Stephen Harper’s economic plan

Prime Minister Harper spoke to the Economic Club of Toronto where he outlined his economic vision for Canada.

We have been heading into a period of economic uncertainty and slower growth. Its happened before, and it will happen again.

But the fork in the road is whether, under these circumstances, we will make choices that exacerbate the problem for the sake of the short term or whether we will make choices that allow us to exploit the potential in our future.

7 thoughts on “Stephen Harper’s economic plan

  1. ur insane stephan harper is the best if u cant aford daycare then there must be only one good daycare in ur town or u cant go that far from work the ppl who have rasied the price of this are smart for making some money off of this and filling ur car with gas well thats just the tax breaks ok
    so bug off

  2. i want to know what mr. harper is smoking????
    how can he say that the economy is fundaqmentally strong
    this is rediculous is he talking about the rich’s
    economy weel in that case yes but what about the people who work shitty jobs and can’t afford their rent and bills or food on their table? students cant even find jobs in their university fields and what about the war where our troops are dying in unnecessarily harper and the american republic party must be sharing footnotes same bullshit!! how about the joblosses how about somebody caring about the little people who cant afford gas in thier cars or day care???

    somebody answer this for me please

    1. That was ace , maybe I could borrow some of whatever he smokes too , then I could have better vision of his plans

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