Harper to call early election despite fixed date

July 30 to August 26, 2008 – Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears ready to call a federal election this fall despite the fixed-date election law passed by his government. Harper cites opposition threats and parliamentary deadlock as grounds for an early election.

Liberal leader Stéphane Dion criticized Harper for breaking the spirit of his own fixed election date law, yet continued his threats to defeat the government sometime before the fixed election date in October 2009.

The cash-strapped Liberal Party was widely expected to defeat the government when the House returns this fall, but only after they receive a $2 million rebate paymet from Elections Canada in October.

32 thoughts on “Harper to call early election despite fixed date

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  2. Wow bottom line is Bush needs a legacy other than 700 Billion in debt and the NAU might be it. Private talks between Harper, Bush, and the Mexican President is all any Canadian needs to know to determine their vote.

    And dont be afraid of not offering tax cuts for OUR oil, they need it, it may slow down a bit but they will be back for more!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I cannot believe that people will actually base their vote on the English speaking abilities of the candidate. I am not voting Liberal, but my vote is certainly not based on language. How do we know that the English speaking candidates speak French perfectly? We don’t!!! I hope Harper doesn’t win, but I am afraid that people will vote for him because Dion can’t speak English well, or they won’t vote for NDP because they think NDP will not win anyways.

  4. i hope he know that there is a LAW that he has to wait 4 years i just think that he is scred that if waits to long the voters will not like him anymore! im not old enfor th vote but i was i would vote for GREEN!!!! harper clen up your act! the vites of the futer dont want a law breacker or a lyer we want some one that is trustworty and that will help and not desroy your contury (and to help with golbe warming)
    breaking the law is illagl and just because he is the Prime MInster donst mean that he can find a way out of it the WORLD IS EVEN what gose around COMES BACK to hit you in the but

  5. I wouldn’t vote for any man who can’t speak english…..How about giving NDP a chance!!!But I would rather see Harper go for another term than see another prime minister that can’t speak english being a disgrace to the MAJORITY of Canada.

  6. Mr Harper you seem to have forgoten why you were elected. We don’t need a secretavie controlling gov’t we need a gov’t that is open we need a gov’t that is not controlling
    we need CHANGE CHANGE

  7. What the conservatives did here is to give up the political economic mess they created themselves. They have no right to say that they are ‘calling for an election’ to get re-ected with a majority in the parliament. In any civilized democracy systems are in place for an election to be called when a government steps out, irrespective of whether the outgoing party likes it or not. Running away after trying totalitarian techniques in a democracy would bring no credit to anybody.

  8. Uhhh…no, you are wrong. Harper expected more from the lie-berals. (Martin has not voted once in this parliament…how disgusting!) Come to think about it…didn’t we all expect more from the lie-berals and were disappointed? Stand up for Canada!

  9. Harper is selling out Canada, he is a traitor. He is nothing more then a bully talker, and all parties are selling out Canada. The only party that cares is the Canadian Action Party! Show Stephen he is no longer wanted!

  10. It is not for the ruling party to decode whether the parliament works or not, Solution is simple if the parliament does not work: call for an election. That is democracy. But…. if somebody’s political immaturity has called for a fixed date for the next election? Sorry. It’s like having your own-tail in vise-grip!

  11. Must be thankful for giving way for a liberal government to be in Canada to coincide with Democrats win in US presidential elections! Conservatives here should be really worried about the expected victory of Obama with how they behaved all these days.

  12. I think Harper is in for a rude awakening. As long as he is the PM there will always be a minority gov’t. Canadians are becoming more wary of which way he intends on leading the country.I never thought I would say this but I think I will honestly toss my vote at the Greeners or NDP. Neither of the two acting leaders of their respective party’s who could/will win are worthy of my legitimate ballot.

  13. Not only is Harper afaraid of a fall session, he is afaraid of having an election after Nov 4th.
    By holding an election before the ‘IOUSA’ does, he thinks he stands a better chance of ‘clinging to the bowl’ as North America begins to FLUSH its NEO-CON WASTE away.


  14. Yep that’s what Harper says. He doesn’t want to start another session of Cadman bullshit, Bernier bullshit and Elections Canada bullshit. You know the RCMP cleared the CPC of any wrongdoing in the ‘Cadman affair’, Bernier resigned, and Elections Canada will lose the Tory lawsuit against them.

    Basically Harper knows Dion will defeat the government soon anyway and there will be a lot of bullshit between now and then unless he acts first.

    I for one support Harper’s bullshit reduction plan.

  15. Don’t forget Harper does not want to start the fall session which would be the continuation of what he was facing before the previous session ended ..
    Cadman, Bernier, Elections Canada and not to forget Obama’s likely election in the US.

  16. True, all elected parties get a rebate from Elections Canada, but the only the Tories raise more money from individuals than they get in handouts.

    But the point is the Liberals NEED the handout just to survive. The LPC is practically bankrupt and they can’t afford to fight an election without the pogey. Nor can they afford to wait until 2009, which is why everyone knows Dion will call an election this fall if Harper doesn’t first.

    Dion is just pissed that Harper took back the initiative.

  17. The government is a minority, but Harper wants to run it as if he has the support of the majority of the Canadians. That is why the parliament is not working.

    Is this really that hard to understand????

  18. Harper does not want to wait for the fall session because of all the issues that he needs to face which would not help The Conservatives if there would be an election.

  19. Aren’t the conservatives getting tax payers money too? The Liberals pay debts with it and The Conservatives use it to create negative ads.

    What is there for Dion to discuss with Harper? Harper has already made up his mind. He wants an election now. There is going to be a by-election on the Sep. 9th, and Dion said he will not meet with Harper before that date.

  20. You’re right, so why isn’t Dion willing to meet Harper?

    The reason is Dion wants an election too, but just few weeks later than Harper so the Liberal Party is able to get a $2 million government handout in October.

    The Liberals are broke, and the need that money in order to survive. Dion will resist an election until they can use taxpayer money get themselves out of debt. If Harper doesn’t call an election sooner, then Dion will later. We’ll have an election before Christmas for sure.

  21. ….a handbook, obtained by N Post’s Don Martin, reportedly advises chairs on how to promote the government’s agenda, select witnesses friendly to the Conservative party and coach them to give favourable testimony.

    It also reportedly INSTRUCTS THEM on how to FILIBUSTER and otherwise DISRUPT committee PROCEEDINGS and, if all else fails, how to SHUT committees DOWN ENTIRELY.


  22. “I read the polls saying if I called an election now we would win a majority. The same polls also say no one wants an election now, and no one does want an unnecessary election. So unless we’re defeated or PREVENTED FROM GOVERNING we want to keep moving forward to make this minority parliament work over the next 3½ years.”


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