Is Maxime Bernier’s ex-girlfriend a national security risk?

May 8 and 9, 2008 – The Liberal Party and the Bloc Québécois attack the government over Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier’s former relationship with a woman who had personal ties to Quebec bikers in the 1990’s.

The government refused to answer the questions claiming they inappropriately malign the reputation of an innocent woman.

Questions about national security?

The Liberals and the Bloc insist the issue raises national security concerns, but the NDP say they are uncomfortable pursuing this line of questioning.

MPs and journalists smear Julie Couillard

Some concerns are raised over the role the Liberal Party, the Bloc and the media played in advancing and perpetuating the story.

46 thoughts on “Is Maxime Bernier’s ex-girlfriend a national security risk?

  1. Couillard in french is a mix of the world couille = testicules and Connard = bastard. When a world finishes in ard in french it is often a bad world. Couillard is the funniest name i ever heard if she gose in france she’ll have an hard time

  2. I HATE Stephen Harper for a multitude of reasons… however what he said at 0:44 is exactly correct!
    She doesn’t have a criminal record, the Liberals were just grasping for dirt…
    When Harper attacked Bains that was nasty now the Liberals are doing the same thing!

  3. sounds to me like someone who has always depended on her looks and bedroom skills saw her opportunity when her newest victim left some not so secret papers behind to promote a book. The Angels could care less about NATO papers,and furthermore they aren’t the only ones responsible for Canadians and thier drug useage. They are just the most media worthy group.

  4. Couillard is just another psycho-bitch from hell…she can get any man she wants and turn him into a fucking donkey.Its like child’s play to her.Women like that are public ennemy number one.

  5. Enfin ! nous sommes sur la map! qui na pas de scandale ne vaut pas une sandale…Sauf que la madame manque de classe…

    Nous passons meme en chine,

    Que voulez-vous la chaire est faible!

  6. Maxime Bernier isn’t a serious politician, he is just another puppet that needs a trophy woman on his side to show off that he’s a man of the usually known ‘boy’s club’ counting scores on their social and private life’s deeds and what’s sickening is that we have to pay for another enquiry!!

  7. this whole things just stupid. she spent years with a hell’s angel and still doesn’t have a criminal record. they can’t prove that she has ties to them or that she’s done any harm to foreign affairs. He shouldn’t have to resign.

  8. Nothing wrong with asking questions you already know the answer to. Its the best way to catch someone in a lie. A biker babe was allowed to go to Afghanistan? Then our Foreign Affairs Minister left top secret documents at the biker babe’s house?

    You dont find this to be relevant?

  9. Soooo funny, forget about this mockery and the many others the conservatives keep doing…how can anyone this this party seriously? They’re playing government like kids play house or…doctor.

  10. I wouldn’t put it past the Liberals to plant her like that, but more likely they are working with people in the civil service who wanted to destroy Bernier. Seems like they knew about the missing documents all along.

  11. It seems like Goodale and the Liberals had advance knowledge of the missing documents. Goodale’s question is a little too perfect, and we know Liberals have back channels to the civil service and they’re not afraid to use them.

    Fact is the civil service at Foreign Affiars were out to get Bernier, and they leaked all kinds of information to the media and opposition parties back in January. But nobody wanted to run with it because there was no proof of any wrongdoing by Bernier or Couillard.

  12. Kinda miss the real PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE Party right around now, don’t you?!

    You’re not alone, my friend.

    I cannot stand this new CPC party that was formed by a so-called “merger” by 90% Reform/Alliance and only 10% PCs.

    I might call this a coup for the Reform/Alliance . . . but hardly a merger that benefits Canadians.

    Give us the PC party and Ontario (and even Québec!) would assist with a majority for a conservative (non-Reformer) government.

  13. This is a waste of time. The little bit of info that was ‘possibly’ disclosed is mi8niscule to the amout of info gleaned by a real spy, a professional. Give this up and get back to work, do something about the price of gas…do something to reduce our taxes…enough ‘screwing’ around with Berniers girlfriend!

  14. It said that the Quebec Gov had given a contract for Couillard’s Ex Boyfriend who has criminal records to transport prisoners of some kind, please read today’s report by the Parti Quebecois. The Quebec Gov he mentions, is he talking about the liberals? Now how about this one: Could the Liberals have planted Couillard deliberately for a future scandal? I dont know who’s lying here anymore lol. Do I vote NDP next time HA!

  15. This is being investigated right now. We have a pretty good justice system in Canada, but due process does not include calling Couillard a ‘dirty dyke’ and constructing political attacks around her tits, real or fake. That’s the waste of time, and both the Liberals and the Bloc are guilty of smearing Couillard long before there was any legitimate reason to even mention her name in public. Her interview Monday raises valid questions, but it doesn’t legitimize the smears and gossip.

  16. I was pro conservative, but more and more it seems a 2nd term of these guys is not the right way to go. Just look at Bush’s 2nd term, what a disaster that was. I love Harper but I dont know anymore…..

  17. Okay, so just because they are innocent until proven not guilty, which is correct of course, doesnt mean we should not be talking about this. That fake tit escort is dating our minister and getting airport documents and we are just going to lean back and do what exactly? Nothing?

  18. Some of us need proof before assuming Couillard is guilty, don’t you?

    BTW Bernier DID ‘resign’ over issues of negligence and incompetence. Couillard HAS been investigated (up the wazoo) for over a decade by the RCMP, CSIS, and the media, and no charges were ever laid. But even if there were, she’s still innocent until proven guilty, right?

    This Liberal and Bloc tactic of smearing Bernier’s ex-girlfriend in order to launch political attacks on the government is just sad and disgusting.

  19. Na na na na, na na na na, eh eh eh — good bye Bernier! The Torries are making a mockery of democracy and accountability while continuously tarnishing our image abroad and internally by rolling through bad policy, appointing inexperienced cabinet ministers and controlling the message without possibility of debate. What up Canada??

  20. This is not a waste of time you idiot, If you care about Canada this is a serious matter. The idiot should resign, the dirty dyke should be questioned up the wazoo, and the conservatives should apoligize to Canada for booing like pigs the people in the hearing who were asking questions about this matter.

    Only a complete moron would say this is a waste of time.

  21. Bernier’s girl friend Julie Couillard was married to Hell’s Angels drug dealer for 2 years. She also dated a biker who ended up dead in a ditch. Now we find out that Bernier left classified documents at Julie’s apt & it took Julie 5 weeks to return them and she say if she read them. This is of interest to Canadians. A CSIS agent of CTV today said that biker gangs are associated with terrorist groups and they use moles to obtain information. This story shows Canada was put a risk.

  22. Like him or not it looks like Goodale might be right after all. The price of gas!? Gimme a break!? When have they ever given a damn. They could have talked about the price of gas or the rising costs of living, that would also have been a waste of time too. These “sessions” are a waste alltogether!!! These guys don’t control oil/gas prices!! There are higher powers involved(it’s not OPEC!!), wake up!!!

  23. Show’s where all the tax payers money is going eh? Pity they couldnt fire all these “big kids” and take all their fat pay cheques and put them towards a price break in gas…

  24. Hey Susan Delacourt: That weird feeling you got near the scrums that day is pure contempt for you and your complicity in this sad witchhunt.

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