what I did.
    As for Bob Rae he isn’t that bad at rallying the liberal troops. He doesn’t have the voice but his jokes aren’t that bad either.

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