Tories receive 69% of political donations, NDP 16%, Liberals 12%

According to data released today by Elections Canada, the Conservative Party raised 69% of the money donated to political parties in the first quarter of 2008, a 7 point increase from 62% of the political donations in 2007.

Contributions to Political Parties
(2008 Q1)

Liberal NDP Green Bloc
Total number of contributors 44,345 10,169 13,329 4,731 463
Total amount of contributions $4,954,550 $846,129 $1,119,648 $210,963 $37,006
Transfers from registered associations 0 $9,134 $352 $6,592 $65
Transfers from candidates $268 0 0 0 0
Total transfers $268 $368,249 $352 $6,592 $65
Grand Total $4,954,818 $879,927 $1,119,648 $217,555 $37,071
Average contribution $111.73 $83.21 $84.00 $44.59 $79.93
Percent of total contributions 68.7% 12.2% 15.5% 3.0% 0.5%

The NDP raised 16% and the Liberal Party raised just 12% of the total political contributions.

For the first time, the NDP outperformed the Liberal Party in both total number of contributors and total contributions, while the Liberal Party fundraising ability continues to implode.

One thought on “Tories receive 69% of political donations, NDP 16%, Liberals 12%

  1. Wow, more people are willing to give money to the NDP than the Liberals!

    Big surprise: Liberals don’t seem capable of putting their money where their mouth is. What are they going to do now that all those millions from special interest groups has dried up?

    This also explains all the mud-slinging and fake scandals, the Liberals are just trying to drum up some cash. Poor bastards, someone should put them out of their misery … I can’t wait until the 2009 election!

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