Speculation about Julie Couillard spins out of control

May 26 to 30, 2008 – Speculation surrounding Julie Couillard spins out of control after Couillard gave a public interview in which she revealed former Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier left sensitive documents at her home.

The mainstream media, Liberal Party and Bloc Québécois speculate about a possible bug in Couillard’s mattress, rumoured meetings between Canada’s spy agency CSIS and the Prime Minister’s Office, and whether Couillard held a diplomatic passport.

There is no evidence to support any of the speculation.

MacKay editorial cartoons: Canada’s image abroad

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19 thoughts on “Speculation about Julie Couillard spins out of control

  1. Actually, Bernier isn’t all that bright ..
    HE left the papers @ her place, and this was just a big deal for nothing-I read her book, Bernier is not such a saint-trust me-his English is bad, he cricized Harper publicly and privately many times , he also wants an independant Quebec.

  2. Jesus Christ people get a grip! What in the world would the Hells Angels want with NATO papers. Furthermore any papers of any real importance would’nt have time to stop at some tramps house on the way to NATO. No wonder they have such a problem in foriegn affairs.

  3. who cares. what great secret could have been revealed? uncle steves peach pie recipe. do these people have so much interesting crap that needs to be kept secret? I doubt it. it’s just more parliamentary bickering used to make them look busy. The only thing that is not a secret is the Julie is totally HOT and should be left alone due to her hotness.

  4. Couillard should be sent to a Taliban re-education camp somewhere in Pakistan where she would be instructed that it is a mistake to try to double-cross and screw-up every man she encounters. The Talibans would also be glad to teach her the values of freedom.

  5. A former immigration councilor insists that Julie Coulliard operated two brothels in Montreal where the prostitutes were young immigrant women. She also stated that Couillard was once a stripper herself.

  6. with all the sleazie people this women has had in and out of her bed why would bugs be so hard to believe..we know she had snakes, dogs, jackasses, horsesasses, and clowns in there why not bugs.

  7. This woman was nothing more than a gangsta, biker and govermental whore..She has been with all the criminal elements within canadian society. And yes the Ottawa has a large house of commons full of political criminals..why should she stop with bikers and gangstas..Its a shame she looks like a classy individual but wow …talk about the magic pussy this broad could make an elephant disappear.

  8. I saw that one too … its hilarious, very well produced, plus it cuts through most of the political nonsense. “Is it really a 3am phone call kinda situation?” Perfect.

    Watch out Rick Mercer, seems the producer is a comedian in Toronto. Here is his website: http://www.fakesadness.com

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