Greens allowed in debates after boycott reversal

The media consortium that produces the televised leaders’ debates reversed yesterday’s decision and announced it will allow the Green Party to attend the debates on October 1st and 2nd.

The change comes after the NDP and Conservatives bowed to public pressure and withdrew their threats to boycott the debates if May attends. The Conservatives, NDP and Bloc argue the Green Party should be excluded from debates because Elizabeth May has publicly endorsed Stéphane Dion and other Liberal candidates in the election.

Stéphane Dion has supported including May in the debates since the two parties formed an alliance last year.

6 thoughts on “Greens allowed in debates after boycott reversal

  1. I’m from the USA. I say this for ANY country: ANY political party which is not allowed in public debates and broadcast over public airwaves (ALL airwaves are owned by the people) should not obey any laws it does not like. If any party is not allowed in debates, then nobody has ANY right to complain if they use deadly violent military force to get their fair share of power.

  2. according to the government people like YOU voted for . . . every person has the legal right to an attorney. Elizabeth May went to school and became a lawyer. Lawyer be what it may, if you had a crisis and needed an attorney you’d be pretty pissed if nobody would represent you because they knew you didn’t think their job was “honest”.

  3. She definitely should be in the debate!

    How else could Canadians learn first-hand how much of a one-dimensional flake Ms. May and her “the sky is falling” diatribe actually is.

    Her solution to global warming? Carbon tax the hell out of Canadians and in the process raise the prices of food, clothing, transportation, heating, and almost every other conceivable item we either consume or enjoy.

    Of course, the US, China and India will continue to pollute, look at Canada & laugh

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