Harper sues Liberal Party over Cadman bribery accusations

March 3 to 13, 2008 – Stephen Harper is suing the Liberal Party for defamation and libel over accusations made on their website claiming Harper knew of an alleged attempt to bribe late independent MP Chuck Cadman in 2005.

Harper asked Stéphane Dion and other Liberals to apologize for the defamation, but they refused and continued their attacks in the House of Commons where they are protected by parliamentary privilege.

Outside the House, Liberals wrote the RCMP requesting a criminal investigation.

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8 thoughts on “Harper sues Liberal Party over Cadman bribery accusations

  1. Everything partisan about Liberals & Conservatives aside..what the hell is Harper thinking?
    This is politics. If accusations of corruption by a political opponent legitimize a lawsuit against them…we’ll have an incredibly crowded legal system.

    Belinda Stronach could sue.
    Navdeep Bains could sue.
    Dion could sue.

    Not just Liberals could sue, but that’s just to illustrate the point that this whole thing is ridiculous.
    My home, the province of Ontario, ought to sue Mr. Flaherty for his remarks on investment in Ontario..where he was a finance minister!!!

  2. The Right Honourable Prime Minister Steven Harper is suing the leader of the opposition? This is sure going to make it harder to be a mudslinging politician on the Parliament Hill.
    (no fair, Stephen…I’m telling Mom)

  3. see this is what pisses me off the torries are not a good party for leading this kickass country, but the most anoying thing is this year the torries are attacking the liberals with these bull shit commercials about the carbon tax and the liberals don’t do anything about it and i just don’t understand why the liberals arn’t doing anything

  4. Harper IS a terrible prime minister. But don’t worry, he’s working his way up to General Secretary of Convservatist Party.

    Anyone else notice how its not very clear that the statement is what Harper wants them to say.

    Not to confident about the NDP (policies are great, but they’re new) …so Weed Party?

    On a serious note, Harper scares me, and all he does is lower the taxes for his ultra rich buddies and widen the wealth gap to point where its slowed our economy…

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