Harper rules out constitutional debate

April 9, 2008 – Prime Minister Harper rejected speculation by Liberals that he has a hidden agenda to re-open the constitutional debate in order to achieve the government’s democratic reform agenda.

He’s confused. He’s ambiguous. He has a hidden agenda. He must show it to Canadians. He must stop being secretive. He must be transparent about the fabric of this federation.

– Stéphane Dion

Harper confirmed his long-held position that democratic reform can be achieved through legislation and changes to parliamentary convention.

3 thoughts on “Harper rules out constitutional debate

  1. I guess you are talking about an Equal Senate where each province has an equal number of seats? You’re right, that definitely would require a constitutional change.

    But an Elected Senate can be done through convention since appointments are solely at the PM’s discretion anyway.

    Harper has begun appointing provincially elected Senators, and the House passed a bill that would let the federal government hold Senate elections. Naturally, Liberals in the Senate are blocking the bill.

  2. I philosophically agree with everything he just said, but I just don’t believe that we can reorganize the Senate without taking a long hard look at the Constitution.

    He’s right that Quebec doesn’t want to go in that direction, along with some of the smaller provinces, but I honestly don’t see another way. Let’s hope he proves me wrong.

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