Dion says Harper lying about hidden agenda

Stéphane Dion says the Conservative government is the most secretive in Canadian history, and Stephen Harper has a hidden neo-conservative agenda to transform Canada into an ‘extreme right-wing’ country.

10 thoughts on “Dion says Harper lying about hidden agenda

  1. Actually it was under Chretien that the Liberals tried THREE times to sell our water…
    The NDP, Bloc Quebecois, and Parti Quebecois have all been exploring selling “Quebec” water to the states…
    It’s only the Conservatives who’ve been doing their damnest to keep our water ours…

  2. We have no choice for leader in Canada except for Mr. Harper.
    Dion is a school teacher and knows nothing about real life on the streets. Also the liberals feel that Canadian own them power so they can steal more money from us.
    Jack Layton is just a joke.
    Elizabeth May is a retard.
    So as I say we have no choice in this election but to vote for mr. Harper.

  3. Both Harpster and Dion will continue to sell out Canada to big business. It was Martin that signed SPP and never repealed it, we will get what we deserve Canadians use to have a backbone now they watch starsearch.
    Dion-NAU shill.
    NDP to save what Canada was, canoes maple syrup and vast resources for it’s people not NYC brokers.

  4. Too bad the avaerage Harper fan doesn’t know about Tom Flanagan, The Calgary School, Leo Strauss, Fredeik von Hayek, The Donner Foundation and the rest of that ilk.
    These are not your parents Conservatives.
    people will rue the day that they fell for Harper’s populism and hokey behavior.
    God Bless Canada…indeed.

  5. Wait…the Liberal ads attack Dions policies and leadership?…Well, I understand what you mean, but come on…the conservative ads are unfair, and rarely mention anything close to Dion’s policies…they’re mostly comprised of out of context sound clips and flashy shots of Dion in an unflattering pose…Oh, and what about the pigeon incident? I mean…come on.

  6. I’ve seen all the Liberal ads and every one attacks Dion’s policies and leadership. That’s completely legitimate – Dion’s policies and leadership suck and that’s a big factor for voters.

    By contrast Dion and other Liberals have launched ad hominem personal attacks against Harper. They call him a cold, evil, homophobic, woman-hating liar with a hidden agenda.

    The entire Liberal strategy is to attack Harper’s character because Liberal policies don’t measure up. It won’t work.

  7. I don’t know if you actually follow politics or if you’ve just decided to block out the extremely negative ads Harper has been floating attacking Dion, but none of them say anything about Dion’s policies. The closest thing to it is the notorious “he might raise the GST.” Your opinion on Harper might also change when your drinking water starts getting shipped to California. Scaaaaary.

  8. HARPER is nothing but a baby faced George Bush want to be but why can’t the liberals find someone from BC or God forbid Ontario to lead the party? I am not sure if I want Silly Dijon’s brother for PM either.

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