Dion unveils Liberal "Green Shift" carbon tax

Liberal leader Stéphane Dion announced details of the Liberal Party’s Green Shift carbon tax at a party rally in Ottawa.

The plan includes a tax on carbon emissions against big polluters with tax cuts and rebates for individuals intended to offset increased energy prices caused by the tax.

Dion later challenged Harper to a public debate saying he wants a substantive discussion on the issue.

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29 thoughts on “Dion unveils Liberal "Green Shift" carbon tax

  1. Carbon tax is a fraud, You need to wake up.
    The more children you have, the more carbon tax you will pay. Believe me, this is insanity.

    China style policy in Canada.

  2. No more Frenchmen in Ottawa.

    Liberals = 2 Billion failed Gun Registry

    Liberals = Kill the GST/NOT

    Liberals = Dominance in Ottawa too long.

    Liberals = Stephane Dion, the guy talks like a Little Boy.

    Harper need a Majority, Ontario, stop for onece voting Liberal!

  3. And what exactly will we do with this money from charging extra for fuel. (provided the gvmt uses it for its intended purpose). We have thrown enough at research for more fuel efficient vehicles. How much can our money really do for us?

  4. with all due respect the problem that I am familiar with can’t wait for a resolution. It towers over health care and the economy because if we don’t act aggressively now it won’t matter how much money you throw at health care and the economy both of those sects of society will not be functionable if we don’t stop vaporizing and releasing our stored carbon.

  5. One last thing is I think we all know this extra money will only line the pockets of politicians. Has our health care improved since they jacked our tobbaco taxes under the guise of smokers paying for their health care? Has gun safety improved since we payed out the ass for a huge gun control program? This $ could have been used for a better transcanada highway or alot of other things. Now the gvmt only knows we own guns. What a surprise. I think our gvmt needs to earn our trust again with our $

  6. I am not saying we should be irresponsible and burn our old tires and change our oil above storm drains. Thats just stupid. But this is an industrialized society. Cars; Trucks are just a part of life. With 5 billion people we can’t go back to stage coaches. Charging us up the ass might slow down the teenagers, but most of our driving habits won’t change. We still need to go to work etc…People will only loose faith in our economy if we have abnormally high oil prices.

  7. Without turning this into a religious debate instead of a political one…I would rather trust God instead of scientists who constantly reformulate THEORIES. They don’t have a clue. They just get paid too much. On the other note. I am no longer worried about Dion getting into power. No one will want to pay this carbon tax with the economy going the way it is. When you are starving the ducks just don’t seem to matter. This greenshift will have to wait for another time.

  8. You are joking right? It certainly seems that way. But in case you are not, let me just pat myself on the back for using the word “delusional” in a reply to your post above. Its great to know that scientists are morons and we can all trust some mythological character to save our hides instead. Hey, maybe Santa Clause is tired of the cold in the north pole and is all for the dwindling ice. That God, always helping the old boys club.

  9. Believing the environment is going to collapse and we will not have air to breath soon really is for the athiests. The environment is just the new trend to stress out about. I really do believe God is in control and we need to stop being so arrogant as to believe we can save the planet by once again throwing money at a problem. How well has that served us in the past? IE: Gun control; Health care. The list goes on but I only have 42 characters remaining.

  10. When you loose the ducks (a sign of ecological collapse) all the gas, oil, toilet paper, AND money delivered straight to your doorstep will not save you. Come out of the darkness my delusional friend.

  11. LEMME GET THIS STRAIGHT! We are loosing our homes; some people can’t afford to wipe their asses…Now we have a politician that wants another excuse to jack up the fuel prices beyond what they already are!?!?!?! WTF! This will push us further into a recession and out of our homes. But at least the ducks will be ok.

  12. aaaaaahhhh is their a summary in print somewhere? or maybe him speaking in french? I don’t know why but he puts me to sleep.

    ca speux etre mieux en francais

  13. A carbon tax is a good idea which reduces the income tax rather than the GST which barely does anything for average Canadians but more for big corporations. The Carbon tax would reduce the income tax which is how much money you make, saving you more and taking out the same amount with the Carbon tax, holding accountable the major corporations that do all the polluting. People hear the word tax and they run scared not bothering to listen to what has to be said. Our ignorance is more scary rather than annoying. Vote Liberal. Maybe then this country would run a budget without a deficit.

  14. A carbon tax is not a punishment nor an additional tax. It is a shift in taxes. Stéphane explains it clearly in the video. It is about doing the right thing which is probably why the conservative reps. did not and still do not get it.

  15. The UN doesn’t actually have that power…

    And if you want to talk about imposing more government control over the average person, just look at our current government. Sure, they aren’t very socialist… But they aren’t at all what they claimed to be for accountability. Most of Canada doesn’t actually know about half the things they have passed.

  16. Wow I am disapointed that so many Canadians are ignorant to the serious environmental problems we are facing. I don’t want to be taxed either, however I do not see any other ideas (other than the liberals or the green party) who are putting the environment first. Offering an incentive for people to innovate and adopt practices that are more envionmentally friendly…
    Pollution causes asthma in our children, cancer, kills animals, reduces our ability to produce food and our food security.
    people need innovate and it need to happen with consumers, and it needs to happen quickly! Have you heard of the ice shelfs melting? The north and south polls are the most effected right now and we live in the north… my question is what are you doing and are you doing enough to save the world? What are you doing to make this Carbon tax unnecessary?

  17. Yeah right, we need another tax like we need a hole in the head! Alex Jones would call it the “Bilderberg Tax”.
    It seems that the Liberal party is hell-bent on self destruction. I have voted Liberal for the last 42 years and have never missed an election. But that is history now.
    Their leader is nothing short of an embarasment; do we want to send HIM out to represent Canada in the world?
    The next one will probably be how-fast-can-we-bancrupt-this-country Bob Rae – Hello nightmare, back so soon?
    No more votes for the Libs from me, until some semblance of sanity is restored.

  18. Punishing Canada with the carbon tax while other nations like China,India,Russia are not is just wrong. It would be like competing in the 100 meter race at the olympics against these nations but only the Canadian runner would have to run with cement blocks attatched to their feet.

  19. This carbon tax idea is such eco-fascist totalitarian insanity. The debate over alleged man-made global warming shouldn’t even be over in the first place, but of course socialist-style politicians like Dion don’t care about any debating or accurate science they just want to use any excuse possible to impose more big government and control over the population. The middle-class and industry is already over burdened enough with government regulations and high taxes.

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