Green Party excluded from leaders’ debates

The media consortium that produces the televised leaders’ debates says Green Party leader Elizabeth May will not be invited to the debates in October.

The media consortium implied one or more political parties threatened to boycott the debates if the Green Party were included.

The Conservatives, NDP and Bloc all oppose including the Green Party in the debates, saying Elizabeth May is a Liberal proxy because she has endorsed Stéphane Dion and other Liberal candidates in the election.

The Liberal Party has advocated in favour of including the Green Party since the two parties formed an alliance last year.

15 thoughts on “Green Party excluded from leaders’ debates

  1. ppl dont get that the green party just cares about the enviroment, look at there side they have a great platform on healthcare the economy and everything else. there not just about the enviroment there about Canada

  2. Look at the facts – what has harper done that george bush has told him? The Liberals in Canada (and I’ve said this on several videos) enacted gun control in early 90’s after Liberals in the U.S were talking about it in late 80’s, in the early 90’s Liberals in the U.S ban “assault weapons” and our Liberals propose a “semi auto ban”, the Liberals in the U.S propose a “carbon tax” Stephan Dion proposes the exact same thing. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. Harpers decisions aren’t influenced by Bush’s!

  3. Wilbert makes the typical comment made by an ignorant person who has not done their research before shooting off their mouth. THe basis of the green party isn’t to turn Canada into some fantasy utopia that releases no emissions… it is a holistic approach to politics. For example, put more money into child care so there’s less money needed in crime. Everything from health care, to seniors and pensions, to the welfare system all makes sense under the green platform. You know nothing.

  4. people’s political views can change with the times… just look at my brother in law. He was voting conservative for the longest time . . . he eventually read and researched the green platform and agreed with it strongly, and now his vote is green.

  5. If the green was there there would no be a debate.. And I agree. If E May would have some valid policies maybe she would have been invited.
    But she has only one line on view.. She repeat the same thing over and over again ..The Sky is falling! the earth is warming! we are killing our children! the arctic is melting! the polar bears are dying! we are cutting our forest! and on and on. To have someone representing a group so far out of touch with reality would be counter productive.

  6. Considering the green party has promised to ask why cannabis is still illegal knowing that in 2002 an independent Canadian government paid investigation concluded that cannabis laws shouldn’t be followed due to the fact the government can’t come up with a single reason or evidence that cannabis users are criminals and are following a law that is entirely based on racism.

    For 6 years we have been ignoring government drug deaths for profit and locking cannabis users up on racism and no crime.

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