CPAC defends its journalistic integrity

The Canadian Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) defended its journalistic integrity over questions surrounding a recent campaign profile of Liberal MP Garth Turner.

CPAC responded to revelations posted on the Angry in the Great White North political blog that a man presented by CPAC as a random voter was in fact Michael Shaye, the son of Turner’s campaign manager Esther Shaye.

Do the folks at CPAC know that Garth Turner dragged their camera crew to the home of the son of his constituency office manager for a visit to a “typical” constituent?

– Steve Janke (Angry in the Great White North)

The Turner campaign insisted they informed CPAC of Mr. Shaye’s identity, and they say CPAC had no objections to presenting him as a random voter.

CPAC denies the accusation and says they only learned Mr. Shaye’s relationship to the Turner campaign when the details were revealed in the blogosphere.

Update, October 3, 2009 – Garth Turner appeared on Canada AM and was asked a question from a Turner campaign worker planted in the audience.  The person was presented as an average Canadian but is in fact Dan Baril, Garth Turner’s pollster.

3 thoughts on “CPAC defends its journalistic integrity

  1. This video and others like it have been scrubbed from YouTube due to supposed “terms of use violation”.

    There is no apparent reason for this, and the removal appears instead to be a politically motivated misuse of YouTube’s removal policy.

    The original video is still available on CPAC’s website, and the censored segment is available here in this post.

  2. CPAC is a beacon of truth.

    Garth Turner and his campaign deserved to be called out for claiming CPAC was in on the deception. I’m glad CPAC stood up for itself, and in the process exposed the silly little games Garth plays. Dion calls Garth his ‘media guru’, that explains a lot.

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