Stephen Harper on negative political advertising

March 19, 2008 – Prime Minister Stephen Harper answers a question about the effectiveness of negative political advertising.

9 thoughts on “Stephen Harper on negative political advertising

  1. In BC Carole James is runnning a negative campaign while claiming in debates she is not.
    The negative advertising is a double edged sword and powerful.

  2. Poor Man, I think he believes what he says.
    Pathological liars often get the facts confused.When things are told enough I think they believe what they say. All conbots say the same things over and over and over. Advertising was and is still a sham from the Con’s

  3. Unfortunatly after seeing the second attack ad from the conservatives, I think Harper meant truthfullish. He’s right about the fact that the subject matter needs to be relevant to the voters but, its content can be full of truthiness. Not quite the same thing.

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