Harper confirms Afghan combat mission to end in 2011

Stephen Harper confirmed Canadian Forces will withdraw from Afghanistan in 2011 as per the legislative agreement reached with the Liberal Party earlier in the year.

We’re planning for our withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan in 2011 … I don’t want to say we won’t have a single troop there, because obviously we could aid in some technical capacities.  But the mission, as we know it, we intend to end it.

– Stephen Harper

13 thoughts on “Harper confirms Afghan combat mission to end in 2011

  1. “By 2011, when this military mission ends, our Canadian soldiers will have served there a decade on the front lines, much longer than during either of the world wars,”

    You got a liitle more than 12 Months Mr. Harper.. hope you are working on your exit plan.. Time is ticking.. We are all watching!

  2. You all watch, we are not leaving Alganistan at all. Something will happen to keep us there, purhaps attaks on Canada will strengthen that rebound. Harper is such a liar, we were suppose to be out 2 years ago as per Harper statements then. It is all politics, watch and learn….

  3. Not a fan at harper, were not there for war were there to keep peace. He has to understand you must build a force before you can see one obtain there own ways. I hope those threats he gets dont come true, but harper better not be wrong.

  4. even if you don’t accept it, Canada has always been a policing Country. what the hell do you think Peace Keepers do?

    The “Main force” is out by 2011 so the liberals can shut there traps now.

  5. i know everyone has their own opinion about this matter. I personally have my aplication in the armed forces right now. I am trying to get over seas as soon as possible

  6. I have a question, I’m writting this paper on Harpers decision on removing forces in 2011, I was wondersing if his decision will interferre and impact with the current mission. What is the current mission in Afghan anyways.

    Thanks alot Politics Fans

    Please help me out my email is crainsi@hotmail.com


  7. Do you forget thatthe Liberals sent us to Afghanistan back in 2001/2002 for a Combat mission, that we went to the capitol for reconstruction and peace keeping in 2003-2005, then went back down to the south in 2006 to remove the taliban and rebuild the area.

    It is hard to rebuild a school when it keeps getting burnt down and the school children killed.

    Harper didnt get us into this mess, he just inherited it. Hes giving us the tools to do our jobs.


  8. You can’t march into someone’s home then point a gun at someone’s head and say, “We are right and you VILL be a democracy! Sieg Heil!” and expect them to see you as ‘liberators’.

  9. If Harper had concentrated on reconstruction from the very beginning, our troops wouldn’t be getting killed. Of course, if we weren’t puppets for the US army, we wouldn’t be there in the first place. Insurgent by definition is a rebel. Harper would promote the idea that if we aren’t there, the taliban will run amuck, when really, our troops are just protecting oil pipelines. Harper cares as little about Afghans as he does Canadians.
    Contemptable prick.

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