Tories dominate political fundraising in 2007

The Conservative Party raised more money in 2007 than all the other political parties combined, according to data released by Elections Canada. The Conservatives earned 62% of the fundraising dollars, while the Liberal Party raised 18%.

For the first time, more people donated money to the NDP than to the Liberal Party.

Contributions to Political Parties
(2007, Elections Canada)

Liberal NDP Green Bloc
Total number of contributors 159,122 35,783 53,110 12,003 5,038
Total amount of contributions $16,990,766 $4,537,966 $3,979,737 $984,605 $430,061
Transfers from registered associations $16,000 $331,683 $352 $21,026 $33,379
Transfers from candidates $5,282 $331,683 0 0 $1,855
Total Transfers $21,282 $368,249 $352 $21,026 $35,234
Grand Total $17,012,048 $4,906,215 $3,980,089 $1,005,631 $465,296
Percent of Total 62.2% 17.9% 14.5% 3.7% 1.7%

The government’s Accountability Act came into effect on January 1, 2007 and imposed new limits on political donations that forbids political donations from corporations, trade unions, associations and other groups.

Now only individual Canadians to contribute, and only up to a limit of $1100 per person, per calendar year to each registered political party.

The new fund raising rules have proven to be a challenge for the Liberal Party whose finances heavily relied on large donations from corporations, trade unions and special interest groups.

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