Why did Elections Canada raid Conservative Party headquarters?

April 15 to 17, 2008 -The RCMP searched Conservative Party Headquarters executing a warrant obtained by Elections Canada.

Elections Canada has not revealed the reason for the raid, and the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant has been sealed in a Toronto court.

The RCMP say the Mounties were merely assisting with the Elections Canada warrant:

It is not an RCMP investigation. We’re there to assist, but that’s it.

– RCMP Cpl. Jean Hainey

The Conservative Party is suing Elections Canada over an August 2007 ruling by the agency that disallowed rebates claimed for election spending during the 2006 election.

Conservatives claim other political parties follow the same practices, and they accuse Elections Canada of applying different standards to the Conservative Party.

MacKay Editorial Cartoons: Much is at stake for Elections Canada

The Tories say Elections Canada improperly seized confidential legal documents related to their civil dispute, and they claim the timing of the search is suspicious coming just one day before Elections Canada officials were to be cross-examined by Conservative lawyers.

The situation has led to speculation that Elections Canada is acting out a vendetta against Conservatives over past disagreements.

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  • Stephen Harper’s August 2001 fundraising letter in which he says “the jackasses at Elections Canada are out of control.”

45 thoughts on “Why did Elections Canada raid Conservative Party headquarters?

  1. I like how Jack Layton is in the corner …. where he belongs, and wait… wasn’t there a huge Liberal scam a few years back … with billions of taxpayer dollars?

  2. BREAKING NEWS : Mr Stockwell Day failed to mention,that in year 2000, Conservative Alliance,Conservative and the Bloc had agreed to form a coalition,The 2000 agreement ,titled Consensus Leadership for a New Century , stated: We agree that we will support Stockwell Day as PM of Canada
    Day has denied ever seeing this document , Chretien won a majority

  3. Well if you actually knew anything you would know she has a eye condition/disease and she can not handle bright lights. Which is why she always wears the glasses. She HAS too!

  4. Another sign of intellectual ineptitude is stereotyping.

    So I guess general motors must be in opposition to free markets since they just took $235 million from the Ont. government. Same with the oil and gas industry that took $1.4 billion in Federal subsidies in 2002 alone.

    You should read the book “Conservative Nanny State” by Dean Barker.

  5. Yes, politicians will say lots and do lots to turn voters to their way of thinking. But watching Stephen Harper in action is so machiavallian it is truely frightening. Those who defend him somehow think he is fighting for them; just wait till you start to see things you value on his hit list. The fact that you supported him means nothing because he is about his beliefs and his decisions are based on him alone. It will never be for the good of anyone but him… and he is just getting started!!

  6. I’d wanna see NDP wins but I know they won’t and if u vote NDP, YOU’RE BASICALLY TAKING A VOTE FROM THE LIBRALS and allowing the CON party to win, which is really going to make things worse .. so please think twice

    Vote .Libral.

  7. Love the MP in the background at 2:27 wearing SUNGLASSES. I don’t know about anyone else here, but any time I’ve seen someone keep their sunglasses on while at work, in a normally lit room, it’s because they came to work stoned. lol.

  8. GEE — sorry, Miss Alaska… didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

    I’ll ask this in the FRIENDLIEST possible way:

    Could you please kindly give me one reason I shouldn’t take your hostile rhetorical question as an explicit confession, by your own standards, that you’re a total retard?

    Unless you’re disabled, try getting “just curious” about the proper spelling of the word “disability.”

  9. hostile rhetoric is a sign of intellectual ineptitude. The majority of opposition to free market are collecting one form of govt. cheque or another, what’s yours? Welfare? Dissability pension? Govt. employee? Just curious.


    Sorry I’m sick of bickering over nothing. Personaly this is a waste of time/money of Canadian money when they should be spending time to help Canadians. Rather then argue over elections.

    Personally I think Harper has a right to make a few blunders as everyone before him has, he has a right to be angry, and a right to defend himself without others biting before they know whats happening.

  11. Dude, your CON goggles are confusing TRUTH & SHIT… AGAIN.

    So like, STEVE W. BUSH, like, NEVER WANTED, like, TO GO INTO, like, IRAQ, right?


    Get your facts straight.

    Vote Liberal.

  12. WAAAAAAH!!! Poor, poor CONS.

    As everyone knows, if Mounties seized computers and boxes at LIBERAL PARTY HQ but the LIBERALS “weren’t accused of anything except suspicion,” CONS would AT ALL COSTS AVOID “jumping to conclusions” and politely wait for things to clear up.

    This is fun. But lemme ask you, though, seriously: do you FEEL like shit, just, in general, for being so FULL OF IT? Or is it in your nerves, too, so you can’t feel it?

    You must smell like “special” pile.

    Vote Liberal.


    So, the “F-U-YOU’RE-ON-YOUR-OWN” free-market-fetishist CONS are pretending THEY’RE the defenders of the NDP-inspired Medicare the LIBERALS CREATED?

    LOL why NOT? You lie about everything ELSE

    Hats ON to you bastards for saying ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to stay in power – JUST like you turbohypocrites BITCHED and MOANED and WHINED and CRIED that others did for over 10 years.

  14. Elections Canada has not revealed the reason for the raid, and the affidavit used to obtain the search warrant has been sealed in a Toronto court.

    I love how everyone is jumping to conclusions. They conservatives haven’t been accused of anything except suspicion.

  15. liberals tore apart our health care….dumbass. they also tore apart our health care…

    they were in power for over a decade when all of these things were taken apart. conservatives didn’t even have a party back then.

    nice try. ndp and green are going to trash our country.

  16. you’re full of it man
    you’re sitting here saying conservatives are to blame for everything…

    so like, the conservatives were in power when 9/11 happened and the decision was made to go into afganistan, right?


    get your facts straight.

  17. Prime Minister Bush MUST be replaced BEFORE he can “Mulroney” Canada BACK to ’93.

    From Ronald to George & Brian to Steve, NOTHING IS WORSE for Canadian OR U.S. national ECONOMY & UNITY than CON GOVERNMENT.

    CONS = Deficits (… blamed on others.)
    CONS = Debt (… blamed on others.)
    CONS = War (… blamed on others.)
    CONS = Division (… blamed on others.)


    Yeah, right. VOTE LIBERAL.

  18. i swear to god goverment is run fucking stupid. I was a page at queens park in grade 7, and even i realised that something was wrong with how our province was being run. Politicians are in there to do one thing, make what they represent a batter place to live in. These people should be less worried about criticising each other and more worried about improving on our failing country. I am a liberal, but dont get me wrong they ALL need to shape up.

  19. They were told to by the unions /NDP, just like they do the address of Grow ops the RCMP are sent to, but only the ones that go bad make it in the Union Controlled Media?
    Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Now that’s only my guess!
    But I’m not laughing!!

  20. This looks very bad for Elections Canada. I previously thought there wasn’t much if anything to this ‘feud’ with the Conservative Party, but these events are cause for serious doubt.

    Even if Elections Canada’s motives are pure regarding the warrant, their decision to use the RCMP to search the Tory headquarters is poor judgment at best.

    If Elections Canada is really non-partisan and objective then they would be more concerned about the mere appearance of bias, no matter how wrongly placed. But they’re not. Not only did they order the raid in the first place, they have said exactly nothing about the whole matter since, deciding instead to allow speculation to fester in the media.

    We’re past the tipping point, Elections Canada can’t hide behind its reputation any longer. It looks like Elections Canada abused their power and intimidated the governing party on the eve of a legal deposition that was about to prove unequal treatment by the regulator. If that’s not true, then its incumbent on Elections Canada to face the light, make their case, and set the record straight. So far we haven’t even heard a simple denial from Elections Canada.

    I’m beginning to think Elections Canada has something to hide.

  21. Very good question. The two parties are already engaged in a civil lawsuit, so elections canada has every tool they need to aquire documents within the courts. Secondly why do they need any documents? The dispute revolves around the definition of a “national ad” and no documentation can improve their arguement.
    I can see no reason for this course of action other than to interfere purely for partisan purposes. It is truly a shame when in canada we have no government agencies of impartiality and exist only to serve the liberal party of canada.

  22. Right, the only public money involved is the rebate itself … the one Elections Canada has denied in the very decision the Tories are fighting.

    But this didn’t stop Susan Bonner from saying the “scandal” is about “buying votes with public money” today. There’s such BIAS at the CBC on this! But then they are part of the story, once again.

    At what point does that kind of behavior from our public broadcaster become unacceptable? And where is Elections Canada with their explanation, anyway?

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