Greens claim spot at TV leaders’ debate

Green Party leader Elizabeth May says she should be included in the televised leaders’ debates during the upcoming federal election.

May argues the Green Party has earned the right to be included in the debates now that Blair Wilson, a sitting Member of Parliament, has crossed the floor and joined the party.

16 thoughts on “Greens claim spot at TV leaders’ debate

  1. More like throw them out. They don’t belong in anything but an empty field of dreams , like most of the government hackers who say they “serve their constituants”. They serve themselves , but don’t want anybody saying so.

  2. TV’s are not the value in anything , the information is the valuable thing , just what our cheap government is exploiting . The way to speak the media machine language is to keep talking about how our government got paid to legislate laws that are being broken , over and over and over. On “OUR” bill , not their own as they practice and attempt to make believe. They are cowardly thieves that have hugged the home curb ground , paying nothing for anything in reality.

  3. You can’t swear here or else “You-Tube” will be done. If you vote GREEN PARTY , you might as well stock up on ammunition now for a good handgun , cuzz Mrs. Goody 2 shoes , wants pot legalized among other “tax promoting” incentives. If she used her head , instead of her extra body weight once in a while , she would know that “NOBODY” would be buying pot from the Canadian Government or anybody else , cuzz they could grow it themselves and feed it whatever they wanted to. Rob Farmers for it.

  4. The Green Party is part of that “sham” , and profoundly , would like to debate the issues that we already are not allowed to , unless we intend to pay somebody to listen. In what is a very technical and cheap government in Canada , we have what we argued that we would have many years ago. The only problem is we now have many more people involved , something that gets a response. Forget the legalities , they don’t belong to us. Oh , Canada “we stand on gaurd for thee”?

  5. Absolutely not. Since 1983, despite running candidates in over 900 ridings, the Green Party has failed to have a single one elected to the House. Despite running Candidates in all ridings both in 2004 and 2006, they are not this year. Shall we let all of the political party leaders field questions in the televised debates? Christian Heritage Party has 61 candidates running. Only 14 less than the Bloc Quebecois (75). 43 for the Libertarian Party.

  6. We need to start speaking the language of the media machine. The advertisers pull the strings.. when these broadcast consortiums or tv stations start fox newsifying us as Canadians we need to show up with sledgehammers smashing tvs in the parking lot. One tv brings a ton of money into the corporate coffers.

  7. What? Why did the ‘consortium’ of networks ask the other parties if the Green Party should be allowed in the debate. OF COURSE none of them want the Green Party to have a chance to speak because it will just show the rest of Canadians an alternative view to the BS-as-usual.
    What an outrage that we are “promoting” democracy in Afghanistan and are not adhering to its principles here at home. What a sham.

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